‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Incendiary”

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In this week’s episode of Wolf Pack, the unknown caller leads the pack to the site of an attack. To protect their friends, Everett, Blake, Luna, and Harlan crash a party. Meanwhile, the task force follows a trail to an abandoned construction site where they discover the fire’s point of origin. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Incendiary.”

Figuring out the Mystery Caller

Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

The pack all receive back-to-back No Caller ID calls, which can only mean one thing … the wolf is back. At first, they don’t answer, but once Everett finally gives in, it tells them the story of Lycaon, the king of Arcadia who, according to Greek mythology, fed Zeus the cooked flesh of Lycaon’s son Nyctimus to test his omniscience. Furious, Zeus transformed Lycaon into a wolf. Before hanging up it warns that it kills someone every night.

The mystery caller sends them their location which they speed to, but once they get there they see a car flipped over and totaled. They rush over and find a woman covered in blood and badly injured. While Harlan and Everett try to pry the car off of her, Luna tries to pull her out. Blake, meanwhile, keeps watch and she hears low growling and rustling nearby. They try desperately to help the woman but they cannot, as the wolf drags her away. They know now that they must work together to stop it from killing anyone else.

The next day, Everett gets a text with a pinged location and it’s Tia’s house. Fortunately, she’s at school with the rest of them, but Harlan overheard a kickback being thrown at her house later that evening. They know they wouldn’t be welcome so Harlan devises a plan to pick up drugs to sway her into letting them in.

Strength in Numbers

The episode opens with Harlan having a flashback to when Garrett taught him to use his ears for hearing, not just listening. Venturing further into the woods, he hears a sound that sends him running for cover. A wolf, his real dad, comes into view.

Later in the episode, Harlan’s innocent joke with Everett becomes a reality when Everett shows up in the gym to work on his strength. Harlan is there to pick up mushrooms for the party they’re trying to get into, but once he sees Everett, he can’t help but want to show off too. Only, his strength isn’t nearly the same. He tries to match Everett’s weight but nearly crushes himself. Everett assists him, but he lets go long enough for Harlan to see he can do it on his own (but soon after he needs help re-racking for real this time.)

Cyrus Gets Brought Into Questioning

Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

Kristin, Officer Jang, and Garrett visit the high school to check out the 3D printer, where parts of the incendiary device were forged. They’re under suspicion that someone in the class built it. Kristin asks Officer Jang which of the students had said the construction site was a good place to watch the fire, naming Cyrus. Kristin asks him what he knows about his father because she’s finding connections between the two fires.

Watch Party

After the pack gets into the party, much to the dismay of Phoebe, they keep a watchful eye on everyone. Until Everett, Blake, and Harlan take shrooms. Luna talks to Austin who brushes her off (really douchey of you, Austin.) She eventually joins Blake in the pool and Everett follows suit. When Blake and Everett are alone he confesses his feelings (somewhat) and how much easier it would be to tell her things if she had a phone. But they’re alone now, so what does he need to say? Instead of using his words, he kisses her.

Harlan ventures off to hang out with Cody, Cyrus, Austin, and Tia by the pool. Cyrus asks Cody a bunch of questions about what he likes (drugs, but also his sexual preferences), but Cody doesn’t put labels on it. According to Cyrus, going unlabeled isn’t possible these days as everyone is desperate to put a label on everything. Harlan interrupts to ask Cyrus if he has anything to smoke.

Harlan asks if he was being hard on Cody because he thinks Harlan has a thing for him. He’s one of the hottest people there so, of course? They wonder if he even likes men at all. Cyrus then tells Harlan he should take him out sometime, like, on a date (again, no labels, Cyrus is NOT a fuckboy, everyone.) But Harlan isn’t really into “dating.” However, eventually, mainly because there are noises in the woods, Harlan puts his number in Cyrus’ phone so they can talk about their “date.” Immediately after, Harlan gets a No Caller ID call. He doesn’t answer.

Luna rejoins Austin inside the house where he is playing the piano. She offers to play something for him and when she fumbles over a few keys he takes over, playing it with ease. Once he’s finished, she asks why he’s such an asshole and he tells her it’s his default setting. So she asks him to play her something that makes her think he’s not such an asshole after all.

Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

Kristin’s Real Identity Revealed

At the end of the episode, Kristin and a security guard wander through the building without the rest of the task force and uncover the lair of the werewolf. He asks what could have put the bodies down there and Kristin nonchalantly says it was a werewolf. Before he can voice any confusion, Kristin slices him with her claws and sends him straight into the pit.

The first five episodes of Wolf Pack are available to stream on Paramount+.

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