Peacock’s ‘Who Killed Robert Wone?’ Releases Premiere Date and First Trailer

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Who Killed Robert Wone? is the question that a new limited series will pose to viewers when it begins streaming on March 7th. This two-part true crime documentary is a Peacock original and will be unscripted.

This documentary is another addition to Peacock’s ever-growing true crime collection. Viewers will see details of the peculiar murder of Robert Wone. In 2006 this young attorney was found stabbed to death mysteriously at a friend’s house. The events leading up to this discovery do not add up to the story that was told to police officers. Wone’s friend, Victor, calls emergency responders to report an intruder. When first responders arrive they find no signs of a struggle and little blood. With suspicions beginning to heighten around the housemates, interviews bring no answers and more questions. The story of Who Killed Robert Wone? has twists and turns that will leave viewers seeking the truth.

The President of Jupiter Entertainment, Patrick Reardon, has said this about the documentary, “This is a crime like no other. With more questions than answers, we hope this series will bring new life to a story that has perplexed the Washington D.C. community for years.”

True crime fans will be able to dive into the mystery of Who Killed Robert Wone? on Peacock on March 7th. More information on this series and others can be found at Peacock’s official website here.

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