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With Riverdale officially coming to an end after the upcoming seventh season on Wednesday, March 29, it’s time to look back at some of the best moments from the show. In the midst of the craziness, the show has been known to have some pretty great and iconic lines, so we are taking a look back at those in our one-liners series, ending with the second half of season 6!

“Chapter One Hundred and Seven: In the Fog”

Michael Courtney/The CW
  • Percival: “I’m tired, Alice.”
  • Alice: “The fog is coming.”
  • Cheryl: “You’re telling me they’re letting an ex-dominatrix, convicted felon, serial killer join their convent?”
  • Cheryl: “Wherefore art thou, Mother?”
  • Jughead: “You can time travel now.”
  • Jughead: “All hail Dictator Pickens.”
  • Jughead: “It’s not the first time I’ve been destined to die.”
  • Reggie: “Yeah, it’s like a Stephen King movie out there.”
  • Fangs: “I don’t wanna be half a dad.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Eight: Ex-Libris”

Kailey Schwerman/The CW
  • Reggie: “You can’t be alone.”
  • Veronica: “What are you, the library police?”
  • Cheryl: “Yeah, I know who wrote it, you crumpet-eating baffoon.”
  • Cheryl: “Flowers in the Attic indeed.”
  • Cheryl: “Bravo, nerd, who knew one day your bookish ways would save us?”
  • Betty: “And when I was a little girl, I was smelling the bleach my dad was using to scrub the blood of his victims out of our family car.”
  • Dr. Curdle: “His death, it seems sealed with a kiss.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Nine: Venomous”

Jack Rowand/The CW
  • Percival: “Classic American bravado.”
  • Jughead: “This sounds like a trap.”
  • Betty: “My dad was grooming me to be a killer.”
  • Betty: “Ready for round two of ‘So my dad’s a serial killer and tried to make me one too’?”
  • Archie: “Welcome to the sad superhero club, Ronnie.”
  • Cheryl: “Just remember there’s no shame in having your stomach pumped.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Ten: Things That Go Bump in the Night”

Bettina Strauss/The CW
  • Betty: “She helped him bury a body which rotted under our family dining room table for decades.”
  • Betty: “Apple pies served under an unmarked grave.”
  • Jughead: “You mean mind-wipe Reggie?”
  • Archie: “To be honest, Tabitha, a haunted diner is the least of my worries right now.”
  • Archie: “Here’s my Chime card.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Eleven: Blue Collar”

Jack Rowand/The CW
  • Cheryl: “Wait here, Spider Woman.”
  • Percival: “You will deliver the beanie unto me.”
  • Percival: “He is Riverdale’s greatest hope.”
  • Betty: “There has been enough murder in this house.”
  • Betty: “But it would be a convention for fans … of serial killers.”
  • Heather: “Well done … witch.”
  • Charles: “So not my angels of death?”
  • Veronica: “Turns out, detoxification is one of my special skills.”

Honorable Mention:

Cheryl: “What exactly can I do? Sing Bruce Springsteen covers? No, thank you. Dua Lipa or bust.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: American Psychos”

The CW
  • Veronica: “I don’t want any more dead bodies on my property.”
  • Veronica: “I’ve killed more people than you.”
  • Cheryl: “Cupid’s been awfully busy lately.”
  • Cheryl: “In that case, would you like to join me in cursing their unholy union?”

“Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: Biblical”

Michael Courtney/The CW
  • Percival: “Reptiles and insects are swarming.”
  • Cheryl: “Simple, we kill him.”
  • Cheryl: “Nighty night, Percy.”
  • Veronica: “Do you think it’s crazy that we’re planning a wedding while the sword of Damocles hangs over all of us?”
  • Veronica: “Thanks for reminding me what I’m fighting for in this wicked little town.”
  • Veronica: “The very definition of a lose-lose situation.”
  • Tabitha: “So Percival’s calling plagues down upon us?”
  • Heather: “Her name … is Sabrina.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: The Witches of Riverdale”

Colin Bentley/The CW
  • Heather: “Cheerleader by day, Queen of Hell by night was her tagline for a while.”
  • Betty: “What punishment is worth than death by biblical plague?”
  • Betty: “I mean, recently I was likened to the Harlot of Babylon.”
  • Tabitha: “I mix milkshakes, not potions.”
  • Tabitha: “So wait, wait, wait, so your boyfriend’s soul is in my boyfriend’s body?”
  • Sabrina: “Now, do you have your own broom, or do you wanna ride with me?”
  • Sabrina: “You, Cheryl Blossom, possess the power of the Phoenix.”
  • Veronica: “You want us to go to the great beyond?”
  • Veronica: “Kill me temporarily so I can go visit my ex-boyfriend in Heaven.”

Honorable Mention:

Cheryl: “Personally, I’m excited. How many people can say they died and came back?”

Veronica: “In Riverdale, a lot.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Return to Rivervale”

Kailey Schwerman/The CW
  • Jughead: “Okay, so you’re like a living battery whose imagination fuels this universe?”
  • Betty: “They’re telling me that I’m the Harlot of Babylon, Polly, and that I won’t be able to get into Heaven.”
  • Polly: “Your original sin is gone.”
  • Reggie: “Saved by Donnie Darko.”

“Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: “The Stand”

Colin Bentley/The CW
  • Jughead: “Tom Keller, Frank Andrews, and Alice Cooper had been decapitated as prisoners of war.”
  • Betty: “He chops off her head like a barbarian.”
  • Betty: “Oh, screw faith.”
  • Cheryl: “Let me go all supernova on his ass and burn him off the face of the earth like the pimple he is.”
  • Archie: “Her head’s missing.”
  • Archie: “Tabitha, am I dying again?”
  • Tabitha: “My sense of the divine is tingling.”
  • Reggie: “Damn, that’s some Looper level crap.”
  • Reggie: “Man, even in hyper-speed, moving blows.”
  • Veronica: “This is our town, bitch!”

“Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen: Night of the Comet”

Michael Courtney/The CW
  • Jughead: “Well, it’s not every day you learn you’re at ground zero of an extinction-level event.”
  • Jughead: “You know, all things considered, there are definitely more banal ways to go out than being obliterated by a giant magic comet.”
  • Cheryl: “Also, I’ll free you from that ceramic hell doll.”
  • Cheryl: “That’s kind of basic, but also kind of genius.”
  • Cheryl: “I am so happy you uttered that sentence and not me.”
  • Cheryl: “A, that’s queerbaiting, and B, won’t your poison kiss kill me?”
  • Veronica: “A, it’s not queerbaiting; it’s saving the world, and B, I’m pretty sure your Phoenix power trumps my poison power.”
  • Reggie: “Yeah, I’m down to be friend zoned by you, Ronnie.”

Honorable Mention:

Jughead: “Somehow, the year is 1955, and somehow Archie Andrews and all of his friends, me included, are teenagers again, and I’m the only one who remembers what our lives were like BC. Before the Comet.”

Check out the entirety of our Riverdale one-liners series! The seventh and final season of Riverdale premieres on Wednesday, March 29 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW. In the meantime, watch all six seasons now on Netflix. Check out our other coverage on the series here.

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