‘Wolf Pack’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Origin Point”

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In this week’s episode, Harlan and Luna make a discovery about Garrett, and the pack gets questioned by Kristin and officer Jang. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Origin Point.”

Caught on the Rooftop

Phoebe, Tia, Austin, and Cyrus appear at a construction site, one that overlooks the city. Once on the roof, they can see the sightline of the fire. As a group, they talk about who could have started the fire. If it was indeed someone on the bus, Phoebe thinks it was Blake. (Still harboring those sour feelings are ya, Phoebe?) She gets caught up in the safety fencing but Austin protects her from falling. Little do they know, the wolf is directly underneath them, stalking them. Phoebe eventually hears something moving underneath them and a shadowy figure appears behind the curtain behind them. Suddenly the police show up and take them into custody. As it turns out, Tia sent her parents her location.

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Questions and More Answers

Harlan, Luna, Everett, and Blake get brought into the police precinct for questioning. Everett is experiencing an anxiety attack that Blake helps him control. They all get split up into different rooms but Everett gets questioned first. The story that they agreed on is that they were in the woods smoking weed. Harlan thinks that because it’s illegal it seems like just the kind of lie that may work. However, Everett fumbles over his words and tells Kristin he was smoking an edible.

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Harlan is frustrated and tells Everett through the wall to tell them he took an edible and the rest of them were smoking. Hearing this, Everett repeats it to Kristin. Harlan is shocked that he heard him say that but he’s not the only one — the pack’s sense of hearing is also connected.

Garrett arrives fully intending on taking his kids home with him but Luna stops him, letting him know that Blake and Everett are like them. Garrett packs all of them up in his truck and takes them home. He pulls his kids aside to talk to them about the other two. Garrett doesn’t fully trust that they aren’t dangerous; they were bitten, not born wolves. He heads to Phoebe’s house to check on her after she calls Harlan and tells him she knows that Blake is behind it. But why does he have her number and address? He slept with her boyfriend in her house. (Well that settles that!)

With the Intention to Kill

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While Garrett is away, the pack is home alone when they hear noises outside. It’s the officer from the precinct that put his hands on Harlan and got reprimanded by Kristin for it. He wants to talk to them, he’ll leave them alone after they answer a few questions. Harlan makes everyone else go hide within the house while he steps outside to talk. The officer once again forcefully puts his hands on Harlan and demands the truth. He’s crushing his head into the front door when the wolf that’s been “after” them swoops in and tackles him to the ground sending him off into the woods.

Harlan comes rushing back inside to tell them what happened. Garrett instructs them to go get his rifle. But not the one he keeps in his office … no. This one is different. They head outside and grab it out of the supply cabinet but they uncover that Garrett has real silver bullets made for it.

After killing the officer, the wolf makes its way back to Harlan and Luna’s house where Blake and Everett have now also stepped outside. They got another mysterious phone call and despite it telling them not to leave, they didn’t listen. The wolf approaches Everett who is paralyzed with fear and Blake is stuck in her spot. It sniffs him but before it can do anything else, Harlan shoots at it with the rifle, sending it running back into the woods. Everett wonders why it didn’t kill him, Luna hypothesizes that it’s because they are all part of its pack now.

When Garrett gets back home he finds all the kids on the couch waiting for him and boy does he have some major explaining to do! Harlan asks why he has real silver bullets and if they are to kill werewolves. Garrett says yes, they are. Luna then asks if they were made to kill them and he also says yes. Uh oh.

The first three episodes of Wolf Pack are now available to stream on Paramount+.

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