‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “Echo Tree”

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In episode 7, half of Vox Machina journeyed through the Fey Realm. Vax, Vex, Percy, and Keyleth happened upon Garmelie, a creature willing to lead them to the bog where the next vestige hides, but to get there, they will have to travel through Syngorn, the twins’ childhood home. Scanlan, Pike, and Grog got left behind in Tal’Dorei, where they had to deal with Pike’s wounds and Grog’s destruction of Craven Edge, which left him severely weakened. Will Grog regain his strength, and will Vax and Vex make it through Syngorn? Read on for a full recap of episode 8, “Echo Tree,” to find out!

Strangers in Syngorn

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Vex, Vax, Percy, and Keyleth walk through the beautiful streets of Syngorn. The city is busy and full of guards, and Keyleth questions how it could just appear in the Fey Realm. Vex explains that it’s rare, but the Elven nobility have powerful arcane means of moving the city in times of danger. Garmelie leads them on through the city toward the Shademurk. They hope to pass unnoticed, but the guards soon spot a bunch of strangers in their midst. When confronted, Vax and Vex reluctantly request an audience with Ambassador Vessar — their father.

Inside, the group waits for Syldor, the Ambassador. While they wait, Vex asks Percy if she looks like she comes from nobility. Percy comforts her by saying that he believes she’s better than most of the people he knows with money and titles.

“It’s easy to act noble. Just be a bit of a shit and wear what everyone else is wearing.”

– Percy

While they wait, an elf woman appears. Devana is Vax and Vex’s stepmother. She introduces them to Velora, a younger half-sister they didn’t know existed. Velora seems delighted to meet them but a little confused at their arrival. Apparently, Syldor told her they would never come back.

Father of the Year

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Syldor appears. Rather than greet his children warmly, he immediately berates them for not notifying him they were coming.

Back in Tal’Dorei, Pike and Scanlan drag a weakened Grog toward a neat farmhouse in the woods. Pike knocks on the door, calling out to her “Pop-pop.” Her great-great-grandfather, Wilhand, opens the door and embraces her. Pike introduces Scanlan. Wilhand runs over to Grog when he sees him, asking if he forgot to eat.

Scanlan and Pike help get Grog inside and onto the table.

Meanwhile, Syldor explains that the elves retreated to the Fey Realm when Emon was attacked. Percy tells him they are there to dispatch the dragons that chased them away. Snidely, Syldor asks who Percy is, causing him to roll out his full, regal title. He informs Syldor they’ve come for the Fenthras bow, but the Elf is dismissive, accusing them of chasing a rumor into a desolate waste.

Percy, clearly annoyed with Syldor’s tone, tells him that he should be proud that his son and daughter are leading the fight against the dragons. Syldor doesn’t believe him, dismissive of the idea that Vax and Vex could do such a thing. Vax steps up, angered, and Vex — quiet until then — ends up having to get between her brother and father. Eventually, when demurred enough, Syldor agrees to assist them.

Wilhand produces a gross, spider-filled pill to help Grog. Unfortunately for the weak barbarian, it’s not a quick swallow. It’s half the size of his head … and it’s a suppository. Scanlan does the honors.

Baroness of the Third House

In Syngorn, Vax, Vex, Percy, and Keyleth are waiting outside, saying goodbye to Velora. The Ambassador appears with a decree that will ensure them safe passage through the city, but no further. Percy takes the scroll, looks at it, and coolly informs Syldor that he’ll have to amend one name. He gives Vex a Whitestone title.

Lady Vex’halia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone, and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt. So, good Sir, despite your relationship, do watch your manners towards a noble.


Vex blushes at Percy’s pronouncement. When Syldor is dismissive, calling Percy’s attempt “a transparent ploy,” Vex finally stands up to her father, railing into him. Syldor walks away, saying that perhaps if they find the bow, she can prove she’s worthy.

Back in the wilds of the realm, Garmelie reappears. While he’s distracted with Vax, Percy approaches Vex and apologizes for springing the title on her. They talk about her childhood, and he gives her an expanding arrowhead he made for her.

Garmelie leads the team to the Shademurk. An ominous voice whispers through the air, and Garmelie explains that the bog is home to a cursed Archfey named Saundor. As long as they don’t submit to his voice, they’ll be fine. They push on, but Saundor keeps calling to Vex.

Saundor of Shademurk

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Back at Wilhand’s cottage, Grog wakes up. The medicine got rid of the corruption, but his body is going to need a kickstart to get his strength back. Pike comforts Grog and reassures him they’ll get through this.

The Fey Realm team approaches the tree where Fenthras must be. Saundor’s voice becomes louder, tempting Vex with words of understanding, approval, and memories of her father. “Sweet, broken Vex’ahlia,” he calls to her. “Unwanted daughter, I understand you.” A fellow lost soul; the Archfey calls himself. Vex is lured into the tree.

Percy blasts his way in, but he is caught up in vines the moment he enters, along with Vax and Keyleth.

Saundor shows Vex altered memories where her father praises her, clouding her eyes with his magic. He offers her the Fenthras bow. Vex asks what the Archfey wants in return for his gifts, and Saundor answers simply: her heart.

“My heart? My heart is someone else’s.”

Once rebuffed, Saundor attacks. Keyleth manages to reach Vax’s knife to cut them from their bonds. They free Percy and rush to Vex’s aid. Saundor summons two tree beasts that are immune to Vax’s blades and Percy’s bullets — but they have Keyleth. She uses her new fire powers and destroys them both.

Vex flees from Saundor, but in the ensuing fight, her bow breaks. Cornered and caught, Vex plunges the arrowhead Percy made for her into Saundor’s heart.


Vox Machina leave Shademurk with Fenthras. Vex admits that she’s not ready to show the bow to her father. She doesn’t want to see him again. Any further conversation is cut short by Garmelie’s reappearance, congratulating them on being excellent entertainment. As a reward, he opens a portal for them to get back to Tal’Dorei.

Once the group dash through the portal, Garmelie closes it behind them before transforming into his true form: a tall, red-headed Archfey that some fans will know as Artagan.

At Wilhand’s farm, Grog is still working on his strength. He’s weak but upright. Pike reluctantly suggests that they need to move on to Westruun to find the other vestige from Scanlan’s vision. Grimly, Grog admits that if the gauntlets are in Westruun, he knows who has them — his uncle Kevdak, leader of the herd. He killed Grog with them once.

Don’t forget to check back soon for a recap of episode 9, “A Test of Pride.”

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