‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 14 “The Offer”

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The team has to track down a billionaire’s missing daughter after he took matters into his own hands, with a bounty for her return.

Candace and Garza

While out on the shooting range for the team’s weapons certification, Special Agent in Charge Candace shows up. She ruffles Garza’s feathers as she tells him that she’s been assigned to check in on his team for the day. Garza reveals to them that she’s his ex-wife when it’s clear that they’re confused by the attitude between them.

The two continue to fight over various things over the time spent working together. They have a nice talk in the end, though. Candace reveals that she was treated poorly by their coworkers when she returned to work after their honeymoon, while he was treated well. He wasn’t aware of any of it and didn’t know it was causing a strain on them.

Missing: Billionaire’s Daughter

The episode opens with a girl working on freeing herself from where she’s tied up. She manages to sever the rope and leave the room she was in, only to be confronted by a dog. In a scrambled fight, she gets out and sees that she’s in the middle of nowhere.

While she’s gone, her dad makes a video telling people he has a large reward for whoever brings her back. Garza isn’t happy because people will act as vigilantes trying to get the money. He tells the team that they’re taking the case, to Simone’s dismay, who is frustrated that this same attention isn’t shown to other missing people.

While they were looking for her, a set of vigilantes found where she was being held. They showed up at the same time that her capturers came back, leading to a fight for her.

Simone, Carter, and Candace go to talk to the girl’s boyfriend. They find him being held hostage by someone after the prize money. He tells them about how they were being tailed by a pickup truck before she disappeared. With some digging, they find security footage of them being followed and are able to identify the vehicle. This leads them to where they were keeping her. All they find there were the bodies of the guys who initially took her.

They were able to link the original kidnappers to her brother. He hired them because she was a swing vote for a major decision in the company that was going to make it rule not in favor of him. They arrest him, and shortly after, they learn that the dad got a call about his daughter. He refuses to pay because he just wanted her back for his side of the vote.

To save her own life, the daughter leads the people that have her to where her dad has a regularly scheduled meeting. While she’s doing that, the Feds are getting the same information about it from her brother. They manage to get the daughter safely and take care of everything there.

The Face of The FBI

ABC/Raymond Liu

Candace approaches Simone about changing units and working in DC with her. Simone sees immediately that it’s wanting her to be a spokesperson for the FBI because she ticked all the right boxes of diversity.

Simone considers it but struggles with it. She likes her place in Garza’s unit, but she wants to make a difference in the FBI and sees this as an opportunity to do so. It becomes clear that she wants to stay with Garza’s team and isn’t comfortable with the role she’s being asked to fill, but she doesn’t have to say as much in the end. Candace holds a press conference for the case they solved and asks Simone to speak at it. She tells her exactly what to say and dismisses Simone when she points out that this isn’t a good idea.

At the conference, Simone goes off script and tells the press her thoughts on them working on this case and the other cases that deserved their attention but weren’t getting it because of things like class status and race. Candance isn’t happy about it, but Garza is fine with it, so she stays out of trouble.

The Rookie: Feds will be back on Tuesday, February 14 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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