‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 “The Fey Realm”

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In episode 6, Vox Machina both found and lost another Vestige of Divergence. The sword, Mythcarver, gave Scanlan visions of two more vestiges before Umbrasyl attacked and made off with it. With the sword gone and Kamaljiori dead, Vox Machina ran to the place the visions showed the next vestige would be — the Fey Realm. Unfortunately, only Vex’ahlia, Vax’ildan, Percy, and Keyleth made it to the other plane. Where are Grog, Scanlan, and the seriously wounded Pike? Read on for a recap of episode 7, “The Fey Realm,” to find out.

Vox Machina in Wonderland

We open with Vax, Vex, Percy, and Keyleth panicking. They don’t know what happened to the others. While Vex and Percy exclaim in frustration, Vax comforts Keyleth, encouraging her to tell them what happened. She was trying to take them all to the next vestige, but Umbrasyl disrupted her spell. The four of them made it to the Fey Realm, but Grog, Pike, and Scanlan must have ended up somewhere else.

Grog, Pike, and Scanlan aren’t the only ones lost, though. Keyleth was trying to take them to the vestige, and they seem to have made it to the Fey Realm just fine — but exactly where in the Fey Realm?

The group head toward a distant range at Percy’s suggestion, as he had an interest in the Fey Realm when as a child and read about it extensively. (Though the reality of it is a little different.) They fret about their friends as they progress through the weird realm, walking through grass that responds to sound, flying translucent creatures and three-headed snakes.

Keyleth: “Without Pike, we don’t have a healer, and without Grog, we don’t have our muscle, and without Scanlan, we have …”

Vex: “Less dick jokes.”

Percy leads them through Awoken Grove. The tall vines respond to moods, so as long as they put out positivity, they’ll be fine. Vex, Keyleth, and Percy all walk through without hindrance, but Vax doesn’t do as well. A scuffle ensues with the plants, which Vex finally ends with one of her arrows. They regroup after the fight, and Vax makes some cutting remarks to Percy, clearly still angry at him after the events in the sunken temple. Vex is distracted while they squabble, spotting movement among the vines.

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Craven Edge

Back in Tal’Dorei, Grog, Scanlan, and Pike arrive in a flash of light. They’ve landed in barren, mountainous terrain. Scanlan immediately calls for their friends, realizing something went wrong, but Grog’s attention is all on Pike. She’s bleeding heavily after being run through by Craven Edge.

Grog immediately apologizes to her, overwhelmed by what he did to his friend. Pike tells him that it was an accident but requests that he put the sword down. Pike tries to heal herself, but the wound won’t close all the way. The three of them watch, horrified, as a river of her blood snakes its way toward Craven Edge. The sword hungrily absorbs it.

“I knew it! That sword is totally f*cking evil!”


The friends argue over Craven Edge, especially when Grog admits the sword egged him on. The blade whispers to Grog, telling him they are jealous. For a moment, Grog is pulled in, and we see him darken and stalk toward the gnomes with the sword. Pike begs him to listen to her over Craven Edge.

Grog swings … and takes a chunk out of a rock. Craven Edge is strong, but not stronger than his love for Pike. Using all his strength, Grog destroys Craven Edge. Before the sword finally snaps, it tells him, “If this is the end, I’m taking you with me!”

A cascade of blood bursts from the sword, sweeping over Grog.

The Irritating Illustrator

Over in the Fey Realm, everything seems to have it out for Vax for some reason. While the team discuss whether they’re walking in circles, Vex sneaks up behind whatever is following them. It turns out to be a small, satyr-like fae who is observing them and drawing some very creative (and inappropriate) likenesses in a sketchbook.

Grog wakes to Pike and Scanlan discussing trying to heal him. The horror of horrors, Grog has awoken without his muscles. Craven Edge stole all his strength in retaliation, and the goliath can barely sit up alone. Luckily, Pike believes there’s an elixir that may reverse it. They just need to get Grog somewhere with ingredients.

The creature following Vex, Vax, Percy, and Keyleth is named Garmelie, and he claims to be a simple wanderer who enjoys entertainment. He claims he can take them where they need to go. Percy doesn’t deem the being trustworthy, so they ignore him.

Eventually, Grog allows Pike and Scanlan to help him move, and they drag and otherwise haul him as best they can for quite some way — far enough that we get a cheery traveling song duet from Scanlan and Pike. When they pause for a break, Pike observes Scanlan caring for Grog and tells him that she never thought she’d see “caregiver Scanlan.” He thinks she’s making fun of him, but she’s not. Though he still spoils it with a naughty nurse joke, of course.

The group in the Fey Realm are heading on their way without Garmelie’s advice when a goopy amalgam creature takes a dislike to Vax. Percy ends up helping him kill it, as Keyleth and Vex are overtaken by the spores from some giant mushrooms, sending them on a very colorful drug trip (complete with a talking Trinket). While they recover, Percy and Vax talk. Vax didn’t want Percy to help him. Percy points out that he knows he’s made mistakes, but he also knows something about carrying darkness — the creature was drawn to Vax, to his armor. Vax believes he’s headed in a different direction than the rest of them, and they can’t follow.

Watching Keyleth vomit and “taste the colors” as she recovers, Garmelie laughs and sketches. Entertained, he tells them that the tree they seek is in the Shademurk, and he will guide them.

To Syngorn

Amid burning ruins, Umbrasyl talks to a projection of Thordak. The Cinder King is unimpressed that he is focusing on the Vestiges of Divergence but allows him to continue as long as he doesn’t neglect Thordak’s riches. As Thordak departs, Anna Ripley appears and criticizes him to Umbrasyl for focusing on gold instead of the relics.

The dragon growls a loyal response.

“Thordak’s plans will reveal themselves in time, and when they do, we will all be gods.”

Scanlan pulls a wagon containing a very depressed Grog. He’s exhausted, sounding extremely relieved they’ve arrived as he approaches a small, neat farm.        

Garmelie leads the other group through a gap in the ridge. Beyond sits a city, teleported into the Fey Realm. They must go through it to reach the Shademurk. When Percy and Keyleth question its origins, Vex and Vax explain that it’s Syngorn — the Elven city where they once lived with their father.

Don’t forget to check back soon for a recap of episode 8, “Echo Tree.”

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