‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 14 “Death Sentence”


This week on The Rookie, firefighters are the target of a shooter, Tim starts at Metro, Tamara has some issues with a family she babysits for, and more!

Tim’s First Day

Lucy sees Tim off on his first day at Metro. She puts some baby combat boots in the mug cupboard as a call back to a previous prank between them because he’s a “boot again.”

At work, Tim struggles with the change of pace and intensity of working at Metro. He’s based at the same location he was before because he’s doubling as a liaison between that office and Metro. Lucy and Aaron catch him moving into his new office.

Tim has started doing better with his training. They prank him by making him think they’re corrupt and have matching tattoos before they show him a bunch of unicorn stickers they have. They give him a bunch of pats on the back, which puts the unicorns all over him.

The captain of the unit talks to Tim about how he’s on the outside of the team right now because of the bonds that are formed in the situations that they work in. She tells him that with time, he’ll work his way in.

The Judge

Wesley and Monica talk to a judge about excluding an eyewitness testimony from the case against Elijah Stone. Wesley is upset when they rule in Monica’s favor and goes to talk to Nyla, who was supposed to testify as well today. Nyla mentions that Angela just had an issue with the same judge recently, and he’s been having other issues lately after years of being great at the job. She pushes Wesley to look into it.

They bring it to Grey because all of the judge’s cases with Monica are getting ruled in her favor. Grey lets them look forward into it but tells them to proceed with caution because if they’re wrong, they could burn some bridges, and all of the judge’s cases will be undone, even the ones that weren’t affected.

Nyla tries getting a warrant, but the judge she goes to refuses the warrant. Wesley is planning to talk to him when Monica walks out of the judge’s office. He talks to her for a moment before confronting the judge. He tries to get him to turn on Elijah, but the judge refuses.

He texts Wesley that morning and asks him if they can talk. They show up at his office and found the judge dead in his office. Wesley thinks Elijah did it and later confronts Monica about it.

Mommy Dearest

While planning the upcoming wedding, Nolan insists they aren’t inviting his mom. It’s planned to be an extremely small wedding with only two guests, but she’s still upset. She insists that Nolan needs to pay her $10,000 because she’s not invited. Celina tries to convince him to invite her, but it doesn’t go far.

Grey calls Nolan into his office and tells him that Nolan’s mom called him. She called dispatch as well and asked why Nolan is dodging her calls.

Nolan gets a call later from a doctor saying his mom has been admitted to a hospital, and they need to verify her insurance. He tells the doctor off and says he’s not falling for her game this time. Later that night, Nolan gets a call that she passed away.

Lucy and Tamara

When Tim is leaving for work, Tamara is just getting home. He jokingly asks if she is out partying, and she brushes it off. Later, Lucy talks to Tamara about it and says that she doesn’t think she was out partying. With some pushing, Tamara reveals that she’s saving up for first, last, and deposit for an apartment. Tim comes home before they can talk about it further. She leaves them to watch a movie even after Tim tries to get her to stay.

Lucy comes home after her shift the next day and sits down with Tamara. She makes sure that she knows that she’s family to Lucy and she’s always welcome. Tamara feels better about it all but tells Lucy that she’s still planning to move out at some point.

Play Stupid Games

Tamara’s babysitting a kid, Cosmo, whose parents have disappeared. She calls Lucy and asks her to stop by. They show up, and the dad shows up shortly later. He claims he was bringing his wife to the airport because she was leaving town for a family emergency. They don’t buy his story when he’s hesitant to give any information about contacting his wife.

Angela looks into it and sees more red flags. She has them bring in the dad. With some pressing, the dad cracks and tells Angela that she’s being held for ransom, and he was told to not involve the police. He tries to get her to let him handle it, but she won’t drop it. Angela wants the house searched and the dad heavily monitored.

Cosmo calls Tamara and tells her that his dad told him he’s not going to school again and then disappeared into his office. Tamara goes despite Lucy wanting her to stay out of it, so Lucy follows her as a backup. At the house, Tamara calls Lucy, who’s outside, when she hears the dad yelling in his office. She relays some information that she hears. It turns out that the wife being missing was about money. Lucy tells Tamara to pretend she didn’t hear anything, but she confronts the dad instead. Aaron and Lucy go in and arrest him.

He stole from a criminal which blew up in his face in the end. They set up an exchange to get the wife back. Metro works it with them. Angela watches their backs from above after Tim tells them about who she is and they recognize her nickname associated with her range record. They work the operation well and all the arrests go smoothly with Tim leading it. He gets a solid shot on the suspect and the wife is gotten out of there safely.

The Lifestyle of The Rich and The Famous

Aaron is having financial issues because his mom wants him to do an action figure, and he’s refusing. He talks to Lucy about how she lives on a cop’s salary, which leads to him revealing that he doesn’t know how to do his own laundry and always gets it dry-cleaned.

He tries to find his own place but can’t find anything in the budget that Lucy helped him set up. Aaron decides that he can’t live without his parent’s money, so when his mom backs off about the action figure, he goes back.


Bailey is helping transport a patient when someone shoots the ambulance driver in the shoulder. He loses control of the ambulance, and Bailey steers until she can reach down, press the break, and put it in park. Grey, Nolan, and Celina respond but don’t see anything. The paramedic and patient get brought to the hospital and are fine.

Nolan and Celina show up at a scene of a car fire. The captain of the fire department at the scene gets shot as he’s talking to them. They rush to give aid while the shooter drives off. Nolan calls in the vehicle’s information while they wait for the ambulance.

Grey has units assigned to accompany firefighters moving forward. Nolan digs into why they’d be targeting firefighters. He finds a firefighter that was fired recently that has a car that matches the one that they saw. Nolan manages to find him and arrest him.

The Rookie will be back on Tuesday, February 14 at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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