‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Entombed”

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The Bad Batch is back this week, with the team embarking on a treasure hunt with the pirate Phee. You can read the recap for the last episode here.

Warning: Spoilers for “Entombed” below!

Treasure hunting


Wrecker and Omega are exploring a junkyard in the hope to find a spare compressor. After finding one, they go back to Cid’s parlor and see Phee telling a story to Bolo and Ketch while the other clones listen. Omega gives Tech the small items she salvaged from the junkyard. Tech deems them broken, but Phee finds a compass etched with coordinate markings. She makes Mel, her droid, analyze it, and it seems like it’s leading to the Kalder Trinary system. Phee proposes to go on a treasure hunt and to share what they find equally. Echo can’t resist reminding them of what happened last time they went in search of treasure.

The Heart of the Mountain


On the ship, Omega and Phee talk about the pirate’s travels. The older woman presents herself as a treasure hunter, but Hunter calls her a pirate. He clearly doesn’t like the way Omega is fascinated by her.

The Bad Batch and Phee land on a desolated planet. Tech finds no sign of civilization on his scanner. Echo is holding the compass when it starts to beep. The group sees it point to the South and follows the signal to a mountain, and it seems like it’s a dead end. After inspecting the stones, Phee finds a small opening and asks Wrecker to move the rocks, revealing a secret entrance.

It leads to a room full of markings on the walls. Tech thinks they must be at least one thousand years old, but Phee remarks they must be much older and be the entranceway of Skara Nal. She explains it’s a pirate legend about a famous stone, The Heart of The Mountain. She examines the wall and realizes they must align the symbols in the right order to open the passage. A trap is triggered, and rocks start falling around them.

After watching the wall through the compass and noticing invisible marks on the stones, Omega tells the others they are not moving the stones in the right order. She uses Phee’s lantern with the compass, and they are all able to see the symbols. They align the right stones and make their way into the passage. While walking, Phee gives more explanations about The Heart. It is a rare crystalline stone rumored to be the key to an ancient power. Tech confirms the stones around them are from a time before the Republic. Suddenly they are attacked by a creature. Stones fall around them due to the blaster fires, and the group is separated, with Phee, Omega, and Hunter on one side and Tech, Echo, and Wrecker on the other. The first ones decide to continue in the direction of the stone, while the others will make their way through secondary tunnels.

Activating an ancient power


Phee, Hunter, and Omega find a tunnel with more invisible markings on the ceiling. Omega notices a shape on the wall matching the compass and puts it in. After turning the compass, the ceiling moves until it becomes the floor, and the three of them can now pass, leaving the compass behind. They are joined by Wrecker, Echo, and Tech before a door.

Phee opens the door, revealing a giant room with the Heart at the center. They all navigate the path to the stone, and Phee takes it. With the stone withdrawn, something in the mountain is triggered, and a giant mech emerges. It immediately emits a highly destructive ray of energy which explains why the planet looks destroyed. Tech informs Phee they need to put the stone back in place. The pirate doesn’t want to but finally agrees after Hunter tells her the ship is going to be destroyed. The creature who previously attacked them is back, and Phee loses the stones during the following chaos. The clones are trying to kill it while Phee tries to recover the lost stone. Hunter saves her from falling from the mech, and the team can stop the mech in time to save the ship, but not Mel. A power surge from the stone then destroys the mech.

Hunter is relieved no one will activate the mech again. They all go back to the ship, and Omega is sad about Mel’s destruction, but Phee tells her she has its memory saved on the ship and will rebuild the droid.

“Entombed” was a fun treasure hunting exploring ancient myths older than Jedi. The relationship between Phee and Omega is great, and it’s interesting to see the young girl interact with someone living a very different life than the one of The Bad Batch.

A new episode of The Bad Batch is released each week on Disney+. Stay tuned for more recaps of Nerds and Beyond!

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