‘The Winchesters’: Questions We Have Going Into Season 1B

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The Winchesters is gearing up to return for the B half of its debut season on January 24 (happy birthday, Dean) at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. Going into the back half of the season, there are still a multitude of questions that have yet to be answered, some of them containing key information for the road ahead. Without further ado, lets get into some questions we have before we tune back in to finish out the season.

Who is the queen?

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Starting out with an obvious one plotwise, something we still don’t know that’s going to be extremely important moving forward into season 1B is who is the queen of the Akrida? Many fans were certain it was Rockin Roxy, but that was disproved in the midseason finale when she got ganked and the possessed archeological dig continued. Other factions of fans are convinced the queen is a familiar face from the mothership — though the only know upcoming cameo is Richard Speight, Jr., as Loki (allegedly). Regardless, finding the queen is going to be an essential step in effectively taking down the Akrida, seeing as cutting down the queen will take care of the rest of her underlings as well.

What Supernatural characters and actors will guest star?

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One of the most exciting aspects of The Winchesters, other than learning the story of John and Mary, is the potential for original Supernatural stars to appear in one way or another. We already know that Samuel Campbell is going to play a bigger role in the coming episodes and Henry Winchester played by Supernatural actor Gil McKenny appeared briefly from the afterlife to John. It’s clear the writers are willing to play with the already existing character we know, so the options my truly be endless. Whether we meet a young Bobby and Rufus or certain ageless angels make an appearance, we’re excited to see exactly how the guest stars will continue to appear on The Winchesters. We’ve even seen Dean Winchester already, so how out of bounds can any character really be? It’s just one question we have going into the back half of season one and keeps us on our toes when we tune in every week!

What is Lata hiding about her past?

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It’s no surprise that some of the new characters have become fast favorites with fans of the show, and one of the greatest mysteries thus far has been their backstory. Lata, with her bookish ways and pacifist mindset, has been a fresh take on a hunter-in-training especially when placed opposite John Winchester’s punch first training mentality. We’ve come to love the new character and hope to learn more about her backstory given she first tells the group that her parents are dead, but we later overhear her talking on the phone to a parent. Why hide the truth from the group? Perhaps she has a greater secret we have yet to learn. Lata has also been fairly vague about her past though she takes great pride in her heritage making her a compelling character. What is she hiding? How did she come to be a hunter and why did she choose that path over living a normal life? Is she telling the whole truth? The questions surrounding her story are many and we hope that the remaining episodes might shed some light on this mystery.

How did Carlos get into hunting?

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We’ve unlocked a lot of Carlos lore in the past few episodes, from learning he was in the Navy in one of my personal favorite episodes so far, “Masters of War,” to learning the tragic tale of how his parents died. However, audiences still have a large gap in their knowledge of how Carlos got from point A to point B, finding himself completely immersed in the hunting world and falling in with the Campbells (much like Lata’s story is still unknown in that regard). Carlos is such a charismatic, bright, and lovable presence (one of the reasons he’s been a fan favorite from the start) that it’s easy for audiences to forget just how much he’s been through. You don’t become a hunter without a tragic backstory. You just don’t. While we love the hilarious one liners that Carlos spouts on the regular, we would love nothing more to continue to peel back the layers that make this character so complex and multifaceted, especially after doing more of a character study in Masters of War.” I believe learning these details is a key component to achieving that goal.

Where is Dean?

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From the moment it was announced that Dean would narrate The Winchesters, fans have speculated about where he is telling the story from and why. The speculation only grew after it was confirmed that Dean would also appear physically in the pilot episode. After his death in the finale of the original series, it seemed the only real possibility was for Dean’s narration to occur in heaven sometime after his death but before Sam’s. Given the time traveling nature of the story so far, it’s also not far-fetched that Dean is somehow in the past (though this would require more of an explanation). The more interesting questions are why Dean is telling this story and who he is telling it to. The Dean we see in the pilot doesn’t seem as content as one might expect of a man settling in for a heavenly rest (or indeed, the Dean that we saw in heaven in the Supernatural finale). Why is he looking back at his parents’ story with such clear purpose, beyond a nostalgic trip down memory lane? If he’s digging for answers, where (or who) is he getting his information from? Is he watching his parents’ story unfold as a bystander — or is he actively interfering? We will eventually get the answer as showrunner Robbie Thompson has teased that in the season one finale, this information will be revealed. But in the meantime, any theory is fair game.

Who was the mysterious man at the bus station who handed John the letter?

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As they say in Supernatural, accidents don’t just happen accidentally. From the moment John informed Mary that a letter from his father given to him by a “random” man at a bus station was the catalyst for their second meeting, fans picked up on the tiny clue left by the writers as to the bigger mystery of the season. Who wanted to make sure that John dug into his father’s past (and met Mary)? Was it the angels already interfering in their lives? If so, then the chance for fan favorites to come back is high, with some fans already hoping for a Castiel cameo. Richard Speight, Jr. is already confirmed to return as Loki, which could point to a Gabriel return if they wanted to use a different angel in the role. More intriguingly, the man at the bus station could answer two questions in one if he turns out to be a time traveling Dean Winchester, making sure his parents met. If so, the show’s gradual build up to a multiverse reveal makes even more sense. No matter who the man ultimately turns out to be, he will almost certainly play a key role in the larger lore of The Winchesters.

Will They? Won’t They?

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In the words of Supernatural alum Misha Collins, if it feels too easy, you’re doing it wrong. On our podcast about The Winchesters, On the Road Again, we’ve speculated extensively about how this romance is progressing and how the writers constantly turn the narrative on its head in pivotal moments. This changed in the midseason finale when Campchester (there’s still no consensus out on these two’s ship name, but I’m personally a fan of this one) finally had their first kiss. However, maybe I’m just skeptical… but it felt a little too easy. I for one think we’re going to see these two encounter some more challenges in the next few episodes, whether that be Mary’s reluctance to get involved with John/her want to eventually cut all ties with hunting, Samuel’s return, the mission to stop the Akrida, or some unknown outside forces. Only time will tell.

Honorable Mentions

  • Where is Deanna Campbell?
  • How will Samuel’s arrival affect the Scooby Gang’s dynamic?
  • What alternate world/universe are the Akrida from? Have we already seen this alternate dimension in Supernatural?
  • Why is this bunker different from the one we know Sam and Dean to inhabit in the future?
  • What exactly are the Akrida? Are they based on another creature we’ve already encountered on the mothership?
  • Will Carlos and Lata’s respective romances pan out?
  • Will Jensen Ackles be making another on-screen appearance as Dean?
  • What will be Loki’s role in the story with Richard Speight, Jr.’s upcoming guest appearance?

As you can see, there are still a multitude of things we don’t know, including the dreaded “great reveal” that Robbie Thompson and co. keep talking about (I can just hear the fandom’s anxiety ratcheting higher by the minute). While it’s unlikely that all of our queries will be answered in 6 short episodes, we’re confident that the narrative will start coming together rather quickly and start satiating the fandom’s collective thirst for answers. Make sure to tune in for what’s sure to be an exciting back half of The Winchesters season 1 and keep abreast of all things The Winchesters with news right here at Nerds & Beyond.

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