‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 “Buffering”

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Pieces start moving as Kevin invites Cordell, Cassie, and a special guest to lunch, Cordell receives a surprise package, and more. Let’s dive into Walker season 3, episode 9 “Buffering”.

Domestic Terrorism

Cassie and Trey are eating when Trey tells Cassie that Kevin said the mayor wanted to honor them for bravery. Cassie says that she and Kevin have very strict work-life balance rules when they’re together. Walker interrupts with a text to Cassie about something at the old government building.

Cordell and Cassie enter the building, and find a man and a woman in the back on a computer, hooked up to servers. The man holds the woman hostage, and Cordell and Cassie arrest him.

Back at the station, Cassie and Trey talk about the case and think it’s domestic terrorism. They talk about how the man, David Brothy, was a do-gooder, and it’s out of character for him to do this. Trey talks about having to prove to Captain James that hiring him wasn’t a mistake.

Trey looks over the security footage again and again and sees that David is actually helping the woman up when she falls. When Trey goes to see him, the guard tells him the papers came through and he was already released.

The Queen

Liam and Abeline are playing chess when Abeline wins. Liam blames it on the fact that he doesn’t have a real queen piece (they’re using another object) and Abeline says it was lost in the move.

Augie comes in and tells Bonham and Abeline how he did all of these chores on the ranch and wanted to see about helping out more. Abeline jokes that he can find the missing queen piece. Bonham said he can go to the Side Step to pick up an extra shift. Abeline tells Bonham that he needs to forgive Augie.

Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation

Bonham tells Liam and Abeline that their feed hasn’t come in yet and hasn’t heard back from the feed store. Liam offers to go to the store to take care of it.

Liam goes to the feed store and tells the manager, Jim, about the late deliveries, and how he thinks they’re overcharging them on price. Jim actually states that he hasn’t raised the prices on Bonham, but gets offended and says for Liam to take their business elsewhere.

At the Side Step, Liam and Stella are playing pool. Liam asks Stella how they got there; it feels like just last week he was ready to adopt Stella and Augie … and now he can’t buy a bag of feed. The two talk about what to do with the horses, and they talk about making it into a charity, and they could build a horse rescue and rehabilitation center. Colton is there, and also says he’s not sure he can help because it feels like bad karma with his Grandma.

Colton and Augie talk, and he tells him about how Bonham won’t forgive him. Colton tells Augie that his Grandma sent him a letter and wants him to visit. Augie tells him he’s like the closest thing to a brother he has.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Meeting

Cordell and Cassie arrive at the meeting where they see Julia. Julia says Kevin invited her and she’s being honored as well. The mayor couldn’t make it, but Kevin has lunch with the three of them. They talk about how they know each other. Kevin says he brought them there to ask a few questions to help with the mayor’s speech. He jumps right in and asks Julia and Cordell about their time being abducted by Grey Flag. Kevin says they want to know more about Grey Flag and more leads, but Cordell and Cassie tell him they don’t know anything.

Results and ATMs

Kevin asks Julia about the article, the reception, and if anyone reached out. Julia excuses herself and Cordell follows her. Kevin tells Cassie maybe it was a mistake to separate work and life between them. He asks if Cassie made the rules because she was embarrassed by him. The two decide to not worry about the work-life stipulations.

Julia says she’s surprised to see Cordell and that he read the article. Julia and Cordell talk a bit about the trauma they went through and share how it made them feel. Trey calls to tell Cordell about David being released, and the hostage isn’t pressing charges. He tells him about how David didn’t want to freeze the servers, and Cordell says to check banks or big corporations on the server. Trey finds a credit union on there, and Cordell says he’ll meet him there.

As they get to the credit union, the ATMs are spraying money. Cordell pulls up and Cassie sees the two suspects on motorcycles. Cordell chases them in his truck up into a parking garage. They get off their bikes and Cordell draws his gun. David grabs his phone and says they have a backdoor into 10 ATMs and with one text they will all go off. Cordell puts his gun down and tries to talk to them. Cordell tells them how the people grabbing the money are getting aggressive and turning on each other, and they don’t want that on their conscience.

Stella and Colton

Stella makes Colton dinner, and he apologizes for being a jerk to her. He tells her about the letter, and that she wants him to visit. He tells her after speaking to Augie he thinks he’s going to go, just not anytime soon. He says he feels guilty that she put the Walkers through hell, but that his feelings are valid.

Augie, Abeline, and Bonham

Augie sees Abeline putting the chess set away. He presents her an item; he made a new queen piece himself. Abeline says she’s touched and Augie asks if she can teach him how to play. She tells Augie she’s already forgiven him and he doesn’t need to make it up to her, and he said it was just a gesture, but spending time with her is the cherry on top. The camera pans away and we see Bonham listening (much like the scene last week with Cordell listening to the kids) and he’s smiling.

Later, Liam walks in to see Bonham. He tells him about starting the charity business and Bonham gets angry with him.

The Package

As Cordell arrives home, Julia gives him a call to check on him. There’s a package on his doorstep. As he opens it, he sees multiple cans of Circuit Energy Drink – the ones he drank in the Marines and also saw at Grey Flag. There’s a note that says, “Stay Hydrated War Hero”. Cordell looks around and yells “Hello?!”

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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