‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 10 “The List”

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After a short hiatus, The Rookie is back! This is the first episode of the show at a new night and a new time and is a crossover with The Rookie: Feds. The continuation of the story happens on the spin-off.

Robbery In Progress

Nyla and James go to the bank to talk about setting up college savings account for their baby. While waiting, Nyla spots a known bank robber. She talks James through memorizing the details that the cops need to know before sending him outside. Once he’s outside, she goes into one of the offices and tells them to trigger the silent alarm. Moments after she does, the main robber, Tom, announces the robbery and has the manager bring him to the safety deposit boxes.

The customer in the office that Nyla is hiding in decides to take matters into his own hands and runs out with a gun while declaring that he’s making a citizen’s arrest. He’s immediately shot in the arm and another civilian is shot in the crossfire. Nyla rushes out to get his bleeding under control and the patrol cars arrive. The robbers tell everyone to exit the building in hopes of fleeing within the crowd. They manage to get away with one traveling on foot and the other getting in a car. Nolan and Celina go after the one in the car but the guy gets away after a shoot-out ruins their shop.

At the bank, they get a list of the safety deposit boxes involved and learn that Tom was being paid a lot of money to steal whatever was inside. They follow up with one of the people who was robbed and find him trying to flee his house. He’s shot by a sniper before they get much out of him, but they do learn that he hacked the FBI and the information that he got was in the box.

A Sibling for Jack

After buttering her up with a nice breakfast, Welsey brings up the idea of having another baby with Angela. Being an only child, he really wants a sibling for Jack while Angela grew up with a bunch of brothers and she doesn’t love the idea of more kids.

Angela talks to Nyla about it while they try to figure out who the third robber is. Nyla acknowledges that Angela probably wants to wait since she just got her footing as a detective and Angela says that’s exactly what she’s thinking.

Later, Angela tells Wesley as much and they agree to come back to the subject later. As they’re talking about it, Nyla and James show up. After what happened at the bank, they both decide that they need to figure out who’s going to take care of Leah if they die. They went back and forth between various relatives before deciding that Wesley and Angela are the best choice. When they ask, the couple happily agrees to.

Foot Chase

Tim and Aaron go after the guy who got away on foot. When they get close, the guy falls and breaks his arm. He manages to get into a car with a woman and tries to get her to drive him away, but the police block the car.

Tim manages to get contact information for the hostage and calls her. She puts it on speaker phone and Tim assures her that everything is going to be fine. The suspect yells at Tim that he needs to clear the way so they can drive off. After getting off the phone, Tim has an ambulance drive up with lights and sirens to distract the suspect so he can sneak up to the car. He gets under it and drills a small hole in the floor before signaling for the other officers to start moving in. Once they’re where he needed them to be to get the hostage, he starts spraying something to throw off the suspect and get them both out of the car.

They get the suspect to give up all the information that he knows including the names and phone numbers of the other suspects in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Celina and Aaron

While worrying about what the people at the station will say if they find out they’re dating, Tim and Lucy get called into Grey’s office and he gives them a speech about coworkers dating within the station. They take it all only for him to reveal in the end that he’s worried about Celina and Aaron dating and asks them to talk to them.

Lucy asks Nolan to talk to Celina for her. He tries to, but she doesn’t take it well. She doesn’t confirm or deny if she’s dating Aaron but she tells Nolan that she doesn’t appreciate him telling her about what she can do in her personal life.

Tim talks to Aaron about it too and Aaron doesn’t reveal if they’re dating either. He ends up going on a tangent about how he doesn’t see an issue with it because he’s not above her in the chain of command. The more he went on, the more Tim connected it to his situation with Lucy and began to overthink it.

At the end of the shift, Celina and Aaron go to Nolan to clarify that they aren’t dating. They are playing Dungeons and Dragons together outside of work though. She then asks Aaron out of spite but takes it back when he tells her that he’s a Scorpio.

The One That Got Away

Nyla insists that there was a third robber that she couldn’t identify. She and Angela scrub the security footage to see if they can figure out who. When they’re starting to give up, a gun is located in a potted plant at the bank. Recalling the footage, Nyla realizes that it was the civilian who got shot. They call the hospital and send units that way. Nolan and Celina find her room empty.

While that was going down, they were tracking the burner phone numbers that they got from the other guy. With some digging, Tim thinks he knows where they’re hiding out. They see him and Aaron coming though and sneak behind their shop and push it until it’s hanging off the top of a parking structure.

The shop starts to become increasingly unstable so Tim tells Aaron to climb out while he stays back because they both won’t be able to do it at the same time. They fight about it with Aaron’s final point being that Lucy will kill him to Tim dies. Ultimately, Aaron goes first and grabs the back of the shop to try to stabilize it. Tim manages to safely get out.

Nolan and Celina follow up on the suspects and find one of them dead and the other gone.

First Date 1.0 and 2.0


After Tim asked Lucy out, the pair are finally going on their date! The episode opens with them struggling on deciding what to wear before Tim calls Lucy. They talk out their nerves a bit and finally make it to the restaurant.

They try to have some small talk while waiting for their food but it’s a bit of a mess as they try to face the shift in their relationship. The awkwardness leads to them having a talk about taking things slow and going on more dates before moving on to the physical aspects of the relationship.

They don’t get much further in the date though due to a couple of the cooks getting into a fight that turns physical when one of them grabs a knife. Tim and Lucy jump into action to make an arrest and administer first aid. They worry later about other people at the station asking why they were at a romantic restaurant together and decide to prepare a cover story.

After Tim’s near-death experience, he and Lucy joke around that it’s a good thing that he lived so they can go on a proper first date. They get dinner later and are having a good time when they spot a guy trying to break into a car. Tim yells at him and flashes his badge which causes the guy to flee. Lucy mentions to Tim that he’s just going to rob another neighborhood then and Tim tells her that’s some other cop’s problem before kissing her.

To learn what happens with the missing suspect and the stolen FBI information, the rest took place on The Rookie: Feds. Otherwise, The Rookie will be back on Tuesday, January 10 at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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