‘Tulsa King’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “Adobe Walls”

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Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

In this week’s episode of Tulsa King, “Adobe Walls,” Dwight and Mitch attempt to teach their ragtag crew how to handle a gun, Black Macadam gets raided, Chickie wants Dwight gone, and Stacy’s involvement with Dwight has devastating consequences.

Target practice

With the heat that’s on their backs as of late, Dwight decides that the members of his ragtag crew need to know how to shoot a gun, if necessary. Mitch shows off his proficiency with a weapon while Bodhi’s uncomfortable even holding it in his hands, and Tyson’s clearly watched far too many movies. Grace is the only one that knows what she’s doing, though she gives Dwight a reality check as she gets real with him about the inconvenient, dangerous position that he’s put all of them in. Dwight doesn’t feel confident about the crew’s ability to defend themselves, so Mitch introduces him to some of his fellow bull riding buddies — fellow ex-cons who are happy to lend some muscle to their cause.

Bred 2 Buck’s renovations

Despite everything else that’s going on, Dwight still hasn’t given up on his dreams to remodel Mitch’s bar with Bodhi. They loop Bodhi’s weed guy, Jimmy, into the mix — he’s Native American, so they want to put his name on the license for the casino, obscuring it with an anonymous trust structure so it doesn’t cause any issues for him. They’ll quality for an exception because the bar is situated on Cherokee land. In exchange, they offer Jimmy 20% of the profits … and full-time access to the buffet. As they finish up, Dwight asks Jimmy if he can recommend any tough guys to help out their crew (and he’s thrilled to find out that he brought along some of the apricot jelly with him).

The raid

Stacy seeks out Waltrip, demanding to know where he buried Roxy. However, he plays coy as he tells her that he hasn’t seen her or Pike. Later, during a meeting with the FBI, Stacy finds herself in an uncomfortable position as they discuss some of their various findings about Dwight — including the fact that they believe he’s dating Margaret, but he’s also seeing another woman whose identity they have yet to uncover. At this, she quickly tries to change the subject, throwing them off the scent as she discusses the fact that Roxy made mention of Waltrip being in possession of a large sum of money.

This spurs a raid at Black Macadam’s base, but unfortunately Waltrip isn’t there. However, they’re able to finally get a look at just how much money he’s funneling from various illegal ventures, which will finally give them cause to arrest him.

Angry about the raid, Waltrip calls one of his crooked cops and demands that they arrest Dwight immediately, threatening to kill them if they don’t. As promised, the cops find Dwight and Tyson while they’re out driving, and they pull them over. However, well aware of the fact that they’re doing this for Waltrip, Dwight confidently gets out of the car, insinuating that there’s a gun under his jacket as he threatens the cops boldly enough to scare them off. Waltrip is furious when they call him after and lie, telling him that they couldn’t find Dwight.

Taking out The General

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At his father’s funeral, Chickie tries to weave a convincing story about how the stress of Dwight’s return is what led to Pete’s death, and he alludes to the fact that they’re going to need to be replace him soon. However, the fact that he’d even consider taking out The General is shocking to some, but Chickie doesn’t care. Later, he gives Dwight a call, all fake sincerity as he tells him that he wants to make amends and move on from all of the bad blood. He’s coming to Tulsa (to kill him).

Problems at home

While Dwight may no longer pose a threat to Armand anymore, his presence in his life has now driven a wedge between him and his wife, Clara. As they’re eating dinner, she hints that she’d like to move away from Tulsa. She’s upset that he comes home at all hours of the night, he carries a gun now, and his coworkers have been going missing. This angers Armand, because he doesn’t want to run away from his problems this time. Clara presents him with an ultimatum: either they leave Tulsa, or they get divorced. She married a decent man, not a criminal. Armand throws his plate across the room, and she tells him to leave.

Drive-by revenge

Stacy finds Dwight outside of his hotel, and she lets him know that they raided Black Macadam’s headquarters, and now there’s a warrant out for Waltrip’s arrest. She encourages him to get on with his life; the case is being handled, and the FBI is no longer sniffing around. Dwight, being Dwight, casually asks her how she’s doing, inviting her upstairs for a drink — which she balks at. Despite her continued insistence that she doesn’t want to be with him, he doesn’t think she really means it. Their conversation is cut short when Waltrip and one of his gang members roll up on their motorcycles, shooting Stacy.

The episode comes to a close as an army of cop cars swarms the hotel, and Dwight finds himself in a compromising position as he stands there covered in blood, torn between his panic over what just happened to Stacy and the fact that they’re not even supposed to know each other.

Other notable events

Brian Douglas/Paramount+
  • Tyson packs up his things to leave
  • Dwight and Tina put a pin in her plans to move her family to Tulsa, because it’s no safer for them there right now
  • Stacy continues to give her poor therapist a run for his money
  • Dwight has the “pleasure” of meeting Margaret’s ex-husband, who thinks he “knows his type”

Episode 8 of Tulsa King is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Stay tuned for our weekly episodic recaps. In case you missed it, the show has been renewed for a second season.

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