Netflix Releases New ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Photo of Lady Danbury


Merry greetings my dearest readers. Bright and early on this first day of the new year, I’m here to bring you the latest gossip from the ton. Netflix has graced us with a first-look photo of none other than Lady Danbury herself from the much anticipated Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. We all know Lady Danbury well, and much admire her tenacious spirit, but this newest photo is a look at the Lady in her earlier years portrayed by the lovely Arsema Thomas. This moment, though we are unsure who Lady Danbury is conversing with, appears in episode 6.

Always one to leave us aching for more news, Netflix obliged our insatiable appetites with a deliciously detailed description. “Under the thumb of a much older husband, Agatha uses Charlotte’s arrival to find her own way into society. With keen knowledge of the once divided social scene and the intricacies of marriage, Agatha becomes a guiding light for the new Queen, all while finding her own voice and power we’ll soon recognize as Bridgerton’s iconic Lady Danbury.”

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will, of course, focus on Queen Charlotte herself and her fascinating journey. It’s a story sure to be full of romance, drama, and scandal. Be assured, dear reader, as the story unfolds I’ll continue to bring you all the latest news from the ton (and the palace), for I have eyes and ears everywhere.

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