‘Tulsa King’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “Warr Acres”

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Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

In this week’s episode of Tulsa King, “Warr Acres,” things get more difficult for Stacy and her job with the ATF following the death of Carson Pike. Meanwhile, Goodie makes his way to Tulsa, Dwight goes on a date, and Chickie makes a difficult choice.

The bodies begin to pile up

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The episode opens with Mitch and Dwight burying Carson Pike’s body following the shootout at Bred 2 Buck. Waltrip is angry that Pike isn’t answering his phone, though he soon realizes why when a box with his bloody, bullet-riddled jacket is sent over to the Black Macadam headquarters. Roxy is distraught, and she calls Stacy to tell her what happened.

Stacy gives her a discreet address where they can meet, and Roxy immediately begins crying when she gets there. She’s partially convinced that maybe Pike is still alive, and they’re just holding him as a bargaining chip. However, Stacy reminds her that they still have work to do in the meantime, even if Roxy doesn’t want to go back there. She needs to hold up her end of the bargain in order for the ATF to keep her out of jail, which means that she needs to bring her something incriminating on Waltrip.

Afterward, Stacy is livid as she storms into Dwight’s hotel room demanding to know if he killed Carson Pike. She tells him that his girlfriend was an informant for the ATF. Dwight tries to apologize for the mess he’s gotten Stacy into, but she doesn’t want to hear it — she leaves.

Meanwhile, as promised, Roxy sneaks into Waltrip’s office and begins rooting around. After prying open a locked drawer in a filing cabinet with a knife, she finds the laptop that she was looking for. Unfortunately, Waltrip walks in, though he’s calm as he approaches her and asks what she was doing. She’s terrified as she admits to him that she was arrested six months ago, thus she’s been compromised. Though he initially insinuates that he’s “had his eye on her,” at which point Roxy is fully prepared to do whatever it takes to get out of this mess, he ends up strangling her to death. Later, when Roxy is late meeting Stacy at the diner, she tries calling her, but Waltrip answers her cell.

Tina and Emory

Tina finally manages to get ahold of Dwight, and she lets him know that Emory was mugged bad enough that he’s in the hospital. Dwight insists that she, her husband, and the kids all come to Oklahoma as a precaution, but she doesn’t want to. However, when she receives another unsettling call in the middle of the night, she changes her tune.

While visiting Emory at the hospital, she casually suggests that they could move to Tulsa. But she owns a business in New York, and he works on Wall Street — so the idea isn’t really sustainable. He’s also confused, because he’s heard nothing but bad things about her father for the past seven years, so why would she want to uproot their family to move closer to him now?

Goodie goes to Tulsa

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Armand and Tyson pick Goodie up from the train station, and Goodie is baffled to see Armand there. After their hour and a half drive back to Tulsa, they bring Goodie to Bred 2 Buck, where Dwight immediately flips out over what happened to Emory. However, Goodie assures him that he doesn’t believe Chickie or Vince had anything to do with it, because Pete would kill them. As they head over to the bar to get a drink from Mitch, Dwight tells him not to read too much into the Armand situation, because he still doesn’t understand or believe that he just so happened to be in Tulsa, too.

Goodie calls Pete from his motel to check in, at which point Chickie denies having anything to do with beating up Emory. He goes on to inform them that Armand is out there, and Dwight is doing well — he even has his own crew, although they’re an unconventional one at best. However, he also explains that he can see that Dwight has become his own man out there, and they’re not going to be able to control him for much longer at this rate.

A date with Margaret

Following a visit to see Spencer and Pilot at the ranch, Margaret asks Dwight if she can buy him dinner. After sharing some information about herself, including the fact that she was married for nine years and the actual inspiration behind naming the ranch “Fennario,” she wants to know more about Dwight. He starts off simple, listing off his ex wife and his no-longer-estranged daughter, but then he admits to her that he was also in prison for a long time. When he tells Margaret that he killed a guy, she’s surprisingly unruffled. Instead, she simply asks him what it feels like to kill someone.

Bitcoin, anyone?

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When Bodhi and his staff finally return to The Higher Plane, which is still trashed after the FBI raid, he immediately heads into his office to make sure that a USB stick that was hidden in there wasn’t taken.

Dwight and Tyson pay the shop a visit later, at which point Bodhi calls him out on not including the mountain of cash that was tucked away in the safe in the duffel bags he gave him. The cash is still in Dwight’s possession, because he wants them to partner up with Mitch to renovate Bred 2 Buck — he even tries to sell Bodhi on putting a casino in. In turn, Bodhi lets Dwight in on a little secret: he’s not the only criminal in town. Bodhi has his own little scheme going, in which he steals from people that buy bitcoin.

Chickie takes over

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Despite Pete’s positive prognosis from his doctor, another decade and change as the head of the Invernizzi isn’t quite in the cards for him thanks to his fractured relationship with his son. After a visit to church, in which Chickie admits that he didn’t want this life that his father forced him into, he goes home and helps his father take a bath. When he asks him why he didn’t want a regular life for him, Pete makes him sound ungrateful. Despite the fact that he’s supposed to be the next in line to be the boss of the family, Chickie doesn’t feel like it, because he makes him feel like he’s a stupid kid sometimes — and he clearly thinks Dwight is a better man than him. The two begin to argue, and Chickie drowns him in the tub.

When Goodie tells Dwight the news — they blame it on a heart attack — Dwight tells him that he’s not going to the funeral.

Episode 7 of Tulsa King is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Stay tuned for our weekly episodic recaps. In case you missed it, the series was recently renewed for a second season.

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