‘Punisher’ Cast Joins ‘Playing Dead With Michael Nathanson’ for the First Episode

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Throughout all the television episodes and movies you have enjoyed, I am sure more than a few of the characters have met their demise. The new podcast by Lionsgate Sound is here to discuss the topic of actors having to act out their last moments. Playing Dead With Michael Nathanson is hosted by, well, Michael Nathanson. Nathanson is joined in the first episode by some of his fellow Punisher cast.


Nathanson plays Sam Stein in the show and uses this podcast to explore what it was like to die in character. Joining him is the man who killed off Sam, the gloriously wicked Billy Russo, played by the talented Ben Barnes. Also adding to the discussion will be Daniel Webber, who played Lewis Wilson, a tortured veteran who caused some issues in season 1. Jason Moore, who played the beloved Curtis Hoyle, will also join.

Nathanson does a great job of leading the conversation, and I found the podcast very entertaining. Episode 1 of Playing Dead With Michael Nathanson can be found here. If you would like to see all these amazing actors in action, both seasons of Punisher can be streamed now on Disney+.

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