‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “Frat Problems”


Things are heating up in The Sex Lives of College Girls‘ second episode of season 2. The girls figure out a way to squash the frat beef once and for all and Kimberly may have found a solution to her looming tuition problems. Read on for everything that happens in “Frat Problems.”

Welcome to the Pity Party

Still on the outs with Theta and the rest of the frats, the girls (namely Bela and Leighton) devise a plan that will help everyone involved. In order to get back in the good ranks of the frats and the administration, they plan a sex-positive strip show that will help raise money for climate change. If it gets Theta out of trouble, they promise to welcome the girls back to parties. Everything nearly goes off without a hitch, until Dean Miller attempts to shut it down. Bela rushes back to the dorms to pick up their new neighbor and climate refugee Jackson, who helps sweeten the deal once Leighton tells her they’ve raised $11,000. To celebrate the success of the fundraiser, the guys plan an impromptu strip dance for the girls on stage. (Don’t forget to ask for a side of extra forgiveness at church, Kimberly!)


Kimberly the Loan Shark

Kimberly is still trying to find creative ways to fund her tuition having lost her scholarship. She’s got her back against the wall and even tries telling her mom so she can get her to co-sign the loan, but once she finds out the family dog biscuits nearly dies, she doesn’t have the heart to ask. She tells Lila she signed up for 23AndMe to see if she has any rich relatives when professor Hennessey pops into Sips and invites her over for a small dinner party. Lila says this is her opportunity to ask if she can co-sign the loan for her since she is housing a Syrian student until he finishes his studies. Kimberly gets the courage to ask after dinner and after some thinking, Professor Hennessey agrees. Elated, Kimberly gets pulled into a conversation with her husband after she excuses herself to bed. He uncomfortably tells her they should sleep together.


The next day, professor Hennessey invites Kimberly into her office for a chat. Assuming this was about the stunt her husband pulled, Kimberly apologizes; she should have shut it down right away. Shocked, professor Hennessey tells her it’s actually about the finances, and how her accountant believed co-signing would affect her credit score too much. Embarrassed, Kimberly once again apologizes, but Professor Hennessey reassures her it’s not her fault. Her husband was trying to take advantage, which leads to a heated argument over the phone as Kimberly exits the room.

Kiss & Tell


Leighton can’t get the girl from the party out of her head, so she shoots her a message. They meet up to hook up and really seem to be hitting it off afterward until Bela stops them for a chat. Leighton excuses herself and gets a real proper snog, which, sort of maybe gives her the ick? It’s a hard one to call. Eventually, though, Leighton lets her go and at the fundraiser sees her all over another girl. She wonders if letting her go was a mistake, she’s one of the hottest girls on campus. But so is she, and all of the women in the room remind her of that fact.

Jealousy, Jealousy


Whitney visits Canaan at Sips and meets his new coworker, Zoey.Whitney can sense there’s a bit of tension there so she introduces herself and there’s obviously jealousy looming behind Whitney’s words. Not to mention, she’s still thinking about what she overheard him saying about her not having any other hobbies outside of soccer. At the fundraiser, she finally addresses it, admitting she got a bit jealous seeing them two of them interact but Canaan assures her she’s his dream girl, teasing her about needing to prioritize her time better.

The first two episodes of TSLOCG season 2 are streaming now on HBO Max. New episodes release in pairs weekly on Thursdays. Keep up with our coverage here.

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