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If you tuned in for the recent series premiere of Paramount+’s new crime drama Tulsa King, you may have spotted a familiar face portraying bartender and ex-bull rider Mitch Keller — Garrett Hedlund. The Sylvester Stallone-led series is the latest title that the actor has added to his continuously growing filmography that dates back to the early 2000s.

Hedlund’s Hollywood career began right out of high school with titles like Troy and Friday Night Lights, and he later went on to star in Disney’s blockbuster TRON: Legacy. In the years that have followed, Hedlund has worked his way across a variety genres. The wide range of roles he’s taken on have allowed him to time and time again display his incredible versatility as an actor with nuanced performances leveraging his ability to balance charm, sincerity, vulnerability, and tenacity.

While audiences will have to wait until Sundays roll around each week to see Hedlund in new episodes of Tulsa King, we’ve put together a list of other recommended films and shows that he appears in that are currently available to stream on major platforms.

Mudbound – Netflix

Steve Dietl/Netflix

Based on the novel by Hillary Jordan, Mudbound is a historical drama that takes place in post-World War II rural Mississippi. It follows two veterans, Jamie (Hedlund) and Ronsel (Jason Mitchell), and their families against a backdrop of barbaric social hierarchy in an unrelenting landscape.

Against all odds, Jamie and Ronsel forge an unlikely friendship amongst their lingering PTSD from the war and the ongoing racial tensions that surround them. Hedlund’s performance as Jamie pivots between vibrant charisma and raw, poignant trauma, drawing audiences in with captivating complexity as this riveting, unflinching story unravels. Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Mary J. Blige, and Rob Morgan also star.

Watch it now on Netflix.

Triple Frontier – Netflix

Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix

Triple Frontier follows a group of former Special Forces operatives as they attempt to pull off a wild heist in South America, putting aside their prestigious pasts as unsung heroes to undertake a dangerous personal mission. However, when the operation takes a turn and doesn’t quite go as planned, things begin to spiral out of control, and the group’s loyalties and morals are pushed to a breaking point as they fight to survive.

Hedlund portrays Benny Miller, who went on to become an MMA fighter following his time as a Delta Force operative. The film also stars Hedlund’s longtime pal Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac (marking their third movie together), Pedro Pascal, and Ben Affleck. Action-packed and thrilling with a killer cast to boot, Triple Frontier is not to be missed.

Watch it now on Netflix.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday – Hulu

Takashi Seida/Hulu

The United States vs. Billie Holiday is a biographical drama about Billie Holiday (portrayed by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Andra Day), one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, based on the novel Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari. The story begins in the 1940s in New York City, at which time Holiday was targeted by the federal government amidst growing efforts to escalate and racialize the war on drugs as they attempted to force her to stop singing her controversial, heart-wrenching song, “Strange Fruit.”

Hedlund takes on one of his darker roles as the film’s malicious antagonist, Harry Anslinger, director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Trevante Rhodes, Natasha Lyonne, Miss Lawrence, Rob Morgan, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Evan Ross, Tyler James Williams, Tone Bell, and Erik LaRay Harvey also star.

Watch it now on Hulu.

Modern Love – Prime Video

Christopher Saunders/Prime Video

Inspired by the New York Times column of the same name, the Amazon Original series Modern Love tells stories of the complexity and beauty of love and relationships. The second season sees Hedlund appear in the episode entitled “In the Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses” (the original essay for which can be found here).

Hedlund stars as Spence, a former marine who develops an unlikely connection with a housewife, Isabelle (Anna Paquin), after a chance meeting in a therapist’s office — which is ironic, given that their respective spouses are having an affair with each other. This emotional episode takes viewers on a beautiful journey as it explores themes of grief and healing with its talented leads at the forefront, both of whom give deeply touching and genuine performances.

Watch it now on Prime Video.

Four Brothers – Paramount+

Paramount Pictures

Four Brothers is an integral, unforgettable part of Hedlund’s filmography, telling the story of the Mercers — Jack (Hedlund), Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), Angel (Tyrese Gibson), and Jeremiah (André 3000) — when they come together in Detroit to avenge their adoptive mother after she’s gunned down during a robbery. However, once they begin to investigate and find out that it was a targeted attack, they find themselves entangled in a situation far more precarious than they originally expected.

Even in one of his earliest roles, Hedlund gives a memorable performance as the beloved Jack as he strums his guitar, fires off cocky remarks, and holds his own as the youngest Mercer brother. (And yes, even after all these years, we’ll still say it — JACK DESERVED BETTER!)

Watch it now on Paramount+.

Mosaic – HBO Max


Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic is a six-part murder mystery that follows the story of the shocking death of a successful children’s author and illustrator, Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone). It was initially released as a mobile app that allowed audiences to experience the story as an interactive film by viewing the plot from different perspectives and investigating through a series of additional materials like emails, voicemails, and police reports, but now it can be streamed in an episodic format.

Hedlund stars as Joel Hurley, an aspiring artist who finds himself entangled in Olivia’s complicated life when she invites him to live on her property. As questions continue to pile up around the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, Joel finds himself in the middle of an intense investigation that will leave viewers frantically guessing and speculating from the edge of their seats up until the final episode. Jennifer Ferrin, Frederick Weller, Paul Reubens, and more also star.

Watch it now on HBO Max.

But wait, there’s more!

When you’re not streaming titles from Hedlund’s filmography, you can also stream his music as well! A talented musician with an amazing voice, his music career kicked off in Country Strong and can also be seen in Lullaby and Dirt Music. In 2022, Hedlund finally began to release his own music, with four tracks available so far (including a music video for the most recent, “Best Ones”).

Catch Hedlund in new episodes of Tulsa King exclusively on Paramount+ on Sundays, and stay tuned for our weekly episodic recaps. In the meantime, look back on another time Hedlund took on the role of a bull rider nearly a decade ago in the music video for Kings of Leon’s “Beautiful War.”

Hedlund’s upcoming projects include the film adaptation of The Marsh King’s Daughter starring Daisy Ridley, The Tutor, and Nadine Crocker’s thriller Desperation Road.

In case you missed it, check out our deep dive into Hedlund’s filmography — Beyond TRON: Legacy: Exploring the Work of Garrett Hedlund.

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