‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “Frenemies — Chapter 10: The Killer”


In this week’s episode of DC’s Stargirl, the true culprit behind the Gambler’s murder is revealed as the JSA tries to unite to face the threat and bring the murderer to justice. While the Mahkents deal with the aftermath of last week’s attack, a familiar villain makes his way back to Blue Valley and threatens to destroy everything in his quest for revenge. Read on to see what happened in “Frenemies — Chapter 10: The Killer”!

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served (Ice) Cold

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Everyone is busy looking for Mike and Jakeem, panicking that the Mahkents are involved after their confrontation. Surprisingly, Sylvester is the one to suggest that they are being set up to think they are involved without real proof. Someone wants to divide them even further. Still, he and Pat agree to check it out and make sure. They talk to Sofus, who is still weak from his heart attack and insists he’d never hurt children, as Sylvester scoffs, “You just tried to freeze dry a bunch of kids, Grandpa Frostbite.” Sofus angrily tells them to leave, threatening to have Lily kill them on her return. But he appears to be softening his stance on revenge even as Sylvester has to restrain himself from fighting the old man.

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Lily heads to the Whitmore-Dugan residence to harm Barbara after their visit, but Paula saves her just in time while forcing Lily to leave. She teaches Barbara how to defend herself, not wanting her to be vulnerable. Barbara insists she’s not a superhero, but Paula tells her that Courtney gets her fight from her mother. She also calls Barbara her only friend in Blue Valley as they share a sweet moment.

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The Crocks decide to see the Mahkents and persuade them to give up their villainous pursuits, using themselves as an example. Unlike with Pat and Sylvester, their message lands a bit more effectively as they were Jordan’s friends. While Lily is still grieving, Sofus is able to convince her that their grief can be dealt with without revenge.

Secrets and Lies

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Beth’s mother checks on Rick, who is making himself sick with the hourglass. Beth tries to get him to take it off, citing his angry outbursts and his inability to stop using the device. When Beth challenges him to try just 10 minutes without it, he menacingly says not to tell him what to do as he storms out, still hellbent on fighting Cameron.

Courtney goes to talk to Cameron, who is angry that so much was kept from him all this time. He’s especially upset about the true circumstances of his father’s death. He knows that Jordan was corrupted, but he can’t believe that the only way to stop him was to kill him. He wants to know who did it, and Courtney tries to tell him it was an accident. When he won’t budge, she says it was her, leaving out Mike’s role. Cameron tells her he never wants to see her again, breaking both their hearts.

Old Enemies Return

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Mike and Jakeem are still stuck in the woods looking for Cindy and hiding from the strange creature they found. They get caught in one of Cindy’s traps while running. She reveals that she thinks the monster is one of her father’s creations and that she is hunting it to prove she didn’t kill the Gambler. The boys wish themselves to the diner to escape as Cindy hides again. They tell Pat and Sylvester about the monster, and both adults realize what it truly is.

They tell the JSA (minus Rick) that the monster is the Ultra-Humanite, a mad scientist who found a way to put his mind into various bodies. Working with Dragon King, he was able to create a Frankenstein body for his mind. It was one of the most difficult villains the original JSA ever faced. The Ultra-Humanite must have been the one to kill the Gambler and attack Sylvester. Courtney realizes that they will need everyone with powers to stop him, including the Mahkents and the Crocks. This could be the thing that unifies them all.

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However, it turns out that the Ultra-Humanite isn’t the only threat they face. After getting a call that Artemis is officially the first female college football quarterback, the Crocks are on top of the the world. But when they investigate a string of flyers for their training studio that lead to a sewer, they are ambushed by a still-alive Icicle. He kills them as we see that he is the one who has been surveilling Blue Valley all this time.

DC’s Stargirl: Frenemies airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find the rest of our coverage here!

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