‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 “Rendezvous”

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We have made it to the penultimate episode of season 4 part 1 of Manifest! As Cal’s condition worsens, Eagan’s search for the Omega Sapphire leads him to working with Michaela and Saanvi and even reunite past love birds. Meanwhile, Zeke and Jared help Cal with his Calling connecting him to Marko, as Olive and TJ figure out the Al-Zuras tarot deck has more connections than they thought.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Rendezvous.”

Cancer Strikes Twice

Ben, Cal, who is looking worse by the day, and Saanvi meet with Alex, hoping for good news. Cal has been on Saanvi’s treatment for a month, but his body isn’t responding … and the cancer has progressed. Alex tells Cal to go home, rest, and be with his family, but Ben doesn’t accept it. Alex says that Cal is likely looking at days rather than weeks. Unfortunately, there’s nothing left she or Saanvi can do. Ben, ever the one to hold onto hope, says he’s not going to give up.

“Sometimes, as much as we want to, we can’t buy more time.”

Saanvi says they are going to keep Cal as comfortable as they can. Although she also says they should tell the family so they can have each other, Cal asks Ben if they can just keep it between them for the night. He doesn’t want the family to think he’s going to die, and Ben tells him he is not going to die.

When Cal isn’t doing well, Zeke can feel it all. Cal later nearly collapses trying to grab the remote, and Ben tells him not to push himself. Later, after Cal finally takes his morphine, he confesses to Olive how bad it is. Soon, the others know and are rallying behind him.

Order of the Omega

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Eagan’s volunteering at the temple, but it’s not going so well. He takes a break from serving food and goes downstairs to search and chisel, trying to find the sapphire. But one of the workers, Kenroy, watches him and later catches him, trying to stop him from trespassing and stealing. Eagan takes one of the tiles and tells Kenroy about a rock that holds power beyond his wildest imagination. He knows about miracles and God.

Untold Powers


Olive and TJ work together to figure out where the Omega Sapphire is. Olive’s ready to give up, but TJ assures her they’ll get there. Olive admits that the legend says the Divine Sapphire gave the Oracle of Delphi untold powers. What they could do with that power is infinite, and it may even help save Cal because she doesn’t know how much time he has left.

Running Out of Time

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The Stones, Jared, and Saanvi gather together to celebrate Michaela and Zeke’s three-year anniversary, and it’s a happy moment for all. Even Jared makes an honest yet heartfelt speech. After clinging glasses, the dishes start moving, and Michaela, Ben, Cal, and Saanvi are back on 828. Jared, Olive, and Zeke are in their seats. And there’s a whole lot of turbulence.

The four get out of the Calling, and Olive wonders what they missed, indicating that she, Jared, and Zeke saw nothing. Saanvi says the Calling felt foreboding, and Michaela thinks they’re running out of time. Cal says the plane took a nosedive, but he saw a call light on. A passenger needs their help. Michaela mentions she saw someone at the back of the plane, and Saanvi says it was Thomas, the stowaway. He was pulling at the cargo hatch like his life depended on it.

Where the Needle Points


Olive, Michaela, and Saanvi check out the passenger boards, and they’re stumped on how to find Thomas since he’s disappeared. The compass starts going nuts, and Saanvi thinks it’s leading them somewhere.

Michaela and Saanvi follow the compass, and it’s telling them to go into a building … the building with the boiler room where they hid Thomas. The compass leads them to an empty room, but it’s not so empty as Eagan comes crashing through with Kenroy.

Kenroy sees a heart on the wall with the name Leo in the middle, wondering who wrote it. Saanvi tells him about Thomas, and it’s revealed that Kenroy is Leo. Kenroy confesses when the plane disappeared, he thought God wanted to separate them to punish them for their love. He still dreams of him every night.

The compass starts going nuts again, and it’s pointed right at the heart. Eagan immediately starts hammering at the wall and says that the compass is pointing them toward the sapphire. He tells them that he and Logan Strickland were cellmates. He told him all about the compass. There’s a puzzle carved into stone by Logan’s great-grandfather.

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After tearing out the wall, they try to figure out the puzzle. Michaela video calls Olive and TJ, who recognize it as Al-Zuras’ tarot deck. The images match the cards perfectly. Olive sends a picture of the whole deck to Michaela since she thinks it could be a map.

It takes a while, but the group finishes putting the pieces together on the wall in their rightful places, except for one card.

Still Connected

Cal, basically on his deathbed, wants to follow the Calling, thinking it might be able to help. Ben gives in, and the two work through the Calling. The seat where the call light was happened to belong to Marko. Ben doesn’t want Cal to go, nor does he want himself to leave Cal. Jared and Zeke both volunteer to go, and Cal asks if they can bring Marko there. He needs to talk to him.

Jared and Zeke try to spring Marko and after much determination, they’re able to bring him to the Stone residence. Zeke points out that Marko seems calmer around Cal. When Cal touches him, his hand starts shaking and Cal has Ben grab him a pen and paper, thinking he’s trying to draw. All he drew was lines. Zeke doesn’t think it was all he drew, though. Marko keeps dropping the pen and Zeke senses he wants something. Ben grabs Eden’s crayons and Marko grabs a red one.

End of the World


Marko ends up drawing a volcano, and Olive notices it’s the World card, exactly. Ben calls Michaela to tell her about Marko and the World card. Olive shows her Marko’s drawing, which includes fire. Michaela points out the grate she noticed earlier (that Eagan also noticed), and they light a fire, which lights up the map, and the bricks melt off the wall.

The bricks reveal a mosaic of a woman who was on Ben’s board, and she’s dying. Eagan shines a light through a hole, which is the last of the Omega Sapphire. Eagan, of course, grabs it, and like some Indiana Jones-type stuff, the room starts falling apart. Eagan runs and locks them in the room. Kenroy’s leg is trapped, but Saanvi and Michaela stay with him.

Thomas opens the door, and he and Kenroy, or Leo, are reunited at last. Thomas had a Calling.

Olive gets the picture of what the bricks revealed, the goddess Maat, from TJ’s papyrus. It taught them they were all going to be judged together. Olive is afraid she’s going to keep losing everyone she loves, so TJ gives her a tarot reading. She picks the Death card and is afraid it’s about Cal.

Before Marko leaves, Eden puts the volcano snow globe in his lap. When Saanvi is with Alex, she gets the snow Calling. Eagan arrives at his hotel room and gets the snow Calling. When Marko is being wheeled back to his room, the volcano erupts and breaks the snow globe. Soon, everyone else gets the snow Calling, and they’re on the plane again, including Alex, Jared, Olive, and Zeke. There’s also lava on the plane.

“Noah’s Ark. The apocalyptic Callings.”

The Death Date isn’t just for the passengers. It’s for everyone. It’s for the whole world, and they’re all going to die. Eagan has the sapphire on the plane, and Michaela tries to get him to give it to her. But he disappears.

In his hotel room, Eagan is on the ground, unconscious, having been knocked out.

What Does it Mean?

Although Cal didn’t notice earlier, there was an unknown number calling him. And after Eden sets down the phone after Ben gave it to her while Marko used her crayons, the unknown number was still on the phone. It’s short, but with it being Manifest, it’s likely very significant. But what could this mean going into the final episode of part 1?

Stream all 10 episodes of season 4 part 1 of Manifest now on Netflix! Check out the rest of our Manifest coverage here, and stay tuned for more episodic recaps!

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