‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 “Frenemies — Chapter Nine: The Monsters”

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On this week’s DC’s Stargirl, Courtney finally mends her friendships with the JSA, but Cameron might be getting in the way of that once again. Meanwhile, Pat struggles with the aftermath of being in the Shadowlands, and Mike and Jakeem try to find Cindy’s whereabouts.

Keep reading to see what happened in “Frenemies — Chapter Nine: The Monsters.”

Icicle’s Legacy

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Cameron’s grandmother, Lily, looks through a photo album, thinking about her son. She goes to Cameron’s room, but he’s not there. His grandfather, Sofus, tells her that he’s out in the garden to practice. Lily doesn’t like that Cameron’s been working on his art.

“His duty is to his family.”

She crumples a piece of paper and throws it in his trash bin. The paper freezes over, and it’s a drawn picture of Courtney.

Cameron’s art teacher, Mr. Deisinger, shows up at the Mahkent residence, hoping to talk to his grandparents about him. The three sit and talk, and Mr. Deisinger tells them how Cameron quit, despite his passion for it. He expresses his concern for Cameron throwing away what he loves. However, Lily has had enough and literally freezes his heart.

Mending Friendships

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Courtney and Pat finally get home after their long bus ride, and Yolanda is in Courtney’s room waiting for her. The two hug and tearfully apologize to each other, not wanting to let go.

The two catch up, and Yolanda tells Courtney about her parents and how she can’t trust them with the JSA, knowing they’ll just keep controlling her. Courtney says she needs to apologize to Beth and Rick too, but there’s something else she needs to ask them. And she needs Yolanda’s support.

At lunch, Courtney apologizes to Beth and Rick and all seems right with the JSA once again … until Courtney tells them that she wants to tell Cameron the truth about everything. Rick doesn’t like the idea, knowing that every time their secrets are shared, it makes them all less safe. Courtney and Yolanda try to talk them into it and although they don’t completely agree with it, they obliged. Cameron says they have everyone’s backs no matter what because they’re his family.

“Nothing will ever change that. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Courtney gets to the Mahkents’, and she tells Cameron they need to talk.

Hour Power

When Beth, Yolanda, and Rick are walking and talking, Rick acts like he has a headache when it’s really due to the hourglass. Beth gets a signal on the goggles about where the source of the cameras is coming from, and sure enough, it’s coming from inside the Mahkent house.

Shadowlands Aftermath

Barbara tries to get Pat to tell her what he saw in the Shadowlands, but after he doesn’t answer, she hugs him for comfort.

Pat immediately wants to suit up and help Sylvester even though he just got home. Barbara tells him that what he just went through isn’t normal for anyone. She pleads with him to tell her, and Pat opens up about seeing his dad and how he said all the same twisted stuff he said to him when he was a kid.

“That place made me feel like I’m following in my father’s footsteps.”

He also tells her that he feels like he’s making Mike feel like he’s not good enough. Barbara assures him that’s not true. Mike’s following in his footsteps, not his dad’s. Pat switches the subject to Mike’s mom — how he didn’t know about Mike until after they split up. They shared custody for a couple of years and one day a policeman shows up with Mike. He’d been in a shelter overnight alone, his mom left him there and didn’t turn up again until after she got arrested again for possession. Then Pat got full custody of him. Mike would ask him if he could see her and talk to her and Pat would say no. After a while, he stopped asking.

Pat thought he was protecting Mike by pretending she didn’t exist. Barbara tells him how Courtney’s dad coming to Blue Valley made them stronger, and she got closure.

“Sometimes letting our kids face the pain is the only way to help them learn how to cope with it.”

Barbara thinks Mike should see his mom again.

Dealing With the Past

Pat tries searching for Maggie, Mike’s mother, when Crock comes into Pit Stop. Crock gets nosy and keeps asking Pat who he’s looking for, and Pat tells him about Maggie after some reluctance.

Investigating Cindy

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Mike wants to figure out who planted the cameras, but Jakeem just wants to stick to delivering papers. Jakeem’s worried about Cindy, though. She’s out there alone and turning into a crocodile. He thinks Thunderbolt can help her.

With help from Thunderbolt, Mike and Jakeem break into Cindy’s locker and look through her makeup bag to try to find any lead on her and see if she’s really a bad guy. Jakeem finds a piece of paper with Dr. Ito’s laboratories listed. They’re all crossed off except for the Etter Farm, which is circled. Mike figures this is their lead.

“Yeah, let’s go save alligator girl!”

Mike and Jakeem show up at the farm and look around for any sign of people. They look through the window of the house and see no one, so they decide to check out the back. Unfortunately, there was someone in the house, but dead on the floor.

Mike, Jakeem, and Thunderbolt check out the barn next, and they hear a growling. They turn around and see a monster and run away.

“I’ll kill every last one of them.”

Dangerous Lead

Just as Courtney is about to tell Cameron about his father, Lily stops her, or at least Rick as Hourman stops her. Lily threatens them and gets her powers ready.

Yolanda and Beth get to the house, and Yolanda has Beth wait since fighting isn’t her thing. Rick goes over the edge and starts fighting Cameron, while Yolanda fights Lily. Beth’s dad calls her from an unknown number as Sofus uses his ice powers while walking toward her. Mr. Chapel tells her about combat mode, which he learned from Dr. McNider, and Beth becomes a pretty impressive fighter. Even Artemis shows up to help.

The fight between Cameron and Rick comes to a climax as Rick nearly strangles Cameron and uses all his force to push Courtney away. Cameron uses his powers to break free, and after Lily tells her grandson they killed his father, he uses all the power he has in him and blasts Rick. Lily urges him to finish him, but Sofus pleads with him to stop.

“This hate is what killed your father.”

Sofus tells Cameron not to ignore love, and then he has a heart attack. Beth calls her mom, and she tells her that her gloves have defibrillators. After a few shocks, Sofus wakes up. Rick, barely conscious, tells Courtney he’s sorry.

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