‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away”


After the aftermath of the last few weeks, Cordell returns to work as the Rangers get ready to finish up Trey’s training. Liam starts equine therapy, and Stella and Augie deal with the repercussions of Stella not going to college.

Let’s dive into tonight’s episode.

Horses Set Free

The episode opens with four people who come up to a fence that says no trespassing. They get out and release the horses inside the fence, letting them go free.

The Walker Ranch

The family is at the Walker ranch as Bonham makes breakfast. Liam talks about starting equine therapy, Augie is upset because he can’t have the bigger room now and Cordell tells Stella that he got her a job at the Side Step with Geri.

Bonham stops Cordell as he leaves and they talk about how Liam’s hurting. Bonham tells him he was trained as a marine to handle captivity, but Liam was not.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Trey’s Case

At the Ranger station, Cassie and Captain James talk about Cordell and if she sees something to say something. Cordell arrives at the station for his first day back. He sees the Texas flag, and it flashes back to his time in the Marines with his Sargent. At the briefing in the station, Larry announces it’s Trey’s last week of instruction and gives him point on the case about the horses.

At the scene, Trey talks to the FBI agent. After the talk, Trey says the plan is to catch the people in the act, so they agree to do a stakeout. No activity happens at any of the corrals. They decide to head home.

Cassie goes to visit Captain James and noticed that Cordell said something in the car and it worried them a bit, but Trey interrupts. He finds that the group releasing horses gets coffee right before they hit a corral. He finds more coffee trucks near another corral and thinks that’s where they’re headed next.

Cassie and Trey are at the coffee truck while Larry and Cordell are driving to them. Trey spots their truck and trailer, and even though Larry tells him to stay put, the group starts to leave so Trey jumps in the trailer.

When they arrive at the corral, Larry tells Trey if he thinks he can stop them, don’t wait for them. He locks some of them in the horse trailer after drawing his gun, but one takes off on an ATV. Trey jumps on a horse and chases after him, where Cordell, Cassie, and Larry cut him off. The man is surrounded and they arrest him.

Trey tries to apologize for disobeying a direct order, but Larry tells him it’s exactly what Cordell and Cassie would have done. They all congratulate him on passing the training.

The Side Step

Stella drops Augie off at school, and he tells her his concerns about her being home and not at college. She tells him she has no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Stella arrives at the Side Step and works, and Geri tells her that she’ll have to cut some of Augie’s weekend hours to add hours for Stella. Stella talks to Geri about the future, and Geri tells Stella about Emily.

Geri and Stella share a plate of disco fries, and Geri tells her about how her mom would get into trouble with her, Cordell, and Hoyt, but Emily never got caught. Emily’s dad really wanted her to go to law school, but 9/11 happened and she realized corporate law wasn’t her passion. Geri tells Stella to give herself enough time and space to find what she wants to do.

Stella goes to pick up Augie, and she brings out the bobblehead. Stella says it’s Augie’s turn for her to teach him how to drive.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Equine Therapy

At equine therapy, Liam tries to play it cool, not listening to the therapist, and the horse rebuffs him. Chelsea, his therapist, tells him a horse can sense his energy and his is mad. He agrees to try again.

The horse, Cactus, is still rebuffing Liam, and Liam tells Chelsea about Cordell going undercover. Liam says he wish could talk to his brother. Liam gives Cactus a carrot, and he lets Liam pet him.

Liam ends up riding him, and as he arrives back, Chelsea tells Liam that she’s moving away and she’ll refer him to other equine therapists, but for Liam to find a way to keep doing this.

Cordell arrives at the ranch later with a few horses and gives them to Liam because he’s seen how much therapy is helping Liam. Liam talks about opening his own rescue place and that Stella could help.

The two have a heart-to-heart, and Cordell tells Liam to be patient with him; Liam tells Cordell he can’t keep relying on him to make him better.

Back at the station, Cordell says he knows Cassie and Larry were concerned. Cordell shows Cassie the flag she asked about last episode in the basement, and how it belonged to Sargent Clay Cooper “Coop”. He was Cordell’s mentor and best friend, but he died in action, which was why Cordell ended up leaving the Marines. Cassie talks to Cordell about what the flag could mean to his family.

Cassie and Cordell go to Coop’s mother’s house. However, while he waits in the living room for her to come down, he leaves the flag on a shelf next to a photo of Coop and walks out. He tells Cassie everything went well.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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