‘Walker: Independence’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “Pax Romana”


Kate discovers the truth, Abby and Hoyt go to Austin, and Tom Davidson’s aunt arrives in Independence. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

The Truth

Abby points a gun at Kate, and Kate says she knows Abby is Liam’s wife. She tells Kate she didn’t kill him. Kate tells Abby she’s a Pinkerton agent. Abby brings Kate to see Calian and Hoyt, and Kate said she can help Abby, but didn’t want to be part of a family of misfits. Abby says they’re all together to stop Tom. Kate says Abby has to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Tom did it.

National Founders Day

At Hagan’s, Nathaniel celebrates National Founders Day. Tom and Gus walk through the town and Gus talks about how he was named after a Roman emperor. Tom asks Kai to mend his jacket as they pass him.

Lucia and Hoyt talk, but she’s interrupted by her parents. They find out she sang at Hagan’s. They see Calian, and they ask for him to take Lucia home.

Tom’s aunt, Teresa Davidson arrives. Abby steps in as Teresa is asking why Tom didn’t get her soap, and Abby says it’s her fault since she’s been working for him. Kate takes Teresa’s bags into Hagan’s. She goes to meet Nathaniel, who was meeting with a man and buying elixir. Teresa brings a contract, which Kate overhears. Nathaniel tells Teresa that Kate oversees the show.

Kate arrives to see Kai and asks for his help with costumes. Kai says he will help as it would be good advertising.

A man arrives at Kai’s and he says he spent time in San Fransisco with him. The man accuses Kai of killing on the way out of town and says Kai should have money and extorts him for it. Kai hands him over a huge stack of cash.

At Hagan’s, Nathaniel coughs and passes out, where it looks like he was poisoned. Kate and Kai see the elixir on a table by his bed. Kate smells Cyanide in the elixir bottle.

Kai brings Kate an outfit, which she loves. She asks Kai for help with armor. Teresa helps Tom tie his tie and says she’ll be watching like she always is.

Teresa goes to see Nathaniel, making a joke about the elixir. She tells him to sign the contract so she can go. He asks her if she tried to kill him, and she said if she wanted to kill him she would have. Nathaniel tells a story to Teresa about a woman who was a schemer like her, who died a horrible death; hopefully like she will.

The Ride to Austin

Hoyt and Abby take a ride to Austin, and Hoyt tells her she needs to lighten up. Hoyt asks what’s going to happen if she finds out Tom killed Liam, but she turns into a bitter person because of it; does she really win?

Abby tells Hoyt how much she used to love to paint. She stops Hoyt and the wagon, and she runs over to a lake. She takes off her dress and goes into the lake. Hoyt joins her.

After their swim, they head into town to see the judge and get information, since he was the one who appointed Tom. Hoyt tells the judge that he has a list of charges against him that he says he came to face, with Abby as his legal advisor. Abby asks the judge to compromise, and she says she works with the sheriff. She asks about Tom, and the judge said Tom’s family is influential, and he heard about Liam’s disappearance from Teresa. Hoyt finds out that Teresa arrived in the town a week before Liam died.

Back in Independence, Abby and Hoyt bring what they know to Kate.

Calian and Lucia

Lucia shows Calian a broken fence, and they think it’s the Davidsons. Calian helps Lucia with the fence. Lucia tells Calian how her parents want her to stay home and marry a rancher and be like them.

Calian says he’s afraid he’s lost the trust of his Elders, and Lucia says it makes two of them. Lucia says Calian makes not being at the Founders Day show better. She stands up and starts dancing for Calian.

Anna Kooris/The CW

The Founders Day Show

At Hagans, Abby announces the Founders Day show. She introduces Hoyt, who shows off how he handles guns.

The women who work at Hagan’s arrive on stage, where Kate sings a song about Tom Davidson. Kate, Abby, and Hoyt talk after the show and they noticed how Tom left after the song. As Kate goes into the office to see Nathaniel, Tom is waiting there and he says that the Davidsons own Hagans now. Tom tells Kate that she’s to run the place for him.

Kate runs into Nathaniel and is angry at him for what he did, and she tells him he’ll die alone. Teresa tells Tom to keep an eye on Kate, but that she can run the show. She says she’s leaving but knows what Tom needs to do. Tom goes to hand her the soap, and she tells Tom that Abby would be good for him.

Kai and Tom

The man arrives back at Kai’s, who is still blackmailing Kai. He tells Kai to pay up or he’ll go back to San Francisco and tell where Kai is. Kai throws a bag at him with the rest of the money but has a knife in his hand. Tom comes in as Kai drops the knife. Tom throws the man out of Kai’s place and asks Kai to make him more suits and to not forget what happened.

The Plan

Kate, Abby, Hoyt, and Calian meet and say they’re ready to take down Tom.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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