‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Star Crossed”


Love is in the air on this week’s The Rookie: Feds! Well, sort of. Simone is feeling the romance while the others are dealing with the downs of relationships. 

Forbidden Love?

As part of their training, Simone and Brendon learn how to place bugs. They learn by setting up for an operation; the agent working the operation dies from a pre-existing health condition as they set them up, so Garza insists they finish the op. 

This leaves them watching two rival gangs during a party in a restaurant. When they move to a part of the restaurant that isn’t bugged, Simone goes in undercover to place it. She’s almost caught, though, and Carter goes after her, pretending to be her husband. 

After the party, Brendon and Simone de-bug the restaurant with Laura supervising. While they’re doing that, two of the kids of the leader of each of the rival gangs show up and are kissing. It’s interrupted when one of the gangs kidnaps the daughter. Laura calls it in, having witnessed it.

They work the case and learn that the daughter was actually in on it. She kills her accomplice to keep him quiet and tries to claim it was self-defense, but in a fight with her father, she exposes that she did it all herself. 

Looking for Love


Simone runs into her dad’s friend’s daughter, DJ, when DJ drops off something to her mom, who’s at a book club meeting at Cutty’s house. 

The two flirt and exchange contact information before Simone heads inside the house. She talks to DJ’s mom about being interested in her before Cutty cuts in. He pulls Simone aside to tell her that DJ is drama. Following that, Simone spirals out, wondering if she actually is drama and if that means she should stay away.

In the end, Cutty comes clean and explains that he lied because he’s interested in DJ’s mom, so he doesn’t want Simone to date DJ. He thanks her for understanding before Simone goes back to her room where, unknown to Cutty, DJ is in her bed.

Unwanted Closure

ABC/Eric McCandless

After finding out her fiancé and best friend were hooking up behind her back, Laura’s life was thrown for a loop. She’s been working on moving on, though, and when the department starts to see that, said former best friend, Katie, appears in her life again. 

It starts with a phone call that Laura doesn’t answer, but that doesn’t stop Katie from trying to reach out. To Laura’s surprise, Katie shows up wanting to talk. She reveals to Laura that she is engaged to Laura’s former fiancé now. Katie goes on to blame Laura for their cheating. She explains that Laura was too busy with work for them that they had to go to each other. Laura is in awe of this but still apologizes. 

When she tells Brendon about it all, he’s floored that she would just accept it and pushes her to open up to Katie about how she really feels. Later, she does just that and tells Katie off for it all as Brendon proudly watches from his desk. 

An Ending

Still trying to mend his marriage, Carter gets reservations at a fancy restaurant for himself and his wife. When they get there, his wife asks about the promotion he mentioned. Carter reluctantly informs her that it’s actually not happening. The conversation turns to what’s going on with their relationship, and the pair decide to get a divorce.

The Rookie: Feds will be back next Tuesday, October 18 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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