‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 2 “Sittin’ On A Rainbow”


Tonight’s episode of Walker kicks off right where episode 1 left us; Liam’s now kidnapped and the search for Cordell and Liam is on. Let’s dive into what happened on tonight’s Walker, directed by Austin Nichols.

Liam Gets Abducted

Last episode, Liam was also abducted by the same men who took Cordell. Now, Liam gets thrown into the cell with Cordell. Liam makes Cordell promise he won’t pull a lone ranger act and they’ll get out of there together.

Liam and Cordell talk about Julia, and that all they have is their gut. Cordell says that his gut is telling them Julia is on their side. The men come back and toss food at Liam, while they take Cordell to talk to Sean. Sean tells them they are anarchists, and they want to take down the Rangers with a trojan horse (a la Cordell). Sean also says if Cordell doesn’t come around, other tactics will be applied, such as hurting Liam.

A flashback is triggered where Cordell was back in his military days, and it’s none other than Colin Ford portraying him. (Fun note: Colin Ford was young Sam Winchester in Supernatural). The flashback shows Cordell wrestling and trying to counter a front headlock. Their leader tells him to fight in the moment and do a bit of spontaneous fighting. Cordell and the other man start wrestling again, but this time Cordell comes out victorious.

Liam’s in bad shape and Cordell and Liam devise a plan to leave. Cordell calls the men in and says they need to help Liam. If Liam dies, Cordell says you may as well kill him too. As the men bend down to check on Liam, Cordell and Liam fight back, knocking all of the men out.

They run down to the basement where Julia is being held and rescue her too. They make it up to a garage, but Cordell sees biohazard signs on some of the items around them. There are men guarding the exit, too.

Another flashback occurs, and we’re back seeing Cordell in the military as they’re talking about biochem weapons. The flashback talks about doing orders and doing the right thing and doing what your heart tells you.

An alert goes off about the three of them missing, and the men run into the building, leaving a clear exit. Cordell ushers Liam and Julia out, but Cordell tells him about the biochem weapons and that he needs to take care of it, and then he’ll be back on his way. He promises Liam with a handshake.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Search for Cordell

Abeline and Geri are sitting in the kitchen going through old photos when Trey walks in. We see a picture of a young Cordell, and Geri reassures Abby that Cordell will come back home.

Cassie gets a call from Ben saying he hasn’t heard from Liam and that his phone is off. Alarm bells start going off in their heads. Cassie runs to Larry and tells him that Liam is missing. Larry tells the rest of the Rangers that Liam is also missing.

Larry and Cassie are coming through evidence, and Cassie finds that a license plate matches one from a chop shop that Miles was investigating. Cassie asks to go speak to Miles, but Larry tells her no because he’s in custody. He tells her to focus on the current leads.

Stella arrives at Ranger HQ and sees Larry. She asks to help because she can’t just sit around anymore. Larry tells her she can answer the line that’s dedicated to the case. Stella gets a call on the line from a woman named Shannon, and she said she saw the Ranger get taken. She asks if there’s a reward, and Stella improvises and says yes.

At home, Stella trashes her room looking for money for a reward, and Augie catches her. She tells Augie that she’s going to meet the woman and Augie says he’s going with her.

Cassie and Ben meet up and they go to see Miles (and Cassie defying orders). Ben calls pretending to be a Ranger as Cassie slips in to talk to Miles. Miles tells her about a reporter named Julia Johnson before Cassie is placed under arrest.

Abeline is in her room and upset since both of her sons are missing. She gets mad at Bonham because he’s not showing any concern. Bonham tells her that Cordell and Liam are together, and they were taught not only to love each other but also to stick together, so he’s not as concerned.

Cassie arrives back at Ranger HQ and Larry tells her how many favors he had to pull to not have her in Federal custody. However, he asks if Miles gave any good intel, and she tells him about Julia. Julia told work she was on family leave and told her family she was on a work assignment. Larry tells her he’s going to pull a warrant for Julia’s place, but lets Cassie know this isn’t a reward and that any other day he’d have her badge for this.

Stella and Augie arrive at a parking garage to meet Shannon… who turns out to just be a con artist. Two other men pop out and ask for the money, and start beating up Augie. To save Augie, Stella throws them her car keys, and the men and Shannon speed away.

Larry, Cassie, and the Rangers go to Julia’s home and find out she had a whole board investigating crimes. They also find an article she was writing on Sean, and a brochure for an old psych hospital, West Vale. Larry sends some Rangers over there to see if there’s any activity.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Rescue

Larry and Cassie are told there was heavy activity at West Vale and he calls everyone there.

Cordell is confronted by Sean as he’s trying to get rid of the biochem weapons. Cordell and Sean fight and Cordell takes Sean down.

Liam and Julia are running out when an SUV pulls up with some of Sean’s men. However, Larry sees them and shoots one of the men as Cassie comes up behind the other man who puts his gun down.

Sean comes back after Cordell, and Cordell has a gun. He tells Sean it’s over, and Sean shows him he has a grenade. Cordell takes the biochem items and enters a radiology/x-ray room with them.

Outside, Larry, Cassie, Liam, and Julia hear an explosion, and smoke starts coming from the building. Liam and Larry take off towards the building, but one of the garage doors opens and Cordell steps out of the building. Liam runs to hug Cordell. Cordell tells Julia thank you as well. Cassie hugs Cordell and tells him she has his back.

Cassie asks what Cordell needs, and he says he needs to go hug his kids.

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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