‘Walker: Independence’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Home to a Stranger”


After the premiere episode of The CW’s Walker: Independence, a prequel to Walker, Abigail Walker continues to investigate the murder of her husband, Liam.

Let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

The Cabin

Calian, Abby, and Hoyt are back where Liam was murdered, looking to see if anything was taken. Hoyt seemingly has a problem with Calian, but Abby tells Hoyt she trusts Calian with her life. Calian finds another set of tracks.

Hoyt opens Liam’s cigar case, and Abby said he used to keep his father’s pocket watch and his journal in it. There’s also a painting of a cabin, which Calian says he knows. Abby arrives at the cabin and as she walks to the door, Tom stops her and asks what she’s doing there. Seeing as how Tom’s the sheriff, this is where he lives. He invites her in, and she said she wanted to talk more about the robbery. Tom invites her to stay for dinner, but Abby tells him she has other things to attend to.


At Hagans, Kate tells Nathaniel he hasn’t paid the dancers yet. Kate tells him he needs to pay them or the dancers aren’t going to show. Kate also asks him about Tom, and he said he thinks he wants to bail them out.

Kate and Nathaniel talk again and he tells Kate to tell the dancers to come by in the morning and he’ll pay them.

Calian and Hoyt

Calian and Hoyt ride horseback and are looking at the tracks. Calian tells Hoyt the horseshoes had stars on them, so Hoyt goes into town to talk to the blacksmith. Calian is reluctant to go into town, so he stays hidden.

Gus finds Hoyt and asks him about the robbery again, and takes Hoyt to the Sheriff’s office. Lucia sees Hoyt being taken away by Gus when a woman comes up and slaps Lucia across the face. The woman says her husband was at the show last night and wouldn’t shut up about her. The woman says the dress was also hers, and she wants it returned. Kai sees this happening and offers to help Lucia.

Lucia goes to see Kai who makes a whole new dress for her.

Richard Foreman, Jr. /The CW

The Note

While Gus is talking to Hoyt about the robbery, Tom arrives. Hoyt scribbles on a note while Gus is getting him a drink that says Tom killed Liam, and Liam’s body is buried on the hilltop. He hides it under the mail for Gus to find, however, Tom ends up seeing it and reads it. Gus and Tom also talk about Lucia’s family having cattle stolen.

Calian sees Abby and calls her over, where he sees her wound is infected. He cleans it for her when Kate sees her. Kate tells her the offer still stands for her to stay with her. Abby hears a horse, and they see Gus has Cordell the horse now, which they know is tied to the robbery.

Tom rides back into town with Liam’s body over his horse. He stops in the center, as Abby watches on. Tom tells the town he found a shallow grave and that it was Liam, and that he’ll find the killer. Kate asks Abby if she knew the man (Liam) and Abby says no.

Calian throws Hoyt up against the wall, and Hoyt tells Calian and Abby about the note he left.

Kate meets with someone and tells him that she used the Pinkerton connections to inquire about Liam. He says he looked into Tom Davidson, who has an interest in steel, and fhas family out west who are cattle ranchers.

Calian and Gus meet and Calian asks about the sheriff. Gus says he seems like a good man, but it takes a while to learn the truth about someone. As they’re talking, Tom takes off on his horse and Calian convinces Gus to go after him. Tom meets with a man, Griffin, as Gus spies on them. Tom sees this, and flips the table, accusing Griffin of murdering Liam Collins. A gunfight ensues, and they take Griffin into custody.

Gus and Tom bring him back into town, and Calian tells Abby the horseshoes led to his house. Hoyt says Tom found his fall man. Abby tells Calian and Hoyt they need to work together. Abby goes to the sheriff’s office and asks if the county judge will hear the man’s case, and fights for him to have a fair trial. Abby asks Tom to dinner so she can find out more.

Hoyt ends up at Hagans. Hoyt goes to talk to Lucia, and she slaps him, knowing that he robbed the bank.

Abby arrives at the cabin to have dinner with Tom. Tom tells her he headed west to get a fresh start. Tom tells her that Griffin is wanted in five counties and it’s time he paid for his crimes. Abby argues that everyone deserves a fair trial since she’s convinced Tom killed Liam and not Griffin. As dinner comes to an end, Tom offers to ride into town with Abby, but they hear a gunshot go off. He takes Abby back to Hagans and says he needs to see what’s going on.

Calian arrives at Hagans at the bar. He orders a drink, but Hoyt steals it. Kate steps in to get another one for Calian, but Calian and Hoyt get into it and start a fight. Gus fires a warning shot to stop the fighting. Gus asks Nathaniel what happened, and he tells Gus that Hoyt started it. Gus takes Hoyt and puts him in a cell.

Calian’s waiting outside for Gus, who goes to meet him. Hoyt pulls a fork out of his sleeve and tries to get out, and said he’ll get Griffin out if Griffin talks about Tom Davidson. Calian tells Gus he needs to know he can trust him. Griffin tries to escape on the horse, but Gus shoots him dead. He walks away, and Abby sees the gun he was using was Liam’s.

Abby, Calian, and Hoyt end up at Kai’s place and eat. After, Abby ends up at Hagans to stay with Kate. Abby cries as she lays in bed, and ends up going downstairs and plays the piano. Tom sits in the corner, lurking, and says he feels like he heard the song before. Tom said he realized she was right and Griffin did deserve his day in court, but it’s too late now. He asks her to work for him at the sheriff’s office, and that they’d make a hell of a team.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights on The CW at 9 p.m. EST.

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