‘LOTR: The Rings of Power’: Nazanin Boniadi Discusses Bronwyn’s Strength & Agency at NYCC

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Bronwyn’s journey throughout the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has far exceeded expectations, especially for women watching the show.

“I point blank asked them, ‘Does she have agency?'” Bronwyn actress Nazanin Boniadi asked the showrunners when she received that final call before accepting the role and moving out to New Zealand.

It’s a tale as old as time. In fact, one can make the argument that Arwen was reduced to serve this purpose in the original trilogy. Before the show was released, it had seemed as if Bronwyn was set to follow almost an identical path with her budding forbidden relationship with the elf Arondir the primary characteristic shared before the premiere. However, Bronwyn has been an exceptional force throughout the series thus far.

“I don’t want her to just serve a male storyline. I don’t want her to be there as a device for the men around her. Does she have her own drive, her own ambitions, her own sorts of reasons to be? And they assured me that they that she did.”

It’s Bronwyn that rallies the Southlands together to fight for their land. She’s the glue holding these forsaken people together, their leader that stepped into the role not in the quest for power, but to serve a love so pure and deep she did what she needed to do to see her family and people to safety.

I love that as the season goes on you see that inner strength and determination come through. She’s very much driven by love for her son, love of Arondir, and love for her people. And I think that’s that’s what inspired me and made me excited to play her.

With the Southlands now covered in rubble and ash, the remaining stragglers of her people left defeated and destitute, Bronwyn’s mission is far from over, and we know she’s unwilling to give up and surrender to the evil forces at work. Bronwyn’s cool, levelheaded approach to carving her place and earning the respect of her people and viewers alike has solidified her as one of the series’ strongest players. The show has succeeded in giving her the reasons to be Boniadi ensured she’d have, and we can only hope they’re maintained as the series continues to progress.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1 finale airs Friday, October 14 exclusively on Prime Video. The series has been greenlit for a season 2 and production has begun in the UK.

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