‘Abbott Elementary’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “Wrong Delivery”

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This week on Abbott Elementary, the crew takes a trip to a swanky charter school, prompting Janine to gain some inspiration on what to do with the grant money. Meanwhile, Gregory faces a relationship dilemma.

Barb’s Favorite White People

The episode kicks off with the teachers in a debate about who the best Spider-Man is. Ava thinks the next one should be thick, like 50 Cent. Barbara wants a Black Spider-Man, thinking that Brian Austin Green (a very white man) would be a great fit. She meant Brian Tyree Henry. Turns out this is a THING with Barbara. She has no idea. See also her other name drops: Carrie Underwood (Kerry Washington), Millie Bobby Brown (Bobby Brown), Tommy Lee Jones (James Earl Jones), and Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams, but the one from Destiny’s Child).

Wrong Delivery

A bit later, the group is in the office area as Gregory complains about the broken AC and an old calendar (that’s load-bearing, according to Melissa). Ava arrives and mentions Taylor, but Gregory avoids the subject. Thankfully, a delivery distracts the group. They open the box to find new social studies books – but not for them. The package was meant for a charter school down the street, Addington. Barbara thinks they should bring the books over and see what all the fuss is about.

So, they go (sans Ava), and they’re all pretty enchanted. Janine tries to resist Addington’s charms when a former Abbott teacher, Ms. Schwartz, greets them, takes the books, and gives them a small tour. Janine still tries to paint Abbott as just as good, but once she sees the computer lab, it’s game over. Just before they leave, another teacher who is strikingly similar to Melissa walks by.

Shark Tank Hoo Ha Ha

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Janine caught Addington fever as she decides on a paint color for her classroom. Ava walks by and shuts her down while two students lament Abbott’s lack of resources (specifically, a computer lab). Cue Janine bursting into the break room with an idea of how to spend the grant money. No one else agrees, and in fact can’t seem to agree with each other, either. So, Ava suggests a tried-and-true method to decide – Shark Tank but make it academic.

The pitches begin with Ava, Mr. Johnson, and Courtney as the judges. Ava isn’t feeling any of the early pitches. Mr. Johnson takes a swing, wanting to be the janitor version of James Bond: Agent 409. It’s a no from Ava and Courtney.

Elsewhere, Janine practices her pitch to Gregory. He thinks it’s a bit much and needs to be more grounded. Janine tries to not let that bother her, saying she likes that Gregory is straightforward and honest. He agrees he is, which prompts a lightbulb moment for him.

Relationship Troubles

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Speaking of Gregory, early in the episode, he goes to Jacob for help with the windows. But, like Janine, Jacob doesn’t know how to open them the way Barbara does. So why didn’t Gregory ask Barbara? Well, things with Taylor aren’t going well. And because of this, things with Barbara are also awkward, as seen in a later (painfully awkward) interaction, which Jacob notes. Gregory explains that he doesn’t want to be the one to end things because he doesn’t want to hurt Taylor or Barbara. Jacob thinks Gregory should just let it “peter out,” and Mr. Johnson offers his own… unique advice. (Never change, Mr. J.)

Near the end of the episode, Gregory struggles with the window when Barbara walks by. He gets her attention and finally asks for help. He then says he wants to talk to her about something, and Barbara does too. She starts and accidentally breaks the news that they broke up. Taylor was the one petering out. When Gregory asks why, Barbara says it’s because he is “a broke boy.”

Mice to See You

As Shark Tank continues, Ava rejects a water ice truck idea that Courtney loves. Then, it’s Janine’s turn. She sticks with her original presentation, but it doesn’t go great. Afterward, the judges go tell everyone who won. It’s Janine! Her excitement is quickly forgotten when a student rushes into the room to tell them to go to the cafeteria. It is absolute chaos as tons of mice skitter around. But don’t worry, Mr. Johnson knows the problem: “There’s a bunch of mice running around.” Ah, so wise, that Mr. Johnson. As the teachers figure out what to do, it’s revealed that the mice from Addington when they got rid of theirs. And that grant money? It’s now being used for an exterminator.

Ice Ice Baby

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Janine is feeling down on herself; she just wanted the kids to feel special. No one is really helping her feel better, until Ava’s guilty conscience takes over. When she spots Courtney, she says she has an idea. And that idea is the water ice truck. The kids love it, and Courtney rubs it in an Addington student’s face when she walks by. Moments later, the teacher from earlier walks past, too. Melissa has some choice words for her, and it turns out the other teacher is her sister. Meanwhile, Jacob tells Janine what happened with Gregory and Taylor.

The episode ends with Mr. Johnson asking Gregory about Taylor. He reveals she did the petering, which Jacob thinks is great, because now they have something in common. Mr. Johnson offers some comfort, saying that if it can happen to Michael B. Jordan, it can happen to anyone. Barbara walks in right around that time. Upon hearing MBJ’s name, she mentions how he is a white boy who can act, especially in the Back to the Future movies. Of course, the name she was looking for was Michael J. Fox.

Abbott Elementary airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Keep up with our recaps and other coverage on the show here.

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