Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Garrett Hedlund Releases New Song “Best Ones”

MUSICGarrett Hedlund Releases New Song "Best Ones"

Some may know Garrett Hedlund for his acting career, which — over the course of nearly two decades — has taken him from early appearances in Troy, Friday Night Lights, and Four Brothers, on to films like TRON: Legacy and On the Road, and then more recently across titles such as Mudbound, Triple Frontier, and The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

However, Hedlund’s diverse talents don’t end with his acting, because he also happens to be a musician as well. Today, Hedlund released, “Best Ones,” a beautifully heartfelt, upbeat new acoustic song that’ll leave you scrambling for the repeat button.

“Best Ones,” which is now available to stream, was penned by Jessie Jo Dillon, Benjy Davis, and Brandy Clark and produced by Luke Wooten.

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This marks the fourth solo track that Hedlund has released this year, following “The Road,” “Tulsa Night,” and “More Like Home,” in addition to two songs with Scarlett Burke for her scripted country musical podcast Make It Up As We Go, “Take My Loving Heart” and “Gain a Little Ground.” As teased earlier this month, Hedlund will also be releasing a new duet version of “Tulsa Night” with Caitlin Rose.

While Hedlund has only recently begun to release solo music, his musical talents are no secret, dating back to when he learned to play the guitar for his role as the charismatic and charming country singer Beau Hutton in the 2010 film Country Strong, starring alongside Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Leighton Meester. He continued to merge his music and acting skills in Lullaby in 2014 and then did so again more recently in the 2019 adaptation of Tim Winton’s novel Dirt Music.

As for his acting, Hedlund has several new projects in the works. His next upcoming series, Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King, is due to premiere on Paramount+ on November 13.

For more updates on Hedlund’s continued musical endeavors, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

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