‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 11 “Follow You Down”

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Roswell, New Mexico continues to amp up the drama this week as Liz is kidnapped by Clyde, Michael and Alex finally reunite, and everyone is thrown a curveball. Check out what happened below!

Beginning with a flashback, we learn that Clyde was one of Jones’ most devout followers on Oasis and was branded with a symbol that allows him to draw on Jones’ own powers to enhance his own.

Liz and the Alighting

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Liz’s spiral continues to worsen. She’s even meaner than before working nonstop on her science. With Clyde interested in pulling from Max’s power the same way he did Jones, she’s working to fight “fire with fire” while also concocting a plan to get Michael, Dallas, Bonnie, and Alex out of the pocket dimension. Though they understand her cause, Rosa, Max, Kyle, and Isobel confront Liz about her alien mist habits in the hopes she’ll detox. Max even asks her to give his powers back so she can stop this spiral.

She’s unwilling to quit though but Clyde shows up. He knocks Rosa out and erases her memory of the attack (making her believe Liz knocked her out) while kidnapping Liz. Tied up in a cave, Clyde reveals his evil plan. Theo built the portal for Jones but it was purposely manipulated so that anyone bearing the brand from Jones can’t pass through it. They believed that Liz can fix the portal lock allowing Clyde and anyone else with the mark to use it again. He threatens to kill Vanessa (Liz’s student/Crashdown employee) if she doesn’t help.

Clyde compares her science and mist creation to Jones’ desire to “ascend”. Liz is left with no choice but to take the remaining mist and work on bypassing the portal lock. While working on the fix, Liz also confronts Clyde about his cult-like obsession with Jones and Ophiuchus. She points out the truth; Jones was leeching power from his subjects not sharing his. She even tells him that Bonnie and Tezca have broken free and he can too. Of course, this doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Rosa find Vanessa teetering on the edge of the Crashdown rooftop. Thankfully, Rosa is able to break the connection between Clyde and Vanessa to save her life.

Liz can’t know that Vanessa is no longer in danger, but she makes her own plan anyway. While Clyde tests the serum she made on Jones’ death flowers (which die), Liz quickly whips up an explosion with chemicals to distract Clyde and bury him under rubble. Turns out she made a serum that mimics Bonnie’s powers and he’s now completely powerless. She escapes, finding Max and Isobel.

Max’s Mission

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With Liz missing (or on the run as Max believes) he and Isobel head straight to the lab where she overpowers security and Max discovers Shivani has stolen their pods. Shivani is just as far gone as Liz. Zero emotions left and contempt for Liz abandoning her and also Max holding her back.

Sadly, he’s unable to get the mist and regain his powers before Shivani’s security team storms in and throws him out. He and Isobel continue looking for Liz finding her just as she makes her escape from the cave. Liz runs straight into his arms and the last thing she hears before passing out is his promise, “I’ve got you and I’m never going to leave your side.” Liz wakes to Max at her side. She’s in a recovery room at Deep Sky, now on her way to detoxing.

Kyle and Isobel Relationship Watch

Before Liz makes her escape, Kyle and Isobel talk about what happened in Mexico. Kyle tells her he values her friendship too much and knows things are awkward. He asks for them to go back to being drinking/alien surgery buddies. Isobel seems disappointed but agrees. (It’s the most awkward and frustrating moment of the episode by far.)

Isobel finds Max as Liz is recovering and they discuss love and all its facets. She confesses that she wants to give a relationship with Kyle a try and Max encourages her to try again.

Inside the Pocket Dimension

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Michael finds and fixes up a vehicle in the pocket dimension to aid their search for Alex and alien fruit. Dallas and Bonnie search for Alex while Michael fixes the truck. At the pocket dimension drive-in, Dallas and Bonnie are trapped in a lead shipping container which negates their powers.

As they bang on the door, someone with a gas mask and a gun approaches the container. Michael tackles them to the ground and rips off the mask only to find… Alex! “At least kiss me before you bust my lip.” They are reunited at long last! Please kiss your man, Michael! After a lovely reunion, they free Dallas and Bonnie, and everything gets explained to Alex. Alex also explains how he used conscious communication and Maria as a conduit to reach out and communicate with her. Alex makes a map for Dallas and Bonnie to retrieve the fruit while he and Michael hang back for catch-up time.

Michael confesses that while Alex was away he was fixated on finding a way back to Oasis. He was tempted to go back and Alex tells him he’s not surprised and doesn’t care where they are as long as they are together. With the air cleared and them reunited, Alex shocks Michael (and us all) and proposes to Michael on the spot. Michael accepts making Malex officially engaged! The celebration is short-lived though as Alex reveals that the pocked dimension is having a physical effect on him that doesn’t affect aliens. He’s got serious symptoms and believes he’s dying.

Dallas and Bonnie return with bad news. The trees have been burned down meaning they are all stuck in the pocket world and Alex may have just days left. Alex pleads with Michael to let Dallas marry them so they can spend the time he has left as husbands.

The Final Twist

Isobel informs Max that by the time she found the cave where Liz was being held that the only thing left of Clyde was a severed hand. Just as the episode ends, Clyde arrives at Shivani’s lab and offers a deal. She gives him the mist so he can regain his powers and helps him remove his bond to Jones in exchange for Nicole’s life.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage including recaps, synopses, episode images, and exclusive interviews here.

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