Wednesday, March 22, 2023

‘The English’: Prime Video Reveals First Look Images of Western Drama Series Starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer

TELEVISIONPRIME VIDEO'The English': Prime Video Reveals First Look Images of Western Drama Series...

Prime Video has released first-look images of its upcoming mini-series starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer titled The English.

Exploring themes of identity, revenge, race, love, and power. The English tells the story of an English woman who finds herself in the mythic mid-American landscape of 1890, seeking revenge on the man she believes is responsible for her son’s death. The woman soon meets Eli Whipp, an ex-cavalry scout, and member of the Pawnee Nation by birth. They soon discover a shared history they must defeat at all costs if either of them is to survive.

BBC/Prime Video

The English is written and directed by Hugo Blick and stars Emily Blunt, Chaske Spencer, and Rafe Spall, and produced by Wolf Gait Productions Ltd, a joint venture of Drama Republic Ltd, a Mediawan company, and Eight Rooks Ltd. The six episode miniseries premieres in November on BBC Two, BBC iPlayer in the U.K., and Prime Video in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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