‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 “Down in a Hole”

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Things really heat up in this week’s Roswell, New Mexico as Dallas and Bonnie make several new discoveries, Liz burns a few bridges, and Michael makes a huge decision. Check out what happened below!

The Upside Down

Well, there are no demogorgons or Vecna to fight, but Bonnie and Dallas are alive in a dark pocket world resembling Roswell that was created by Theo. Their mission is to find the exit and Dallas recalls his father’s writings saying to follow the light. They make their way to the Roswell town sign where Bonnie uncovers a buried box identical to the one Kyle brought back from Mexico. They head to the barn where Theo spent time that also functioned as a church aka “a house of light”. Dallas plays the “This Little Light of Mine” record which projects a topographical map with a symbol on where to go next. Once there, Bonnie and Dallas find a circular portal. The sealed box breaks open to form the missing section of Michael’s console on top of a stone that looks to fit the whole console. This likely means the portal is controlled by the console Michael has been working on for two decades.

Liz Takes Science Too Far

Outlaw!Liz is raring to go (aka the side effects of inhaling alien mist are still present), shaky, and determined to find a way to beat death. She tells Shivani that the mist did open her mind to new ideas. She’s not mad at Shivani, but ready to begin her new mission of making sure no one ever hurts those she loves (also known as playing God and curing death). First, she intends to create more mist. Max finds her in the caves extracting more solution from the pods for her research. He’s well aware she’s not herself but she covers by saying she’s just studying the pods. Before leaving, she puts Max down in several ways (“get out of my way,” “I need to talk science with someone who speaks my language,” “you make me mediocre”).

At the lab, Liz and Shivani take hits of the mist and work up a new compound to literally resurrect the dead. Liz injects a dead frog that the compound revives so they progress to studying it in Rosa’s blood. Unfortunately, they’ve just run out. Fortunately, Liz can send an S.O.S. to Rosa who instantly meets up with her at the Crashdown. Liz takes her blood, again burning a bridge when Rosa calls her out on abusing the mist. Liz tells her just because she was a junkie who abused doesn’t mean Liz is, too.

Rosa calls Max immediately about Liz still taking the mist and acting just like an addict would. He heads over to the lab to confront Liz about everything. She shows him the frog she revived and asks why it’s only ok when he saves lives. Liz believes she needs to “take the next steps on her own” and Max tells her this is unethical and points out the frog is dead (again) before leaving. Liz steps back from helping Shivani resurrect Nicole when she realizes there isn’t a cure for death. She won’t let emotions dictate her choices anymore.

Max and Rosa find Isobel to catch her up on Liz. They are calling for all hands on deck to help them break Liz free of the hold the mist has on her. Max decides to get his powers back in the hopes of helping Liz but needs Isobel’s help.

The Console Mystery

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Kyle is back in Roswell and who does he run into first but Isobel “stroke his back while hugging” Evans. Kyle shows Isobel, Michael, and Max what he found in Mexico, a sealed box with a note in Nora’s handwriting stating, “Time will tell you when to join these together.” Isobel speculates it’s related to the way home. Isobel runs away to relieve Maria who is on Tezca duty. Kyle and Michael head to Michael’s lair where lights flicker and everything shakes as the box irrupts open and several pieces of Michael’s console attach to the waiting pieces he’s reassembled. On it is a blinking symbol. In a shocking show of character development, they don’t immediately press it. Instead, they search Dallas’ papers that hold some translations for symbols, this one meaning either “open” or “death.” Not risky at all.

Kyle and Michael drive the console to the quicksand opening where they continue to brainstorm ideas. That is until the console begins to blink thanks to Dallas tapping on it. Through Morse Code, Michael and Dallas are able to communicate but it’s Maria who has the real find of the day. They meet her at the console table location and once on it, the pieces connect and power the portal between Roswell and the pocket world. However, both the console and portal flicker as whatever powers it is running low and Michael decides to go through it and find Alex. Dallas and Bonnie decide to stay with him and help.

Warrior Training

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Isobel and Tezca continue working on unlocking her memories in the hopes of finding a way to defeat Clyde. She conjures a mindscape of Jones for them to fight, a way to defeat Tezca’s fear and clear her path to her memories. They fight him repeatedly, a way for Tezca to realize they will always take Jones down no matter what. As Tezca ends Jones again, they are suddenly surrounded by dozens of dead Oasians, everyone Tezca killed. Theo calls her a traitor before they all vanish as the mindscape ends. Tezca suffers an identity crisis without her corrupt Jones memories but seeing Theo triggered a memory. She was a go-between for Theo, Nora, and Louise. Theo showed her the science of creating a portal between Oasis (the sketch looking a lot like what Dallas and Bonnie found) and another world.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Maria work on honing Maria’s new abilities. Rosa speculates that Maria is picking up frequencies of their friends in the pocket world in the way Rosa can hear the frequencies of physical things. Maria digs her fingers into the dirt and immediately gets a flash of the Roswell city sign (little does she know this is where Dallas and Bonnie are.) Rosa leaves at the city sign to meet up with Liz but Maria follows Bonnie and Dallas’ trail eventually ending up at the same console table as Dallas and Bonnie but in the real Roswell. She whacks it with a tire iron which causes a vibration and flicker of the portal, Bonnie, and Dallas. She calls Michael to let him know where to meet her and to bring the console. It’s thanks to Maria’s new abilities that the biggest mysteries of the season on well on their way to being solved.

Will Michael, Dallas, and Bonnie find Alex, or is it too late? Can Liz be saved from her destructive path? Tune in next week to find out! Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage including recaps, synopses, episode images, and exclusive interviews here.

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