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Antony Starr has been garnering admiration and praise for his knockout performance as The Homelander in season 3 of Prime Video’s The Boys. Critics and fans alike were astounded week by week by Starr’s emotionally compelling and complex performance as we got to witness Homelander become even more unhinged than we’ve seen him before — though this shouldn’t come as a surprise from Starr, who has a proven history of providing phenomenal and intricate performances. Take a look at some of our favorite films and series with Starr in the cast beyond Homelander below.



In Banshee, a recently released from prison master thief steals the identity of Sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee, PA where his former lover/partner-in-crime relocated to reinvent herself as the perfect wife — Carrie Hopewell. Lucas attempts to reconcile with Carrie and begin the life he spent 15 years behind bars dreaming about he continues his life of crime, desperately evades the dangerous criminals hunting him from his past — including the man he and Carrie stole from that landed him in prison. The worst part about Banshee is that there are only four seasons, and I could easily watch at least four more — especially to find out where Lucas and Job went off to next.

While some series take a few episodes (or even a whole season) to find their footing while actors settle into their roles and the story takes shape, this isn’t the case for Banshee and it is certainly not the case for Starr. The leading man in Banshee, Starr settles into the role of Lucas Hood immediately, making the character have an obvious number of layers to him that simply begs audiences to stay tuned to find out more about him as the seasons unfold. Starr is absolutely brutal as Hood and has an incredible amount of intense fight scenes throughout the series that no doubt were rough for his body to endure through, and yet despite the physical toll the action must have had on his body he consistently displays a range of emotions to Lucas. The series is overall well-scripted, well-paced, deliciously inquisitive and sexy, and downright entertaining to watch.

Where To Watch: Available to stream on HBO Max

Tricky Business

Tricky Business follows a family who own a debt collecting business. When Jim and Claire retired they left the business to their eldest daughter, Kate, who runs the business with the help of her partner, youngest sister, and a family friend. Things get complicated when Kate is unexpectedly proposed to, which she declines and starts up a new romance with rival debt collector Matt. If you’re guessing that Starr brings the third point to this love triangle to the screen, you would be correct. In all, Tricky Business is a clever commentary and exploration of the lengths people will go to to get themselves out of trouble — financial trouble, relationship trouble, emotional trouble, which are (of course) things we all face throughout our lives at some point or another.

You’re going to notice a trend throughout the rest of this article, and the trend is family dramas. Starr has consistently proven that he excels in this particular category of film and television, particularly when he is given a complex role to bring to the screen. Matt is easily the most complex character of this particular series, and Starr expertly portrays the deep contrast between Matt’s actual internal self and how those around him perceive him (this theme of perception vs. reality being central to the series). In my opinion, Tricky Business could have turned into a wonderful series with additional seasons.

Where To Watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

Outrageous Fortune


Outrageous Fortune is a New Zealand family/crime/comedy/drama series that ran for six seasons. In the series a family of criminals decide to go straight and abide by the law at the behest of the family matriarch when the patriarch lands himself in prison. The series a long-standing personal favorite of mine, and is one that never loses its charm on me despite the fact I’ve watched the entirety at least four times over now.

Outrageous Fortune is a well-written and executed roller coaster of entertaining storyline after entertaining storyline with multi-faceted and trope-shattering characters backed up by stellar performances. Starr deserves endless praise for the work he presented with this series as his performance is beyond reproach. Starr takes on an incredibly difficult task in acting that not many have the opportunity to do — portraying identical twins with polar opposite personalities. While the entire cast is phenomenal, Starr continually blows me away with his performance in this dual role. If you’d like to see Starr in yet another deeply flawed role (or in this case, two), Outrageous Fortune is certainly for you.

Where To Watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

American Gothic

American Gothic follows an affluent family in Boston who must reinvent themselves from top to bottom after the discovery that their recently deceased familial patriarch may have been a serial killer. Its hard enough to discover that one of your family members may have been a murderer, so imagine how complicated things get when suspicions arise that another member of the family may have been the accomplice. To no one’s surprise, the family begins to tear itself apart as the investigation progresses and many skeletons are pulled out of the closet.

Starr portrays Garrett Hawthorne, the mysterious eldest brother of the family who has just returned from a 14-year absence, and he is an absolute scene stealer as the black sheep of the family — though that isn’t to say the entirety of the cast doesn’t deliver fantastic performances for this 13-episode series. American Gothic is another of Starr’s projects that will be enjoyed by those who love a good mystery, as each and every one of the family members has their own agenda and secrets that are revealed as the story unfolds.

Where To Watch: Available to purchase on Prime Video

Wish You Were Here

Entertainment One

Wish You Were Here is an Australian mystery drama that centers on a Southeast Asian vacation going awry for two couples. In the film, Dave and his pregnant wife Alice reluctantly travel to Cambodia with Alice’s younger sister Step and her new boyfriend Jeremy. Did I already mention that the vacation goes awry? After a night of partying Jeremy vanishes with indication of where he is or what has happened to him. Dave and the sisters each hold varying knowledge about that night and slowly piece together the puzzle to figure out what happened to Jeremy while returning to their normal lives.

The important caveat to mention here is that Starr brings the role of Jeremy to the screen here, so if you’re hoping to go into this film and see him the entire time, you will be disappointed. However, Starr’s time on the screen is well-utilized and he manages to deliver a memorable performance — which is stacked on top of other memorable performances from the rest of the cast. If you’re a fan of mysteries, this film will certainly provide you with exactly that — Wish You Were Here does a phenomenal job at providing enough background detail to pull in the audience and have them participating in the investigation, but I have yet to watch this movie with someone who wasn’t surprised by the reveal of what happened to Jeremy.

Where To Watch: Available to rent or purchase on most digital platforms

Upcoming Projects

Untitled Guy Ritchie Film

Starr recently filmed alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Alexander Ludwig, and more for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film. Originally titled The Interpreter and now untitled for the time being, the film will follow Sergeant John (Gyllenhaal), who on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. John is teamed with local interpreter who risks his own life to carry an injured John across miles of dangerous terrain to safety. The film does not have a current release date.


This upcoming film starring Starr, Lizzy Caplan, Cleopatra Coleman and child actor Woody Norman takes place in a seemingly normal house in a small town where a young boy resides with his parents. As can be expected from director Samuel Bodin, things get complicated and creepy when Norman hears a mysterious tapping from inside the walls, leading him to suspect that his parents are hiding a horrible secret. Starr will portray Norman’s father in the film, which does not currently have a release date.

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