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If you, like most of the world, watched Stranger Things season 4, a certain character might have caught your eye. Eddie Munson, the D&D playing metal head, has quickly become a fan favorite, to say the least. As a result of the hit series, Joseph Quinn has found himself quickly becoming a household name. I don’t think anyone could have predicted the way Quinn’s character Eddie would resonate with so many fans. From his opening scene to his moving final words, Eddie showed how the “freaks” of the world could be heroes in their own way. Whether that means helping some lost sheep or facing your fears, it is clear that Eddie’s influence has been felt worldwide.

With the fast rise to fame, many fans are searching for Quinn’s previous works to watch and enjoy. Well, never fear, because we have created a list that will help you with your Joseph Quinn hyperfixation.

Dickensian (2015 – 2016)


This little-known series is set in a fictional world that is made entirely of the works of famous author Charles Dickens. Watching Dickens’ rich characters like Ebenezer Scrooge, Miss Havisham, and Inspector Bucket weave their way through each other’s storylines makes for a very interesting watch. The period drama set in 19th century London has several major plot points going on at once, one of which revolves around the Havisham family. Quinn brings to life the character of Arthur Havisham. Viewers watch as Arthur and his sister deal with the death of their father. After the reading of his father’s will Arthur realizes he has been left with little to nothing while his sister gets everything. This sends Arthur into a spiral that leads to heavy drinking, deals with unsavory characters, and has an unhappy end.

Arthur is a spoiled and entitled young man that lets his ego guide him. However, through Quinn’s portrayal of the flawed character, I found myself sympathizing with him. When Arthur is on the verge of being unredeemable, Quinn brings through the scared child hiding behind the façade that just wanted to be loved and accepted by his father. A hidden truth is a major factor in Arthur’s motives and seeing the tears in Quinn’s eyes in almost every scene will tug on viewers’ heartstrings.

Dickensian can be viewed through the BritBox streaming service and Amazon Prime.

Les Misérables (2019)


Les Misérables is a classic tale that has been told many times through page, stage, and screen. This version doesn’t go the musical route but focuses more on the characters through a mini-series. Viewers follow the stories of several characters affected by the same major events over several years in war-torn France. Quinn brings Enjolras to life in this unique adaptation. Enjolras is a young man that has been inspired by the conditions around him to fight for what he believes in. He sees the revolution as a way to get more rights for the poor and oppressed and is seen as a leader in his area. Quinn has the ability to make Enjolras passionate and emotive but in a way that isn’t over the top. After listening to his zealous speeches, it’s easy to see why so many of his friends followed him into battle.

Les Misérables is available to stream through PBS Passport and Amazon Prime Video.

Howards End (2017)


This series follows three families from three very different social and class levels in England at the turn of the century. Viewers get to know the Schlegels, a family that is intellectual and highly idealistic. Then, we meet the Wilcoxes, who are a very wealthy family, and lastly, we see the Basts, who are a working-class family. Howard’s End shows what happens when people from very different backgrounds fall in love.

Leonard Bast is played by Quinn. Leonard is a clerk for an insurance company; he isn’t paid much but tries to educate and better himself. Quinn brings a charm and heart to the character that makes you instantly root for him. Leonard is, in my opinion, the most honorable character in the series. Sadly, as with most people who try to rise above their social station, Leonard doesn’t have the best luck. Quinn has a habit of playing doomed romantic characters and Leonard follows this pattern to an end that will have viewers reaching for the tissues.

Howards End is available to watch through STARZ.

Make Up (2019)

Curzon Artificial Eye

If you are ready for a coming-of-age story that has a psychological twist, then Make Up will be perfect for you. Viewers follow the story of Ruth, an 18-year-old who travels to visit her long-time boyfriend Tom, played by Quinn. This film explores what can happen when insecurities and the realization that a first love can’t last come together. While visiting Tom, Ruth starts to believe that he has been cheating on her and it ultimately consumes her.

Throughout the movie we see Quinn play a character that is suspicious and a little controlling, but since it’s Quinn’s brown eyes looking at us, we are more likely to forgive him. Soon Ruth finds herself blossoming in her new environment after making a new friend named Jade. As we watch Tom and Ruth try to navigate troubles, we see both actors give phenomenal performances. Make Up has an unnerving feeling that travels through the film and amps up emotions until the unexpected ending.

Make Up is available to watch through Hulu.

Joseph Quinn is an amazingly talented actor that is finally getting the recognition that his past work has deserved. Thanks to Stranger Things and Eddie Munson, this fame has brought his entire repertoire to the forefront to be noticed. If you would like to see more of Quinn’s work, here are some honorable mentions I would recommend checking out:

  • Timewasters
  • Catherine the Great
  • C.B. Strike.

The next project lined up for Quinn is Hoard, the debut film from director Luna Carmoon. Joseph Quinn’s future is bright, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this gifted actor.

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