‘Walker’: Questions We Have Going Into Season 3


The finale of season 2 of Walker aired just a few weeks ago, and it was an explosive one. Not only did we finally get an answer with the fire and the Davidsons, but our beloved Cordell was kidnapped and thrown into the back of a van.

With season 3 set to premiere in October, let’s take a look at some of the biggest questions we have going into the new season.

Cordell Kidnapped – Who Did It?

Fans were left with a shocking cliffhanger at the end of season 2; Cordell had been kidnapped and was unconscious in the back of a van that was speeding off of the Walker property. The big questions obviously are who did it, and why?

In the last few episodes of season 2, the Rangers are working to find out why Miles faked his own death with Fenton, as well as who kept coming after them. In the finale, Cassie talks about bad feelings, she went on a date with someone who was casing her, and after the fire at the Davidsons, she tells Larry that she thinks something more was coming. She was right.

The obvious guess is that whoever took Cordell is the same group who went after Miles. The question is… why? Miles and Cassie were originally Rangers from Dallas, so what’s the connection to going after Cordell if not just Cassie? Was he just collateral because he’s helping them, or is it something more?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the writers end up tying this group to something in Cordell’s past, as they have a unique way of connecting so many little things and bringing them back later. It will also be interesting to see how long this storyline plays out. Will Cordell return rather fast or will we see him with the captors for quite a few episodes? Only time will tell.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Will Trey Become a Ranger?

Another big part of the end of the second season is whether or not Trey will become a Ranger, or if he’s going to stay at the school.

The last few episodes of season 2 (well, even beyond that, really) have been gearing Trey up to be somewhat involved with the Rangers. He had been working with them on their anger and doing exercises to help get that frustration out (who didn’t love the smash room with Larry and Augie?) However, things changed when Trey jumped on to help with the rescue mission to save Stella and Colton, as well as the shootout with Miles at the safe house. You could really see how great he’d be as a Ranger.

Now, Larry gave Trey an actual offer to join as a Ranger — even going as far to say that he spoke to the Governor’s office to use his military training as experience. While I think Trey was torn before Cordell’s disappearance, I think this will throw Trey headfirst into the Rangers to help find Cordell.

What About The Davidsons?

I think it’s safe to say Gale is gone. However, what’s going to happen with Denise, Dan, and Colton? Are they gone or are they sticking around?

With the ranch back with the Walkers, it leaves the question open whether the Davidsons are going to stick around, or if they’re going to hightail it out of Austin and start anew. There are a few things that are challenging, though. The first is Colton and Stella. They just found their footing with each other, but with the kids graduating and Stella having plans to go off to college, does that mean Colton is willing to leave, too?

There’s also the matter of Denise still being DA. Will this make her lose her job? Will she resign and leave? There are a lot of questions. They could also decide to stick around and help with Cordell’s disappearance as well.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cassie’s Partners – How Will She React?

There’s a good chance that when Cassie finds out about Cordell’s kidnapping, it’s not going to bode well for her. She had just gotten off a huge, months-long hunt for her previous partner, Miles, who everyone thought was dead. To finally get him back and then to have her new partner, Cordell, get taken might just put Cassie over the edge. How will this affect her?

Geri – What’s Happening?

After a bombshell season for Geri — finding out about her biological family, about Gale and the fire, her relationship with Cordell, etc. — it’s been a rough, rough time for her.

In the finale, Geri tells Cordell that their relationship happened too soon. She says that they skipped too many steps, and to focus on other things like Stella graduating. Is this the end for Cordell and Geri’s relationship outside of being friends? What will happen when she finds out about Cordell’s kidnapping?

After the fire and Gale’s confession, will she continue to try to build a relationship with Gale? Will she continue a relationship with Denise? Everything is so complicated, but I can’t help but hope that whatever happens, Geri gets to take some time for herself to figure out and process everything that has happened.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Liam and the Ranch – Is He Taking Over?

Liam’s been having sort of a career crisis, and he finally had a conversation with Bonham and Abeline about what he wants to do at the beginning of the finale.

In the end, once the Walkers get the ranch back, Liam talks to Bonham. He alludes that he wanted to work the ranch — will he be eventually gearing up to take it over? It seems like it. Liam might have found his new purpose, and I’m here for it.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Stella and College – Is She Going?

Stella was all set to graduate and leave for college in the fall, but with Cordell getting kidnapped, I would assume that’s all up in the air. The first question is, will Stella still be going off to school? After Cordell’s disappearance, will she be ready to go off on her own and leave her family with everything that has happened thus far? The second question is if she does go off to school, are we going to still see her and her story? Stella is a big part of the Walker story, so it will be interesting to see if she does leave, where that leaves her story on the show.

You can stream the first season of Walker now on HBO Max, and season 2 will be joining it on the streaming network on July 23. Walker is set to return with season 3 on October 6.

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