‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 “Dear Mama”


Episode 4 of Roswell, New Mexico sees a devastating loss and mysterious clues that lead to a new plot twist in “Dear Mama.” Let’s jump in.

Maria Suffers A Devastating Loss

John Golden Britt/The CW

The crew rally around Maria after the sudden terrible loss of her mother, Mimi. Maria finds her dying in the Wild Pony parking lot where Mimi mysteriously points to her palm and tells Maria to promise to meet her there before she passes. Maria later figures out that Mimi wants her to examine her wedding day so she finds the photo album. Inside is a sketch of a tree, one that’s revealed to be a fruit bearing tree from Oasis.

Mimi’s death sets several things in motion for everyone, but especially Isobel. Michael tries to reach Alex, knowing Maria is going to need him and this will likely set off his suspicions that something isn’t right. Isobel runs into Anatsa and in her grief and stress, insists that Anatsa takes the Albuquerque job (which would effectively end their relationship). Isobel opens up to Cameron about the conversation later and Cameron points out this is Isobel’s first time being in love since Noah and is terrified Anatsa will break her heart.

Isobel finds the nerve to open up to Anatsa finally, intersecting her on the road. She apologizes for lying and finally tells her she’s in love with her. Just as she’s ready to confess, Anatsa tells her she can’t be with Isobel. Their relationship is just too complicated and she leaves.

Michael Goes Deep Undercover

John Golden Britt/The CW

Michael continues his undercover work, building trust with Bonnie as he teaches her how to play guitar. When Clyde finally shows up he’s less than thrilled. He smashes Michael’s phone and takes him for a drive (though they leave, so I don’t see why the phone couldn’t have just been left at the junkyard. Intact. Where Michael doesn’t have to drop a couple hundred dollars for a new one later.) As he does this he’s continuing to press for more details on their plans.

Along with his undercover work, Michael also uncovers more information about Oasis like why there is no music. Bonnie tells him there used to be music but “they” said it pollutes the mind. It’s part of the reason she’s enjoying her time on Earth so much.

Clyde reveals that Jones showed them what the world could be. Michael plays along, agreeing that he seemed to have it figured out. Clyde lets him taste fruit from Oasis, and it tastes “like every feeling I’ve ever had.” Their triad has been in stasis until Jones called them before he was killed. Clyde then casts a visual allusion of Oasis for Michael to experience and shows him the tree the fruit comes from (the very tree that Maria sees in a sketch in Mimi’s photo album). Clyde gets too suspicious of Michael’s questions about Jones and he’s forced to reveal that he’s the dictator’s son. Michael discovers Eduardo tied up in a room of the barn while Bonnie and Clyde are talking. He oddly has blue eyes now, and Michael unties him while telling him everything that happened. He tells Michael not to give up and escapes on his own.

Clyde asks Michael to put aside their differences, hoping they can learn from each other. He shows him the stolen relics from the banks and charges Michael with finding the missing piece (that Max just so happens to have). He also tells Michael that it’s rumored to have been made by his mother and Michael examines the board alone. He tells Bonnie when she arrives that he’s certain she made it. Bonnie adds that Clyde only showed him paradise Oasis, but outside that was fire. Michael realizes she’s afraid of Clyde and says he’ll protect her. Michael’s been a little too charming though and she eagerly kisses him, so he has to break it to her that he’s 100% in love with Alex. Before leaving, she tells Michael that the board is supposed to take them home.

Meanwhile, when they hear nothing from Michael, Max and Cam attempt to track his location with the chipped ring they gave him (that he set on fire and destroyed) but turn up nothing (thanks to Clyde’s ability to literally create a visual allusion to hide their barn hideout).

The Dark Triad and Jones’ Body

We learn that Tezca mind controlled Eduardo into stealing Jones’ body for her. Tezca, Bonnie, and Clyde gather around Jones’ body in the desert in an attempt to resurrect their dead leader. Tezca uses alien glass to cut her hand and drip blood onto his chest where the triad symbol forms.

Meanwhile, Isobel finds a mysterious piece of mail to Eduardo that she takes to Kyle. Inside is a photo of a rock with the triad symbol and a note that he should visit Careyes. Kyle heads to Mexico to investigate and is pointed to a location, not person. He finds things overturned as if a struggle took place and inside a closet, he finds the real Tezca still in her pod.

Tezca’s mind control abilities also come with another interesting power that’s revealed when Cam finds a brown eyed Eduardo (not blue) wandering in the desert. When she points it out “he” says he’s not Eduardo and shoots Cam in the leg. Max finds and heals her and they jump in the car to chase him down. Together they find Jones’ body and Cam begins asking odd questions, like how Liz even severed the connection. Max realizes with that (and the new tattoo on her wrist) that Cam isn’t Cam at all. Tezca shifts into every face she’s stolen and introduces herself as Tezca.

Liz Follows the Science

John Golden Britt/The CW

Liz finds herself with a new high tech set up thanks to Shivani. Her drive to get answers is clouded by her stress and grief, and she accidentally ruins the alien tissue sample that was found in the desert. She and Max venture back there in search of another, and discover a buried oil truck that Max is able to use his powers to pull from the ground. He lovingly tells Liz she’s his turquoise, she focuses his mind.

Cam and Max speak with the owner of the truck who lost a week of memory. They are able to find video footage of that night and Michael, Max, Isobel, and Kyle finally lay eyes on Tezca. Max and Liz continue to search the rig for clues when Liz meets the rig owner and realizes she has blue eyes after her black out, anyone that Tezca controls ends up with blue eyes. She sneaks some DNA from the driver (aka making her cry then taking the tissue) and finds that there are traces of the alien DNA. After calling Kyle she agrees to add the dye again, but it destroys this sample too.

Shivani gives Liz some sage advice on allowing herself to grieve and it helps clear Liz’s mind when she gives an analogy of life simply taking various forms. She discovers that Tezca’s cells, on a molecular level, have a fight/flight response and can alter their appearance. Tezca could change her entire form, she’s a shapeshifting alien.

Roswell, New Mexico will take a one week break and return Monday, July 11 on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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