‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Post-Credits Scene Explained

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So, you just binged The Umbrella Academy season 3, and you’re wondering what the post-credits scene might mean. You’re not alone.

While nothing is confirmed, we can take a guess as to what that little snippet was inferring, hinting at one problem that may face the Hargreeves if/when they return in season 4.

In the opening scene of this season, we see the birth of Number 2, Ben, on a public transport train in Korea, along with Reginald going to fetch him not long after his birth. This is the same public transport we see a now-grown Ben riding on in the final moments. And that’s not the same Ben that just walked out of Hotel Oblivian.

From this, we can assume that doppelgängers will return in season 4, a problem that Five hilariously faced in season 2 and hinted at again in season 3. There will be two of each Hargreeves roaming around, and another version of Sloane (whose fate is still unknown) that Luther may or may not find.

Is the Commission a part of this new reality? Will Paradox Psychosis threaten the Hargreeves? Does this reality’s Hargreeves have their powers instead of the ones we know already? And who is Abigail Hargreeves?

So many questions that need answering, and a nice setup for the series that won’t have the comics to fall back on anymore as the comics have stalled with Volume 3, Hotel Oblivion.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. Following along with all of our coverage of the show, including episodic recaps and more.

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