‘The Umbrella Academy’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3 “Pocket Full of Lightning”


In the third episode of The Umbrella Academy‘s third season, “Pocket Full of Lightning,” we open with a presentation by the Commission about the Grandfather Paradox (and why they must be avoided). Meanwhile, Luther returns to Hotel Obsidian, Five and Lila team up, Klaus has a chat with Reginald, and the identity of the man with the briefcase full of cassettes is revealed.

Luther returns

On top of the world after his time spent with Sloane, Luther leaves the Academy, and he stops at a vendor in the park. Another whoosh of energy pulsates through the city, and the man that he was speaking with disappears. He gets back to Hotel Obsidian and is baffled to find that none of his siblings noticed he was gone. The Umbrellas discuss the fact that things have been disappearing and the disturbing news about the deaths of their mothers, and Diego suggests that Reginald is probably the one that did it.

Two failed briefcases


Five runs into Lila in the bathroom, and after fighting with one another, he informs her that the Grandfather Paradox is happening. He sees that she has not one, but two of the Commission’s briefcases with her, and she tells him that neither of them work. The odds of both of them failing are astronomical, so they begrudgingly team up in an attempt to get to the bottom of things. Diego runs into them in the hallway, and though he tries to talk to her, Lila makes it clear that she’s over it. There’s no relationship between them anymore.

Five and Lila get to work in the hotel’s utility room, doing their best to hotwire one of the briefcases, though it doesn’t appear to be working. Lila gets an idea, and she mimics Five’s powers. Together, they’re able to jump start the case. They find themselves in a snowy wasteland, standing in front of the remains of the Commission.

Making deals

Unaware that Lila has the briefcase, Allison, Viktor, and Luther try to figure out how they can resolve the Marcus issue with the Sparrows. Viktor and Allison meet up with Fei and Ben, and instead of telling them the truth, Allison lies and says that they kidnapped Marcus. Viktor tells them about the Grandfather Paradox, and they agree to trade the briefcase for Marcus (although Grace already told them that “God is in the basement” and “Marcus isn’t coming back” because “God took him.”).

Paying a visit to dear old Dad

Klaus sneaks into the Academy and finds Reginald, demanding to know if he killed their mothers (he didn’t). However, they’re interrupted, and Klaus has to hide when Alphonso and Jayme come in to give Reginald his pills and force him to sign a paper. Reginald is hesitant, and Alphonso threatens to get Christopher. When they leave, Klaus sits down with his father and teaches him how to fake taking the pills that his children are forcing upon him. Later, Reginald falls asleep while they’re watching television, and Klaus follows the sound of Grace’s singing into the basement. He sees the pulsing ball of energy.



The Sparrows show up at Hotel Obsidian in full costume, ready to battle. They tell the Umbrellas that the deal is off. Ready to save the day, Stan comes in with a Molotov cocktail and sets the lobby on fire. The man with the briefcase full of cassettes — who checked into the hotel earlier — comes down the stairs. A burst of energy comes shooting out of his chest, killing Jayme and Alphonso. It’s Harlan.

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