‘The Last Fallen Moon’ Review: A Riveting New Adventure in the A Gifted Clan Trilogy


Author Graci Kim and Rick Riordan Presents takes readers back to the enchanting world of Riley Oh, the Godrealm’s last fallen star, just two months after the conclusion of the series’ first novel, The Last Fallen Star. While no one has regained their memories of her, she finds herself once again determined to right the wrongs she set in motion by journeying to the Spiritrealm. When she arrives, it’s clear there is a mysterious illness plaguing the realm that she, along with Hattie and a new friend named Dahl, must work together to uncover the truth.

Along the way, readers are treated to a number of twists and turns they won’t seem coming, including Kim’s own unique and creative take on Jiok: the Seven Hells in Korean mythology. Riley’s character remains one of the most relatable young adult main characters out there as she battles with her own inner demons on her quest to fix her clan’s lost powers. From uncovering new truths about herself to the emotional turmoil she faces, I found myself once again invested in Riley from the moment I opened the book. While Riley struggles with the ramifications of her actions, she’s faced with not only the physical consequences but the emotional trauma that those actions caused. Her journey is one many can relate to on some level, making Riley feel like a real and vulnerable character. Riley reminds us all that it’s ok to feel our feelings, it’s ok to not be perfect, and most importantly, letting others love and support you is a strength, not a weakness. Kim’s writing style remains both engaging and educational, easily working in explanations and pronunciations for any readers who are unfamiliar with Korean beliefs or language.

Much like The Last Fallen Star, The Last Fallen Moon is full of witty writing, a thrilling adventure, and infused with magic. Any reader who loves mythology is going to adore this novel that lives up to the first one in spades. Kim strategically brings in new characters that I’m certain readers are going to fall in love with immediately, including a certain animal soul and the hilariously entertaining Dahl. The introduction of Dahl is a perfect way to guide Riley, and readers, through the workings of the Spiritrealm, and he will fast become a favorite character for everyone. He’s more than just her guide, though, and the secrets he holds close to his chest were some of the best reveals in this riveting new story. The Last Fallen Moon is both a fantastic individual novel and also perfectly sets up what is sure to be an even more thrilling final novel to the trilogy that I am already eagerly awaiting.

The Last Fallen Moon is available in bookstores and online now, so grab your copy and rejoin Riley and Hattie in a brand new realm with new characters and even bigger adventures!

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