‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 18 “Search and Rescue”


Big things happened in tonight’s Walker, as the show gets ready to close out its second season in just a couple of weeks.

Let’s dive in!

The Hike

The episode opens as Colton is barely conscious with a wound to his head that is bleeding. Stella tries to call Liam and gets a few words out, including her location, before her phone dies.

The episode flashes back to earlier in the day, and Colton, Stella, and Augie arrive at the park to hike. A friend arrives for Augie and they split up and agree to meet up later.

Stella and Colton choose to do the Star Valley trail, and Stella points out flowers on a cliffside. She challenges Colton to who can get them the fastest, and as Colton’s climbing, he loses his footing falling down the cliffside and hitting his head on a rock. He loses consciousness, and Stella tells him to lay down as she tries to tend to his head and keep him awake. This brings us back to the beginning of the episode.

Augie gets to the meeting spot and Stella and Colton are late. His friend leaves, and Augie sets off to find Stella and Colton.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Davidsons and The Race

Liam and Ben are talking over shooting pool, and they talk about how Liam suspects the Davidsons of cheating by cutting the saddle.

Liam goes over to the Davidsons and finds Denise and Dan. He confronts them about the saddle being cut, and the two get defensive.

Bonham is also at the ranch, and when Liam gets into it with the Davidsons, Dan basically tells Bonham he’s no longer welcome, either.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cordell and Captain James Investigate

Captain James calls Cordell into his office and talks about getting a lead, saying he got a call from Rita about Captain Fenton. The two decide to investigate the address that Rita gave.

Cordell and Captain James arrive at the trailer from Episode 14, and Cordell goes in to check it out. After a minute or so, he calls Captain James in. After he goes in, a car arrives with two men who open fire on the trailer.

Trey and Cassie

Trey and Cassie are at the Side Step playing darts when they talk about their current living situations. One of Cassie’s friends, Angela, arrives at the bar. Angela works for Austin’s search and rescue team.

Cassie arrives at Trey’s house, and Cassie sees that Trey is packing and decided to get another place. Cassie said she did some apartment hunting, too. Trey mentioned the same apartment complex and she asked about roommates, Trey says no, but a few floors apart would be fine.

The Rescue

Bonham, Abeline, and Liam arrive at the park and set up to go search for them. Dan and Denise arrive to help, and Abeline tells them no matter what happens to remember it’s the kids out there. She gives them a radio to use to communicate.

Dan and Denise see Augie walking across the river when Augie falls and goes over a small waterfall. He needs help, and Dan jumps in to save him and bring him to safety. Dan, Denise, and Augie run back to the car to continue the search for Colton and Stella.

Liam arrives at the cliff overlooking Stella and Colton and Dan isn’t too far behind. Liam calls Cassie asking for Ranger resources, but Cassie says she has one better and asks Angela about the search and rescue helicopter team.

Cassie, Angela, and Trey go up in the helicopter to go save Colton and Stella. They spot them and Trey gets down from the helicopter, hooking Colton up to the wires to get lifted up and getting Stella up into the helicopter as well.

The Davidsons and Walkers all run to Colton and Stella when they set back down. Stella thanks all of them for everything.

Dan and Liam come to some sort of truce after the events of the day, but they acknowledge they’ll never be friends. Liam thanks Dan for everything today.

Dan confronts Denise about the saddle and accuses her of cutting it. He figures out that she did actually cut the saddle, and he leaves.

At the Side Step, Dan arrives to see Liam, Ben, Bonham, and Abeline where he tells them that Denise cut the saddle and he wants to help them get their home back.

The Reveal of…

Cassie gets called into the station where Cordell and Captain James are. As she’s in the office, a figure comes into the doorway. The figure is revealed to be Miles, Cassie’s former partner, and he’s alive.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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