‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 1 “Steal My Sunshine”

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The wait is finally over Roswell fans! The season 4 premiere of The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico hit our screens tonight and it was everything we hoped it would be. Let’s jump right in to the biggest moments.

Six Months Later, Everything Has Changed

John Golden Britt/The CW

We kick off with a six month time jump and an update on where our favorite Roswell residents stand. Liz and Max have been comfortably living together for five months and are working on making Max’s home a little less John Wayne. The couple moves in a new couch just as Liz is getting ready to head off to the GED course she now teaches. Max carts one of his many longhorn skulls to work with him, agreeing to cap their total at home at six (how many cow skulls do you need Max?!). Max has leveled up at work as acting interim-sheriff at the department. Perhaps we’ll see an official election soon!

Meanwhile, Michael officially moves in with Alex. It’s day one and Alex assures a nervous Michael that everything there is Michael’s and he can settle in while Alex is at work. Before leaving, Alex reveals a secret passion to Michael. He has a miniature gazebo from Roswell’s town square that he and his mother built together when he was a child. It was a way for him to accept himself and create an “ideal Roswell”. Alex is gone all of five minutes when Michael accidentally crushes the delicate gazebo. It sends him into a spiral about whether he and Alex are meant to live together, but Alex assures him that he doesn’t need that idealized Roswell anymore because he has the chance to live it with Michael.

With Michael’s move to Alex’s house, Dallas takes over Michael’s trailer. He has a hard time parting with the keys, but he’s lived there for a decade so we can’t blame him for struggling to close that chapter of his life. Dallas has been working on his water linked abilities and seems to be getting pretty good at using them when needed.

Isobel and Anatsa are also upping their relationship game. Anatsa outright tells Isobel after her Woman as Warrior class that she’s in love with her. Isobel, adorable soul that she is, panics and invites her along to the Hatch Party, the alien version of a birthday party, (not the smartest move). She didn’t actually say it back to her and feels like she can’t without deciding whether to bring Anatsa in on the alien secret. With things heating up between them she plans to do exactly that at the town event. Her moment is ruined when a thunderstorm raining glowing rain begins. The sky lights up with what looks like something similar to the aurora polaris lights.

Maria’s Cure

John Golden Britt/The CW

Liz and Kyle have been busy these last six months. Together working at Deep Sky’s labs, they have created a cure for Maria’s brain degeneration. She no longer suffers nose bleeds, the scans show that her degeneration has completely halted. With a final dose, she’s officially deemed cured. She’s still able to connect to her powers, but now she can do so without the dire consequences.

She and Dallas playfully challenge each other to a prolonged game of chess, an interesting match considering she sees the future and Dallas can hear pleads/prayers. An interesting moment happens when Dallas brings Maria an umbrella at Roswell’s Barmageddon event. His connection to water has made is so he can feel the shifts in the atmosphere and he’s certain it’s going to rain. Maria informs him she’s known when it would rain without fail every time since she was five. It’s a shock for her when it does indeed begin to rain, but she was unable to detect it. She might be a little more normal than she anticipated.

A Proposal of Antici…pation

John Golden Britt/The CW

Max is not only living in bliss with Liz but plans to take their relationship to the next level with a proposal. He secures Liz’s abuela’s ring from Arturo (along with a light promise of a machete related accident should he hurt Liz). Max’s own nerves get the better of him at the pod squad and those in the know party where Michael figures out his plans and reminds Max that Liz isn’t the type to want a proposal in front of people. Instead, he takes her the next day to the gazebo where they have many memories together. He gets all the way through his big speech but just as he’s about to make the move, a couple behind him also gets engaged effectively ruining his moment.

At last, Max finds Liz on the roof of the Crashdown where she asks him about the ring. She knew following his heartfelt speech to her that he planned to propose. She gently turns him down, explaining that she feels like she’s waiting for the next big crisis. How can they be happy if they are looking over their shoulders? The moment ends on a sweet note as Liz promises to say yes when (not if) he asks her again.

Something Mysterious is Afoot

John Golden Britt/The CW

With Alex and Kyle now working for Ramos at Deep Sky, we’re bound to see more hints at what’s to come before things happen. Such is the case when Ramos asks Alex about his progress with using weather balloons to monitor the atmosphere in Roswell. There have been odd shifts in the patterns, so odd that those numbers haven’t been seen since the crash. What will it mean for the residents of Roswell and the pod squad?

A New Triad

We’re introduced to a new, possibly dangerous triad of aliens throughout this episode. Two team up to rob a few banks, something that brings in the FBI and sees the return of Cameron who is on the case. She asks for Max’s help in catching the robbers, their ability to “magically” open every safe door leads her to believe it’s aliens.

Her theory is proved correct when the duo robbers find their third in the desert at the Roswell Oil and Gas Company. She pours a mysterious substance in the dirt and forces the oil pump to work the compound into the soil. When the others arrive with their final pieces the woman tells them that the alighting will soon begin. As their plan is enacted, a thunderstorm begins over Roswell. Rain that glows like the alien glass falls and the sky lights up with a mysterious light display.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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