‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12 “Lies That Bind”


Superman & Lois returned to The CW with episode 12 of season 2, “Lies That Bind.” In this episode, Lana grapples with learning Clark’s secret, Superman and Tal team up to stop Ally, and Natalie debuts her new suit.

Jonathan Learns the Meaning (less) of Life

Upon returning to school, members of the football team pick on Jonathan, asking him if he’s going to get the baseball season canceled, too. Jon asks them if they think baseball, football, or even high school matters. The world is going to end as they know it. Before Jon can continue on his tirade, Jordan and Natalie pull him away.

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Clark Enlists Bizarro Jon’s Help

Visiting Bizarro Jon in his cell, Clark wants to give him a chance to fix his wrongs. He believes he’s a good kid who has made bad choices. So, he enlists his help to stop Ally. Jon says not only is the pendant nearly impossible to destroy, but Ally will also merge with the people of their Earth, no matter what.

Lana’s Conflicted Feelings

Lana shows up at the Kent residence and takes her feelings out on Lois. She’s not mad at Clark for keeping his secret from her, she’s mad at Lois. They didn’t have to become friends, but Lois sought her out and has been keeping Clark’s secret. To her, nothing about their friendship is real. While Lois may not feel that way, that’s how Lana feels. Lois goes into the office, intending to apologize to Lana. She knows it’s going to take a lot to win back her trust, but she wants to start … right now. She not only gives her the go-ahead to decide if she tells her family or not, she also tells her about Jordan’s powers.

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Natalie’s Iron

Natalie shows the twins her suit that’s not currently able to be used because it needs some repairs. Once it’s ready, though, she thinks Jon will need it a bit more, as it can stop any non-consensual merging.

Tal‘s Amends

Clark is not the one that needs to be convinced, Lois is. So Clark brings him over to their home to make amends. Tal admits he saw Lois as an obstacle he had to overcome, but he’s realized that and he’s sorry. He promises not to hurt anyone she loves ever again. John Henry and Sam aren’t convinced about the plan to use Tal-Rho to combine powers with Clark and destroy the pendant. Lois is sick of their bickering and tells them to figure it out before storming out.

Ally’s Merge

Superman and Tal are hard at work attempting to destroy the pendant. Ally shows up and begins siphoning both of their powers. With what they have left, they destroy the pendant. Meanwhile, John Henry makes sure Ally can’t interrupt this time. Bizarro Lana and Ally devise a plan. Ally visits Tal, who tells her she’s no savior and that he should have listened to his brother. The merge? It will not work. Ally siphons the last of Tal’s power, killing him.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Episodes stream the next day on The CW App as well as cwtv.com.

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