Nerds Rewatch: ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3, Episodes 10-11

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Season 4 of Roswell, New Mexico is just around the corner, and in preparation for its return to our screens, we’ll be rewatching season 3 of the series! Last week, we watched episodes 8-9, and each week we will rewatch two episodes and discuss our favorite moments and the foreshadowing we missed the first time around. Beware, this will be a spoiler-filled discussion on everything that went down in season 3 of Roswell, New Mexico. You can find every episode of Roswell on Netflix now. Without further ado, let’s jump right into episodes 10 and 11!

“Angels of the Silence”

John Golden Britt/The CW
  • Things get tough for everyone this week and they race to beat Jones to the science of severing his connection with Max, Heath is (slightly abducted) working with Jones, and Isobel and Michael try to break the alien news to Dallas.
  • We get a quick flashback of young Dallas and Heath at camp and finally discover what’s happening with Dallas. When the Lockhart Machine turns on, he hears it but its a blinding sound and pain for him. Taking inspration from Harry Potter, Heath puts Dallas in a small tank of water to see if the water will mute the sound, and pain, for him. It does. It’s so cute to see the bond these two shared, and is a quick and efficient way to help us understand their relationship.
  • Michael goes into full caretaker mode with Alex, bringing him all the food in Roswell and news on the radio. Their next step is to reach out the alien that the radio is calling to but Alex needs to sneak the machine out so they can try to trigger the message.
  • Isobel and Anatsa keep their flirting going, a quick meet at the bow and arrow range gives us a chance to see it in action and also learn that Anatsa might be sticking around Roswell a little longer.
  • Kyle, after looking at Dallas’ brain scans, gets roped into joining Isobel and Michael on their mission to break his alien origins to the preacher. He’s hoping providing scientific evidence will help Dallas accept this information more easily. Hilariously, Isobel gets a full mind block and thrown backwards unconscious when she tries to reach out to Dallas in her mindscape.
  • Isobel and Michael’s mind conversation in front of Dallas is even funnier knowing that Dallas can hear everything they say.
  • Poor Max is now under the microscope at work thanks to Jones’ little life takeover. The new Sheriff is now looking at him for every murder Jones committed. He’s on suspension because how can he possibly explain what’s happening. The suspension does give him some free time to help Liz track down Heath.
  • Thankfully, Jones makes the mistake of taking Heath to Kyle’s office and Kyle tries to talk some sense into Heath. He can help Dallas with whatever is wrong considering his experience.
  • Not two minutes after Jones chokes Kyle and they leave, Sheriff Taylor rolls in to question him about his statement. He gets himself arrested for burning Isobel and Max’s files rather than turn them over, and this dedication to his friends is exactly why we love Kyle!
  • Kyle being a little busy with Jones means he didn’t make it to Isobel and she improvises in breaking the news to Dallas. Unsurprisingly it doesn’t go well. She decides to levitate some junk into a smiley, something that would thoroughly freak anyone out. I don’t blame Dallas a bit for trying to bail.
  • Alex and Michael rolling up with the radio does the situation no favors and he splits. Michael is angry and upset about Dallas, their history is just too similar and he’s not willing to discuss it. Alex gives him one of his amazing, calming pep talks. Once again, the old Michael would never but this season 3 character growth Michael accepts the fact that he’ll have to face his past to connect with Dallas.
  • Isobel picking Kyle up at the precinct was the moment I started to think there might be a little crush brewing for Kyle. The best relationships are founded on friendship and I can’t help but think they’d make a great couple.
  • Michael having a heart to heart with Dallas by the waterside is the most touching moment of the episode. They bond over horrible foster experiences, and Isobel quietly joins them. She apologizes for scaring him and he’s finally calmer and ready to hear about Oasis. I love Roswell for continuing to expand the pod squad. We get it a little with Rosa and Maria, but now we have another 100% Oasian to welcome in.
  • Back at Michael’s bunker, they explain the radio. At long last we have an answer. Dallas meets is father, it’s his consciousness inside the radio. Dallas is given the equation putting the pod squad a step ahead of Jones.
  • Liz and Max find Heath at last and she offers to help him. We see yet another switcharoo here, reminding us that Jones can take over Max’s life any time. Now, Jones has Sheriff Taylor, Liz, and Heath as hostages.
  • “You sang to me in a crowded cowboy bar, so I’m here to tell you, Alexander Manes, I’m home.” How do the writer’s continue to write such profound lines for these two?!

“2 Become 1”

John Golen Britt / The CW
  • Episode 11 kicks off with a wardrobe upgrade for Jones who dons a very sleek suit. Why are the villains always the best dressed?
  • Jones sorely underestimates Liz’s spunk, independence, and love for Max. His attempts to win her over with logic obviously don’t work. He also underestimates Heath, who builds a transmitter to message Dallas while simultaneously very slowly working on the math to sever the connection.
  • The pod squad put together a good plan, a great plan even. Isobel and Rosa retrieve her mother’s sword, Max goes back to the destroyed cave, Michael makes alien proof handcuffs.
  • In trying to win Liz over, Jones tells her more about his past and we learn just how evil he is. He massacred his people on Oasis, believing the planet had to start over to be “saved.” The flowers that grew have petals that act as stem cells creating potential (at least in his eyes, still not a valid reason to kill everyone).
  • Surprisingly, Dallas tells Max about the ultimatum his father gave him. If they can’t sever the connection, Dallas must kill Max to defeat Jones. Max gives him permission to kill him, making me worry even more.
  • My favorite thing about the last several episodes of a show is when the mysteries start to come together. In connecting with the radio, Dallas also learned more about Max than anyone knew. He was created by the triad with altered DNA so that he can’t be cloned and is tethered to Jones. With every other clone destroyed, Max is the key to destroying Jones.
  • Isobel and Rosa team up to retrieve her mother’s sword from Long’s land, and newly-nonracist Wyatt helps them by clearing out the farm.
  • This episode is automatically made superior by giving us another fantastic scene between Michael and Sanders. He once again challenges Michael to step into his power, stop holding back. Michael knows he has close to, if not the same strength as Jones but he’s terrified of becoming him. Sanders gets this week’s best one-liner: “There ain’t no darkness in you, kid. You ain’t nothing but a pair of sad puppy dog eyes in a cowboy hat.” Michael is so responsive to hard truths from the people he loves.
  • Jones puppet controlling the Sheriff is dark but successful in convincing Dallas to return to the house so he has yet another hostage.
  • Gloriously, Isobel gets another face off with Jones, this time in the flesh and with swords.
  • Heath is able to escape with the Sheriff thanks to Michael freeing her mind, but the plan goes awry at this point. Jones forces them into his own mindscape where no one (but Michael) can move.
  • That plot twist is a great cliffhanger that definitely had me on the edge of my seat until the following week!

That’s it for our rewatch of episodes 10 and 11. Join us next week for the final two episodes of season 3, releasing the same day as the season 4 premiere, Monday, June 6.

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