‘Kung Fu’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 11 “Bloodline”

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In this week’s Kung Fu, Zhilan’s manipulations play out in unexpected ways as both Mia and Juliette inch closer to the edge. Meanwhile, Nicky must decide whether Mia can still be saved as she and the rest of the Shens help Ryan recuperate from the aftermath of Tan’s attack. Read on to see what happened in “Bloodline”!

Welcome Home

Ryan arrives home from the hospital with the entire family doting on him. But his only concern is Mia, feeling like he failed her by letting her go. Unlike Nicky and Althea, he doesn’t doubt her intentions. He saw how scared she was when she ran from him. Nicky and Ryan call the mysterious unknown number that likely belongs to Mia. They only get half a location from Mia’s phone as she hangs up before Althea is done tracking her. Evan manages to isolate audio from the call and track Mia to Zhilan’s safe house. Mia and Zhilan see them coming and bolt, leaving Nicky and Henry to release Juliette.

Nicky, Henry, and Evan set up a trap via Zhilan’s cameras to lure the two out. Meanwhile, Evan, Ryan, and Henry realize that Tan wants eternal life, not just to get Raymond back.

On The Run

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At one of Zhilan’s hideouts, she and Mia interrogate Juliette. Zhilan’s goal is to get Juliette to work with them, bringing up her brother Raymond and stoking parental resentment. But Mia, sick with guilt over what happened with Ryan and believing she can’t go back to the Shens, is done playing nice. She threatens Juliette physically, frightening the other woman and angering Zhilan. Zhilan sees herself in Mia and wants to give her the chance to get her revenge, but it’s clear she’s worried about Mia’s state of mind.

Xiao appears and reveals Tan’s endgame: he wants to ring the bell to open the realm of the living and the dead to bring his dead son Raymond back. Zhilan uses this new piece of information to taunt Juliette, poking at her sibling resentment to plant doubt in her father’s intentions. When Zhilan and Mia are on the run, the assassin tries to bond with Mia and explain her reasoning. But Mia displays a lack of concern for herself. When Zhilan tells Mia that revenge is useless unless they’re alive to enjoy it, Mia notes she doesn’t care if she survives her encounter with Tan at all.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Zhilan recognizes something isn’t right when they get a security alert that Tan is off the compound, but a desperate Mia rushes in and finds Nicky waiting for her. Zhilan urges Mia to go with Nicky, correctly reasoning that she has a better chance of beating Xiao’s prophecy with her family and seemingly regretting her mind games. After Zhilan tells Mia to go with Nicky, she lashes out at them as they try to stop her from going after Tan alone. Mia gets away from them both. Nicky lashes out at Zhilan for her manipulation, which hits home with Zhilan. Nicky tells her to stay away from the Shens as she goes after Mia alone.

Mia runs through the security forces at Tan’s compound, overpowering the guards and killing one by accident. This breaks her out of her mindset, and the remaining security overpower her as Tan captures her.

Everybody Loves Raymond

After Juliette is released from Zhilan’s clutches, the thought of Raymond rattles around in her head. Snooping in her father’s desk, she finds information that confirms Zhilan’s story. Seething and feeling betrayed, she goes to Kerwin to convince him to help take down their father. Kerwin isn’t especially interested, content to live a life on the run and not wanting to attract his father’s attention. But Juliette has a plan. She’s been secretly collecting evidence of Tan’s illegal dealings and knows his secrets. The board of the company will back her if she makes a move against him. Kerwin thinks they’ll lose, and Juliette tells him she will do it without him.

But when she calls an emergency board meeting intending to force a takeover, Tan hears about it. He reveals he had a bug put on her phone, and Juliette finally snaps. She lets out years of buried resentment, and as her anger boils over, she makes a move to stab him with a letter opener. But Tan grabs her wrist and takes the weapon, killing her as he whispers, “It could have been you.” As she bleeds out, he wipes the letter opener on a napkin with shaking hands. Now, he is even more determined to enact his plan.

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