‘All American: Homecoming’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 13 “Irreplaceable”

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In the finale of All American: Homecoming, Simone has a decision to make in regards to her tennis career, Keisha raises funds for Bringston while trying to keep her chosen family together, Damon and JR prepare for the big Homecoming game and get a rude awakening, Thea receives bad news, and Amara receives a surprising career opportunity.

Keep the Family Close

With news of Bringston possibly being shut down, Keisha devises a plan of to help save the school. JR and his frat brothers perform at Keisha’s event, as well as Keisha and Cam. Keisha’s event only raises $5,000, which is not enough to save the university. The students fear their run at Bringston is over for good. However, a mysterious donation from an unknown source is made, saving Bringston, while Amara is offered the job of becoming Dean of Students.

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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Simone has a talk with her mother, who informs her that her tennis career isn’t over. There’s a chance for her to transfer back to California and attend GUA. Wanting to continue to play tennis, Simone accepts her mother’s offer. Keisha and Nate are upset with Simone when she tells them she’s transferring. After Keisha’s event, Simone decides that Bringston is the place she wants to be. She’s staying and even took Thea’s spot to get her career back on track.

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Accepting Who You Are

Coach Marcus is nowhere to be found. Amara, Damon, and JR go to his home, hoping for a positive result. Marcus doesn’t respond, so Amara tells the guys to leave. She insists to Marcus she’s there to help and not judge, but Marcus can’t bear for Amara to see him in such a frantic state. Damon’s mother, Keena, shows up, suggesting Damon’s in trouble. Marcus worries while Keena makes it known she used that as an excuse in order to get Marcus on his feet. Marcus reveals he has Bipolar II disorder. Keena mentions she is there to help him because of how much he loves Damon. Marcus confides in her and vows to start retaking his meds.

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My Brother’s Keeper

The twists and turns regarding Damon and his adoption storyline come to a head. While Marcus is out, JR’s father steps in as assistant coach. A shocking revelation came when Damon confronted JR’s father about him being Damon’s biological father. JR is shocked and confused. JR’s father confesses that he was the one who thought it was best that he and Celine give Damon away for adoption. It’s revealed how Damon got his scar in the picture JR had in his bible, which makes them blood brothers. Damon chooses not to have a relationship with his biological father or brother due to the family’s lies. Damon ends up calling Coach Shaw, wanting a fresh start and asking if he could transfer and be a part of their baseball program.

Ser Baffo/The CW

The finale ends with Thea confronting Simone over her injury. Thea’s upset with Simone since Simone advised Thea to use one of her racquets in the competitions, but Thea ends up tearing her rotator cuff, which means she’s out for the season. Simone takes her place, and Thea goes ballistic, thinking Simone was the one who set her up, leading to another rivalry between the two of them.

Check out our other All American: Homecoming coverage here. All American: Homecoming will be available to stream on HBO Max starting June 22, with season 2 premiering on The CW this fall.

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