‘I Hear Voices’ Podcast: Episode 8 “The Voice of SAMURAI JACK was in Pulp Fiction!” With Phil LaMarr Out Now

Libby Schilz
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I Hear... Voices Podcast

If you’ve ever wondered what the world of animation is like and the personalities behind some of your favorite animated characters, look no further than I Hear Voices. The podcast is hosted by the voices of Kim Possible (Christy Carlson Romano) and Ron Stoppable (Will Friedle) from the popular 2000s Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible.

Episodes premiere every Friday where Romano and Friedle have guests from different mediums of voiceover talent, such as EG Daily, Kevin Conroy, and Eric Bauza, where they discuss how they got into the world of voiceover and how their love for the arts had inspired them to get to the place they are today.

In episode 9, the duo talked to Phil LaMarr, who has voiced many famous superheroes such as Static Cling and Green Lantern. They discussed how far animation has come since his first job on the Mr. T Show and how animated shows aren’t made for the purpose of selling toys anymore; they’re being made with care and an actual story in mind.

Check it out by listening to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Video versions of the show are currently on hiatus, but Romano assured fans they will be returning soon.

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