Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 16 “Champagne Problems”

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The Walkers celebrate Bonham and Abeline’s 40th wedding anniversary, we meet Cassie’s brother, and much more in this week’s Walker. Let’s dive in!

Getting Ready for the Party

Bonham and Abby come downstairs to see the family celebrating their 40th anniversary, making them breakfast. As the two go outside, Cordell, Liam, Stella, and Augie talk about the surprise party they’re planning for them. Bonham comes back inside, saying the widows are thin, but if he really wants to make the anniversary special he’ll talk to Geri to get her to talk to Abby.

At the Side Step, Augie asks Stella about Colton and Todd, and she’s still unsure. Geri and Cordell meet up and Cordell asks Geri to attend the anniversary. Geri says she’ll think about it.

Geri and the Davidsons

Geri and Gale return from the trip, where it seems like there’s some tension with Denise. Gale reassures Geri and the two talk about what a great trip it was. Gale invites Geri over for some mother-daughter bonding later that night.

Geri goes over to Gale’s and tells her about the anniversary party. Gale, in an act of kindness, tells Geri she should go.

Liam and Cassie

Liam and Cassie partner up to go to the wine store where Liam is looking for a specific champagne for his parents. Liam is talking to one of the salesmen, and he’s going to place some calls to see if he can find it. As they’re talking, Cassie interrupts and realizes that it’s her brother, Ben.

Cordell is inside the Side Step getting things ready when Liam and Cassie arrive, and they tell him they couldn’t get the champagne. Liam and Cassie talk about Ben, and Liam gives Cassie some good advice about putting once foot in front of the other.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW


Twyla calls Cordell, and he goes over to her new place of employment where they are accusing her of stealing money, based on her past history. Liam calls Cordell, and Cordell tells him he’s helping Twyla — Liam warns Cordell about him being with Twyla and how Geri will feel.

Cordell tells Twyla’s boss that forensics tracked down the missing money, and it was due to his clerical error, not Twyla. Cordell defends Twyla before leaving.

Cassie and Ben

Cassie visits the wine store again to find Ben. Ben mentions his boyfriend, Lucas, and how he watched him die. Ben is mad that Cassie wasn’t around for Lucas, and Cassie leaves upset.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Party

Abeline and Bonham get ready, and Stella and Augie drive them to the Side Step. The whole Walker family surprises Bonham and Abeline with a huge party. Ben arrives, and says to Liam he found the champagne, handing it to him. Liam invites him to stay around and enjoy the party.

Cordell interrupts to give a speech, about how lucky the family is to have them as parents and grandparents. Abeline gets up to give a speech and talks about how “it’s us. It’s always us.” about Bonham. She talks about how it’s fate they met, but how they choose each other every day. She also says she doesn’t see a family uprooted, but a family thriving.

As she’s giving the speech, Geri walks in.

Liam goes to talk to Cassie, and he encourages her to talk to Ben. Cassie goes to talk to him and she apologizes to him. He tells her to talk to him, and she said she wasn’t expecting the call about Lucas. She says she loved him too, and she couldn’t accept him dying. She said she dove into Miles’ case because she saw it as something she could fix, and she couldn’t fix Lucas. She apologizes again, and Ben finally hugs her as the two cry.

Liam gives a speech next and presents the champagne. Bonham interrupts and he picks up a guitar and starts to play and sing a song for Abeline, “The Cowboy in Me” by Tim McGraw.

Geri makes her way over to Cordell, and Cordell asks her about making it. Geri says, “you show up for the people who mean something to you.” Geri says she’s been so worried about what being a Davidson means, but she wants all of them (including the Walkers) in her life. Cordell tells Geri he’s all in on their friendship and a new chapter.

Geri approaches Abeline, and Abeline tells her how happy she is she’s there. Geri reassures Abeline that while she may be a Davidson now, she’s still a Walker through and through. The two hug, and it seems like things are finally getting better with them.

After the party, Abeline and Bonham walk out to an aisle of sparklers and get in Stella’s decorated car, who drives them away.

Ben, Cassie and Liam arrive at Ben’s house. Cassie thanks Liam for all his help. Liam asks Cassie for permission to ask Ben out. Cassie excuses herself, and Liam tells Ben about his relationship with Bret and asks Ben out. Ben accepts, and Cassie walks back in as the three of them hang out.

Twyla arrives at the Side Step to see Cordell. She thanks him for everything with the incident earlier. She sits down at the bar, and Cordell gets her and him a drink. The two talk, but as they’re talking Geri walks in and sees them. She’s visibly upset and leaves as the episode ends.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8/7c.

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