‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 11 “Worst Prom Ever”

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It’s time for prom in this week’s episode of Naomi. But a good time turns sour when Naomi realizes a force field has them trapped in the school, and she doesn’t know who’s responsible. Read on to find out what happens in “Worst Prom Ever.”

Off to the Prom

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The episode opens with Naomi talking to her parents. They tell her they were scientists studying the environmental disaster on Earth-29. They reveal they knew Naomi’s birth parents but didn’t say anything because they wanted to protect her. They add that when Brutus took over, political chaos ensued. Naomi wonders if he got to her birth parents, and Greg and Jen say it’s likely. Naomi tells them what Zumbado said about her saving the world. Jen knows Naomi can’t hide her powers anymore, so if she wants to run, they’ll run. If she wants to fight, they’ll fight.

Later, Naomi and Annabelle get ready for prom. Naomi wants to focus on fixing things with Nathan. She spots one of her comics and flashes back to their very first meeting. At the comic store, she recommends a comic for Nathan’s sister. He goes to talk to her, but when he begins insulting Superman (and comics in general), she gets annoyed and leaves.

Back in the present, Nathan and Jacob wait awkwardly with Greg for the girls to come downstairs. They take photos and head to prom. They manage to get some dancing in before Naomi hears a buzzing noise, and the power goes out.

Bathroom Investigation

Naomi tells Annabelle and Jacob about the buzzing. She’s not sure what caused the power outage or where the noise is coming from, but she thinks it’s near the bathroom. Naomi and Annabelle go check it out. Naomi notices the vent and takes of the grate to find it blocked by a force field. She says she will go get Zumbado, but when she tries to leave the school, another force field is blocking her. Then they show Jacob the vent. They need to figure out why it’s there before people try to leave. Annabelle jokingly suggests paging Dee on the school’s CB radio, which Naomi thinks is a great idea. So, Annabelle and Jacob go grab the radio while Naomi goes to get an amp from the DJ (to help with the signal). Nathan finds her, and she claims it’s for a project before trying to change subjects. Nathan isn’t having it and leaves.

In a flashback, Naomi is throwing a party at her house. Annabelle notices Nathan. He goes to talk with Naomi, who’s still salty about the comic shop. When Annabelle leaves, Nathan tells Naomi it’s fate that he’s there, and that he did his research. Eventually the two bond over being army brats and begin to find common ground.

Making a Plan

Meanwhile, Greg gets called to the base and sees the DoD investigator is back. The investigator tells Greg that there was an incident at S.T.A.R. Labs involving Dr. Bell, and her lab released a spike of energy. They watch footage of a team heading inside where they’re also greeted by a small force field around the quantum machine. When Greg sees it, he panics and says the team needs to get out.

Afterwards, Greg, Jen, Dee, and Zumbado are at Dee’s shop talking about the force field; the one around the school and the quantum machine are connected. Zumbado says it’s Earth-29 tech and nearly impenetrable. He also thinks Mac is behind it and later mentions that Julian might be, too. Zumbado says that he and Dee will go to S.T.A.R. Labs to try and shut the force field down if they destroy a device attached to the quantum machine. And for now, Naomi is on her own.

Another Brutus Henchperson

The kids manage to get the radio working, but when Dee answers, the signal is intercepted by one of Brutus’ people, Julian. He tells Naomi to meet him in the east wing, or else. Jacob still holds out hope for the adults to arrive, but Naomi points out they won’t be able to get in the school. Nathan finds them, and yet again, Naomi tells him nothing is going on. He says he’s leaving prom, so Naomi chases after him. After he tells her they’re not working as couple, she tells him about the force field. He doesn’t believe her at first, but then he does. So she continues, admitting that she’s from a different planet. Nathan is shocked and confused, but he promises to help her. Then the group tries to make a plan. Jacob mentions wishing the school had a panic room, and they decide they can get everyone in one place. But when they do, Naomi is missing.

Naomi is in the east wing and Julian appears. On a TV in the room, Julian shows her friends trapped in a classroom thanks to another force field. At the same time, Dee and Zumbado get to the quantum machine, but the device was a decoy. Julian has the real one, and he offers it to Naomi. However, if she deactivates one force field, another blows up. And she only has five minutes to choose between her friends or everyone else in the prom area. After Julian leaves, she relays the info to her friends. Jacob tells her the device acts like a dead man switch: it still needs to send a signal to the other force field. If she runs fast enough, she’ll be able to deactivate both. She starts with the prom area. With less than a second left, she unlocks a superspeed power and deactivates the one trapping her friends just in time.

One More Dance

Danny Delgado/The CW

When the adults arrive, Naomi asks if they found Julian. Dee says they didn’t. Greg asks if Naomi is ready to leave, but she wants to stay. Jacob and Annabelle head off for sno cones while Nathan and Naomi stay in the lobby. A song comes on and the two begin to dance. In a flashback, they’re on a date when the same song starts playing. Nathan thinks it’s fate that they both like it, explaining why he believes that. Back at the dance, he mentions Naomi’s super speed. She’s surprised he’s taking everything so well, then saying that she’s never been so scared before. She tells him she can’t bear to see him get hurt because of her, but she’s been denying her destiny too long. Nathan understands, telling her they can’t be together, but he will always be on her side. It’s fate, after all.

Naomi’s two-episode season finale airs next Tuesday, May 10 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. Catch up now on The CW app and cwtv.com. Keep up with our weekly recaps and other coverage here.

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