‘Moon Knight’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Gods and Monsters”

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Following the mind-bending events of the last episode, Arthur has reached the final step in his quest to free Ammit. Elsewhere, Marc makes a decision in the Field of Reeds, unable to let Steven go, and Layla frees Khonshu from his imprisonment in order to stop the impending havoc that will soon be wrought upon the world.

Judgement begins

We open back in the tomb where Marc fell into the water after Arthur shot him. Arthur takes the ushabti from him (and also seemingly alludes to Marc’s other personality from the comics, Jake Lockley). Layla watches in horror as Arthur prepares to “heal the world,” and then she sobs over Marc’s seemingly lifeless body, picking up the scarab that Arthur left behind.

Arthur and his people are stopped at a checkpoint on the road, and he uses Ammit’s power to judge their souls. Only one good man remains among them. Layla hops down from the bed of a truck, having snuck along for the ride. Bodies on the ground begin to animate — Taweret is speaking to Layla through them. She explains that Arthur is too powerful for Layla to take on by herself, and she will need to break Khonshu’s ushabti in order to save Marc.

Freeing Ammit

The avatars of the gods gather in the Chamber of the Gods, realizing that they’ve made a grave mistake — Arthur is indeed trying to release Ammit. Layla sees what kind of power Arthur wields against the gods, and she takes off to find Khonshu’s ushabti. Arthur frees Ammit, and she remarks that his scales lack balance because of what lies ahead of him. But she will delay his death for now so that he can become her avatar. Layla then frees Khonshu, who immediately tries to convince her to become his avaatar. She refuses to trust him. Ammit and her followers are ready to head out on their journey to purify the world, but Khonshu blocks their path.

Marc’s choice

Meanwhile, Marc stands with Taweret in the Field of Reeds. The scales have balanced, his heart is full. His journey is over … and Steven is gone. Taweret encourages him to enjoy his peace, but Marc can’t bear to leave Steven behind. Even if it means he cannot return once he leaves. Marc turns away, and he’s back in the Duat. He sees Steven frozen in the sand. He kneels on the ground before him, and he tearfully tells Steven how he saved him. He was the only real superpower he ever had. Marc turns to stone, but the effect is quickly reversed, and Steven is freed as well. Beside them, the Gates of Osiris open. They clumsily make their way across the sand, which is coming after them in a tidal wave. Marc returns to life as he passes through the threshold and suits up as Moon Knight.

Marc finds Khonshu outside, and the god isn’t thrilled to be dealing with Steven when he switches to Mr. Knight. Khonshu is angry that Steven is trying to negotiate with him while so much is at stake, but he agrees to release them both afterward.

Layla becomes an avatar

One of the gods is trying to crawl across the floor in the Chamber of the Gods, and Layla helps him up. She asks him how to stop Ammit, and he tells her that they need to imprison her in a mortal form. However, they’ll need more avatars than they currently have left. He collapses to the ground. Layla calls out for Taweret, and she agrees to temporarily be her avatar. Taweret tells her that her father will be over the moon when he hears the news — she met him in the Field of Reeds, after all.

The battle

Arthur climbs atop a pyramid and begins to chant. The citizens of Cairo look up as the sky turns purple, and scale tattoos show up on some of their arms. A woman tells the followers of Ammit to judge everyone. Souls pour through the air, and Ammit greedily awaits them. Moon Knight (and Mr. Knight) fight off Arthur as Khonshu attacks Ammit. The latter two argue over their differing ideals, because people must commit evil first in order for Khonshu to judge them. Layla, powered up thanks to Taweret, saves Marc from Arthur. Together, they take on Arthur, and it appears even Steven has gained some new fighting skills as Mr. Knight. A stunned bystander asks Layla if she’s an Egyptian superhero.

Arthur gains the upper hand against Marc, just as Ammit does the same with Khonshu. However, one moment Arthur is standing above Marc, pulling his soul from him, and the next Marc is suddenly holding Arthur’s limp body. He and Steven are both confused, because neither of them did it. Marc and Layla turn to see Ammit dragging Khonshu away, and they take Arthur’s body back to the Chamber of the Gods so they can bind Ammit to his body. Khonshu urges Marc to kill Arthur now that Ammit is inside of him, but he hesitates and tells the god to do it himself.


Marc demands that Khonshu free him, and the god obliges. Suddenly, Steven is back in the psych ward with Arthur kneeling in front of him. When Arthur stands, Marc and Steven make note of the fact that he’s leaving a trail of bloody footprints on the floor. Confused, Arthur asks why he’s bleeding. Steven (and Marc) both wake back up in his apartment … and there are now two goldfish in his tank.

Oh … and about that credits scene.

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