‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 14 “No Such Thing as Fair Play”


Tonight’s episode of Walker was filled with some much-needed fun, some nostalgia for Supernatural fans, and some drama at the end that we didn’t see coming. Let’s take a look at what happened in this week’s episode of Walker, directed by Jensen Ackles.

The episode begins at the Side Step, as Cordell and the kids discuss looking for a new home. Geri arrives, and the kids know about Geri being a Davidson. She and Cordell go outside to talk, where Cordell invites her to the fair that the Rangers are hosting, and Kansas is playing at.

Bonham, Abeline, and Liam are unpacking in their new place. Liam brings out a green vintage Coleman cooler, which is a nod at Supernatural.

Meeting Cassie’s Dallas Crew

Larry and Cassie are at the fair and run into Trey. Larry tries to tell Trey that Cassie is Cordell’s new partner, but they start making weird facial gestures. Cassie calls them out on it when Cassie’s old captain from Dallas comes by, Captain Cole. Things are very tense, especially once she sees her old partner, Miles’ wife being cozy to Captain Cole. Cassie questions Miles’ case files, but Captain Cole says it’s a conflict of interest. Cassie’s mad as she finds out Miles’ wife, Rita, and the captain have been together for a while, even though Miles has only been missing for six months.

Geri and Cordell do an obstacle course where Cordell is blindfolded and Geri has to give him directions to get through it. It’s a close race, but Cordell and Geri end up winning. Gale calls Geri later, and she takes the call while Cordell waits.

Cassie finds Cordell and tells him she needs his help. Cassie recaps Cordell on what’s going on, and asks him to try to get Captain Cole to release the file.

Cordell goes to talk to Captain Cole, and tries to play it off that he doesn’t like Cassie. However, Captain Cole defends her. Cordell brings up Rita, and Captain Cole ends up telling Cordell that Rita was in some financial trouble and by declaring Miles dead, it helped her get the life insurance money.

Cassie confronts Rita, and ends up spilling the story that the case closed because they found new evidence. They found her stolen gun, and there was blood of Miles’. A resident nearby saw Miles forced into a van and heard gunshots, saying Miles was shot point blank. Captain Cole says he’ll declassify the case and Cassie deserves to know everything.

Abeline and Geri

Bonham, Liam and Abeline see Geri at the fair, and Abeline goes to talk to her. She tries to explain her side of the story and that it was Marv’s secret to tell, and she didn’t know that Geri was the child. Geri gets a little mad at Abeline and then apologizes, saying she feels defensive and that Marv should have told Gale.

Colton and Stella

Stella and Todd are at the fair looking around at stuff and Stella tells him she keeps thinking about the ranch. As Todd and Stella get ready to play a game, Colton comes up and competes against them. Stella wins, before asking Colton why he was there. Colton tries to apologize about the race. Stella tells him they’re real people and asks him if anyone in his family remembered that.

Geri finds Colton upset, and Colton tells Geri about wanting to apologize to Stella. They talk about her being his aunt, and the family. Geri gives him advice on Stella, and tells him to be understanding with Stella.

After the concert, Colton finds Stella and talks to her. He gives her a locket he found at the ranch that belonged to Emily. He apologizes again, and he finally tells her the song that Sucker Punch played at the Side Step was about her. Stella thanks him for the locket, and walks away.

Kansas Performs

Everyone arrives at “The Novak Memorial Auditorium” (another nod to Supernatural) to watch Kansas perform. Kansas performs “Carry on Wayward Son” as the entire cast watches and sings along.

Gale texts Geri while they’re watching the show, and Cordell asks Geri to tell Gale to stop texting her. Geri gets upset and walks out, and Cordell follows. Geri says their safe word “Dolly,” and Geri asks Cordell if he’s thought about her being a Davidson in any real way. Geri’s struggling with the truth, and tells him she got mad at the conversation with Abeline earlier. Cordell says he still feels the same way about her, and Geri says the same about him. Geri tells him she can’t do this, and she needs to figure out where she stands on her own. She says she’s sorry and walks away.

Trey and Cassie Talk

Trey and Cassie talk in a fortune teller’s tent. She ends up reading tarot cards to him. Trey talks a little bit about Micki. The two get caught, and run out of the tent after taking some shots of tequila.

Miles… is alive?

At the end of the episode, we see Captain Cole drive down a dark road, coming across a lone trailer in the middle of nowhere. The Captain gets some water out of his truck and goes to the trailer, where a shadowy figure steps out before the episode ends.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8/7c.

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